Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Mamonde Malaysia is Now on 11Street!

Do you know that Mamonde is the first brand that uses only flowers as its key ingredient, along with other natural ingredients? Using flowers to enhance beauty, how wonderful is that!
Now, K-beauty lovers can expect to be spoilt for choices as currently, there are 57 Mamonde skincare, makeup and optional care items available for online purchase after it's recent collaboration with 11street, one of Malaysia's largest online marketplaces!

Besides that, some items that are only available exclusively online will also be accessible. This ncludes Rose Toner, AC Balance Spot Serum, AC Balance Spot Patch and also Colour Tone Up Base.

Just when things couldn't get more excited, Mamonde Malaysia level up the game by offering special online deals just for the month of June!
Beauty enthuasiasts will be glad to know that there will be savings up to 49%  EVERY WEEK! Some of the not-to-be-missed deals are:
Basic Skincare Set (only at RM49)
First Energy Serum Set at RM119
Highlight Lip Tint Set at RM50 (Gifts with Purchase)
Mascara (Volume) Set at RM59
Complimentary Cushion Case with every purchase of Cover Powder Cushion (Gifts with Purchase)

An exclusive Mamonde makeup workshop for 11street customers is expected to be held in the second half of 2017, so be sure to look out for it!

I couldn't resist the great deals and guess what? I got myself a set of their best seller, Mamonde's Basic Skin Care Set, which includes a Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam 175mls and GWP First Energy Essence 25mls, Rose Water Toner 25mls with a Happy Holiday Pouch!
You can purchase this Basic Skin Care Set too, at this link .

Free Gift for the first 120 buyers **while stock last.

They also have many other range of beauty products such as Mamonde's latest product, the Highlight Tint and Cover Powder Cushion for you to choose from.

Be sure to look out for the Mamonde Malaysia logo (as below) on the product listings to ensure authenticity.

Here's another secret. There will be FREE gifts (First Energy Serum 10 mls and Yellow Honeysuckle Pouch) for the first 120 buyers, so hurry as it's while stock last.

Do check out Mamonde Malaysia Facebook for latest updates and contests!


Saturday, 10 June 2017

[EVENT] The Butterfly Project's Turns 4 Party!

The Butterfly Project is finally 4! *blows trumpet*
Together as a family, butterflies and moths gathered last May the 20th at the Hello Deer, Uptown Petaling Jaya.

I started joining The Butterfly Project during it's 2nd year and never had I felt the such close 'family' bonding within the blogger community. I was a duckling back then; foreign to this new society and yet, The Butterfly Project manage to make me feel at home. The founder, Tammy went great distance to keep our minds active, ways to improving our skills constantly and at the same time, encourage us to be beautiful inside out in the name of Bloggers.

A word from the founder, Tammy.
"It's been a great fun 4 years curating activities and events for our members to join. Money isn't the goal of our community. It's building bridges, uncovering hidden talents, growing and giving love to the community of beauty & lifestyle bloggers in Malaysia. If you don't know, I've social anxiety issues since I was a child. The thought of meeting new people, talking to them, sends chills to my spine. I started blogging because I wanted to expr...ess myself on the keyboard, sharing my experiences and reviews. What's new, what's great, and what I love. Blogging changed me but when I reached the peak of my blogging life, I wasn't happy with what I saw. I stopped chasing stars & I started thinking, let's make it a better place"
Her words is an inspiration to all of us and I could not express enough of gratitude.
Thank you, Mama-san! *hug tight tight*

The event's theme was pastel, so everyone looked very beautiful in soft color outfits and creative makeup! At the event, we were given the opportunity to write a message to our beloved group the Papan Hitam style!

There are so many delicious Insta-worthy food served that day! Thank you Mama-san for keeping us fed despite so many activities going on! <3
P/s: The birthday cake is so beautiful, I wished my baking skills will reach there someday ><

 Dee Leonard and founder, Tammy Lim gave a welcoming speech and since some of us are new to this group, each butterflies and moths introduced themselves so everyone get to know each other better.

Following after the ice breaking was a short and compact briefing on the highlight of the event, Unboxing the Beauty Bag! I swore many of us had a difficult time in concentrating *cover eyes* XD

Hello to the girl who sits opposite of me, Maple :D

There was a photobooth set up as well for us to play with. At the end, we got to bring home the photos taken with our friends. I must say they did a very good job with the pastel backdrop and the lighting is so perfect, it makes everything beautiful!
Thank you  GNG Studio Booth!

Top 10 winners for the Best makeup contest.

Congratulations to all winners!
What really tops the cake would be a surprise customized tote bag with The Butterfly Project new logo, filled with beauty products by many generous sponsors namely:
Wanderlusthings, WLab, Orchid Cosmetics, 1028_my, DollyWink Malaysia, MamondeMy, Neesyaskincare, HadabiseiMy, myclinelle, AdidasBodyCare, Photobook app, PaxMolyMy, GNGStudioBooth, NYX Malaysia and The Body Shop Malaysia.
A big thank you to all of them!
I will be doing a unbagging unboxing of this bag soon, so be sure to follow me closely!
Here are some pictures as well as wefies taken at the event!


Thank you for all the happy memories!
I will be looking forward to your next birthday, The Butterfly Project!

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Photo credits to Eros for the beautiful pictures taken!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Baking Made Easy: Cream Puffs + Baking Contest by YEO'S Malaysia

It feels great to be back at home. I just returned from a short family vacation to the Land of Merlion and indeed, experience is a good teacher. Everyone there lead such healthy lifestyle!
Thankful for the good hospitality by our distant relatives, as well as citizens of Singapore.

I must have really missed my oven. So the moment we got home, I baked some Profiteroles aka Cream Puffs. It was my third attempt in baking this and TBH, the past 2 was less of a success with the previous old oven (learnt a very important lesson that a good oven does go a long way). 
Today's was such a beautiful batch, so I decided to included the recipe on How to Bake Cream Puffs. Let me know if it works for you!

Recipe of Classic Cream Puffs

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter cut to pieces
1 cup of water
1/2 tsp of salt
1 cup of multi-purpose flour
5 large eggs (I used 6 as mine are smaller kampung eggs, total weight of 315g with shell)
1 tsp of sugar

1. Preheat oven to 220° Celcius.
2. Put butter, salt, sugar and water in a pan and bring to boil.
 3. Reduce flames to lowest and quickly stir in flour with wooden spoon.
  4. Mix until a layer forms at the bottom of the pan. Remove dough from pan and place in separate bowl to cool for about 3 minutes.
 5. Add in the eggs one at a time and mix til incorporated. Leave some for egg wash.
6. Transfer the pate a choux to a pastry bag. You can use a 5/8 inch plain tip or any biscuit maker with a tip.
7. Pipe the pastry dough about 1-1/2 inch round onto non-stick baking trays. Brush tops with reserved egg wash, gently smoothing down the pointed peaks for even rising and baking.
8. Bake at 200° Celcius for about 25-30 minutes until puff rise and turn golden brown. Don't open the oven door too early to prevent puff from collapsing (true experience).
 9.  Allow to cool on rack.

As for the fillings, I am going for a different kind of fusion, therefore I used Yeo's Seri Kaya Original for my recipe. You can fill the puffs with the Kaya alone but I prefer mine to be less sweet in taste, hence I mixed 4 tbs of Kaya in 1 1/2 cups of whipping cream. You can also add some sugar to prefered taste.

Whip all the ingredients together until soft peak is seen. Transfer them into a piping bag with the smallest tip and fill in the puffs. To make the piping easy, cut a small 'X' on the bottom center of those puffs before filling them in.

And there you have it, perfectly baked profiteroles.

YEO'S FOOD MALAYSIA is organizing a baking contest in conjunction of the Ramadan month.
From 1st to 30th June, ONE Grand prize and FIVE Consolation prize winners will be picked weekly to win a electronic oven and appliances cash vouchers worth RM200, so get your creative juices started!

You can find out more information here at this link.