Thankful #2

by - July 14, 2014

Even its just a dream. 

Not that I am asking for it. Probably deep down inside there are some regretful wishes. That could not be granted, therefore boxed far away.

My love towards my boyfriend cannot be doubt. That is one thing I want to clarify before I proceed. First love and first relationship is simply not the same. My boyfriend is my first relationship. My first love or crush was of 3 years. Being very naive at that moment, I did a lot of typical girl stuff. Sneaking letters and presents under his table, etc etc. But it was a unrequired one. And it's through those 3 years,I realized he is not as perfect as I thought he would be, to much disappointment. So in my dream, he isn't the actual person I knew. In my dream,he is a guy I expected him to be. My ideal type of guy. And all I wish a guy would be.

I dreamt of he talking to me, something we never did in reality. He still reject me after my confession, (orz) but we talked. Went out. Like good old friends. Maybe that is what I am hoping for past 3 years since i started to crush on him. I felt like i was lighter. 
Much happier.

God is good. 
And for this, I am thankful.


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