Tradisional Kite Exhibition at MidValley

by - August 26, 2014

Free to blog, not free to do assignment. 

I am such a great procrastinator.  Anyhow, just to briefly describe about me, I am an art lover. Drawings, baking, felting (yes, I do felt dolls, but we will talk about that next time :D )...etc etc. Anything that involves the beauty of art, they grab my divine attention. *Cheers to all artist!!*

Anyway, it was just last month I went to the above mentioned topic, and it really opened my eyes. It was so exciting that I actually examined the most attractive ones and try to figure out how to make them. Not copying ideas, but to get inspiration. *peace*. Here are some beautiful masterpiece designed by a few prestigious art school's student (Saito, The One Academy, etc) for your admiration. 

Look at those adorable Kittens on the kite <3

Amazing watercolor art

Batik style 

They actually came up with this 3D wayang style. Absolutely brilliant!

Neat black and white paintings

No doubt my favorite hehe Just look at all those details!
Very admirable details in painting 


A proof that I was there. So freaking camwhore hahahah

It was a great exposure, with new things to learn. They also had Wau making sessions! Sadly, I am way to old to join those young children. XDDD Certainly will look forward to new art exhibitions in near future :)

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