Friday, 31 October 2014

KJI&CO Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence [REVIEW]

What is your favourite beauty item? Is it the eye shadow, mascara, blusher, lipstick? 
Or is there more? <3
Share with me your beloved makeup essentials!

The product I am sharing today is the 
Kji & Co's Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence.

I have to confess that I have an obsession over lip products, blushers and eye shadow. 
So when I receive these lovelies, I was over the moon. <3

Manufactured in Japan, Kji & Co's Lip Staysss has lasting colour and moisturized our puckers *smack smack* 
It is a semi-permanent lip balm with beneficial essences to hydrate, moisturize with lip plumping conditioners. It has a gentle formula and provides lush colors; healing dry, cracked, dull lips. 

The lightweight buttery formula glides smoothly over lips and the colour intensify with each layer.
You won't feel this lip essence on as it is Non- waxy and light.
Lip Staysss does not bleed, feather or rub off; it can last up to 4 HOURS, which is 50% times longer lasting than conventional lipsticks! WOW!

Kji & Co's Lip Staysss is available in 3 colours

DOLLY BLUSH (Light Coral)

*Rilakkuma in hoodie <3*

The 3 colours available :)

From Left to Right: Dolly Blush, Baby Pink, Seductress

From Left to Right: Dolly Blush, Baby Pink, Seductress

There are step-by-step methods to comply in achieving perfect lips.

1. Ensure lips are clean and dry before application
2. Open the SHORTER pink cap. (I did the wrong way initially hahha)
3. Gently twist the longer pink end to extract the lip balm (as necessary)
4. Apply onto lips and wait for a few seconds before adding layers to achieve desired tone and intensity.

I personally think Lip Staysss size is small and easy to carry around in pockets. Dolly Blush and Baby Pink are actually harder to distinguish as colour is almost similar, until sufficient layering has been applied to bring them out. I tried them out and true enough, they lasted for more than 4 hours even with just 1 layer of lip balm! The texture was very smooth and light with no odour; I can barely feel the texture <3  Their colours are mild and can be increased with additional layering to suit each individual's preference of intensity. However, it took me by surprise when I discover the softness of this lip balm. The pro is that the lip balm glides smoothly over my lips,  but we need to be more gentle in applying them. I was lucky I didn't over twist the extractor as this product is softer than conventional lip balm that I normally use and mine got a little out of shape. *exhale in relieve*

 Mild colour swatches with 1 layer 
 (Without Flash)

 (With Flash)    

  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Quick- drying and long lasting formula up to 4 HOURS
  • Lightweight buttery texture for ultimate confort
  • Natural colors layer easier for greater intensity
  • No scent/ odour

  • Apply with lip balm LIGHT PRESSURE as the lipstick is very soft.
  • Do not OVER TWIST the longer pink cap (only extract as minimal and required) as too long may cause lipstick to distort in shape during application, due to its ultra soft nature

PRICE: RM 26.80 (Kji & Co. online website)

I love this product for it's lightness and moisture that they deliver. My lips indeed feel fuller and moist. Best of all, you won't feel waxy sensation that some lip balm has. It has no odour or taste, so I am not tempted to lick them off hahaha. Unfortunately, as the day past, it gave me dried lips with slight grainy sensation which I don't quite understand (is it supposed to have some exfoliating effect?) I love the idea of colour intensity that I can control; that way I don't have to buy many lip balms to get different colours. It has mild long lasting colour and moisture, hence you don't need to keep reapplying every 1-2 hours :) I would recommend this product as it is made of natural ingredients, thus allergen- free for sensitive people like me.

You can check out Kji & Co at these links.

Office address: Level 1, No 19, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Off Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 79839133

So, that's all for today. 
Hope you find this review helpful in discovering your dream lip balm :)
Happy Halloween by the way

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

CANMAKE Transparent Finish Powder [REVIEW]

Hey guys! 
How has your weekdays been going? 
STRIVE ON! Weekends is just in 2 days time :D

Today I am going to review on CANMAKE Transparent Finish Powder. 
This was my first CANMAKE product and I was so in love with the packaging, I didn't have the heart to use it after 2 months later HAHAHHA

(ignore that Like&Share thing on the picture)

I used to use face powder alot in the past years, especially when I cosplay to cover up acne scars and give it that finishing matte look. Initially, it was perfect and the face powder did it's work to absorb the oil off my face (as promised by the product) but slowly, the longer I leave it, the more darker it gets. I tried to do some touch up blot and patting with the face powder but it gets worse and failed to cover up the sebum marks (dots on your nose and chin) It can get very messy and frustrating, especially when all you want to do is to enjoy your hobby and make new friends. 

Then I discover this. 

Do you agree the packaging makes you feel like a princess? <3

I find the CANMAKE Transparent Finish Powder is pretty huge for me as I have small palms, but it's compact and easily kept in handbags or pouch. *Plus point*.

At closer look, you will notice very mild glitter of the transparent powder. (I have no issue with that) Supposed to make you look fresh and dewy. >///< 

 The texture is very soft and smooth. It live up to it's promise to give the smooth finishing or touch up to makeups. 

*Two strikes of Transparent Finishing Powder*

As you can see, the colour is not heavy (Supposed to be near transparent anyway) and compliment very well to fair skin ladies. (Feeling so blessed to be born fair <3)

My plead has been answered!! <3
It covers up my facial pores very well, leaving my face looking smooth and clear. 

My verdict : 


  1. Gives you that matte finishing after makeup
  2. Perfect when used to touch up makeup, without leaving messy oil marks
  3. Smooth and gives that glowing effect
  4. It's powder scent is relatively mild and I like it
  5. Haven't cause any outbreak since I start using it
  6. Compact and easy for small storage.


  1. Slightly too big for me to hold
  2. Powder cushion wears out sightly after about 6 months of usage (Am I too rough @@)
Overall Rating: 8/10.

I have not regretted once with this product. Below are pictures I took using this product, after some BB cream. I applied my Etude House Cookie Blusher # Blueberry Pie after this transparent powder.

I hope you've had a good day


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Thankful #3

Today has been an emotional-draining day.

It has been quite awhile since I felt this low. There were many burdens that hinder my thoughts and my rationality was clouded for that moment. 

I am blogging this because it is what made me today. 
I know I am not prefect but I will learn from this.

My ego-ness was the real factor of today's event. Ever felt that you didn't want to rely on others but could not avoid that because you are incapable to do so? I didn't mean to broke down to tear, not in front of him and certainly not in public but my brains must be wired wrongly today. 

Such shame.

I grew up to be independent, not to seek for help and not to be looked down by others. 
Qualities of an eldest sister? Maybe or maybe not.
I have my flaws as well. 
What made me strong is what made me most vulnerable.

I rather cut back on eating lunches and enjoyments than asking money from my mum or partner.
Although I am not good with roads, I rather do research and take public transport to reach my destination. Even though I know, all I have to do is open my mouth and ask.
But when everything you did was insufficient, it shakes the foundation of your confidence.
The thought of me couldn't even treat him a decent lunch took it's toll on me.

All I did was shade tears and keep mum. And all he can do is stay beside me and wait for me to calm down, for I couldn't not bring myself to express my thoughts. It will only make the rain fall harder.

I am thankful for having an understanding partner. 
Although we have ups and downs, he was there for me nevertheless.

I love you.

Saturday, 25 October 2014


So Have You Gotten Yourself A Pair of TIAMO'S INFINITE LOVE COLLECTION? 
If you have not, start hitting their stores today!

Company Overview
Tiamo, is the first ever Designer Ballerina Flats concept store in Malaysia to sell only Korean made ballerina flats and pumps. Tiamo shoes are slimmer and it reshapes the feet for a snug fit, defining a lady's elegant feet. 

Tiamo’s Collection features an extensive variety of shoes for all occasions and women of all walks of life. There are also shoes for Children and a Mum and daughter collection.

With five main themes; Young Hippie, Career Fashion, Celeb Glam, Modern Classic and Dressy Elegant, Tiamo will bound to capture the hearts of many with a variety of shoes that could be brought anywhere for all occasions.

A great combination of designer styling, classic materials, nexpected detailing and quality fabrication will make even high heels fanatics steal a second glance. (I went gaga over them, so their marketing strategies worked)

I came across their INFINITE LOVE PROJECT and was curious. So, what is this project about?
I did some reading on this to find out more. 

TIAMO'S PROJECT INFINITE LOVE is a campaign to celebrate L.O.V.E in 
conjunction to their 4th Anniversary. 
LOVE is something that everyone define differently. It could be LOVE to family, friends,
pets, earth and so much more.
The 'Love Crews'  is now on a mission. 
To collect hundreds and thousands of love stories across the globe.

TIAMO even held a contest to collect the unique Love Stories. (but they are long overdue, so I am not going to talk about that)


I hit the nearest mall-next-door (Sunway Pyramid) to check out on the new babe around the block. Hehe <3

Lotsa Helium balloons. My all time favourite!

Makes you feel like going in to explore :D*

SUCH LOVELY SHOES!!! <3 Let's go for a closer view~

Wedges and heels, fit for all occasions!

Army Camo... Animal print... Classic Ribbon.. Which are your favourites?

*I find this pair is SUPER sweet! Couple image*

*Imagine your partner propose to you by giving you this pair of shoes~ <3 I would marry him without a second thought HAHAHA*

(Look out for the INFINITE LOVE symbol) 

"I Just Call To Say I Love You" <3
So corny hehe but Me like it >u<
Do you prefer PINK?


Hearts of Clover Leaves, anyone? 

(The above peach and black handbags are from Infinite Love series)

(Same goes to the above two bags :D)

I set my eye on the below wedges at first sight. Almost like first love hahaha
I KNEW I had to try it on.


I simply adore that INFINITE LOVE button at the bottom of the wedge.

OMG... Fits like Cinderella's Glass Shoes <3 I want this so badly TT^TT

When I slipped it on, I was very much taken aback. It was SO COMFORTABLE!! My feets felt like stepping on cushion. TIAMO has paid great attention in ensuring first-class comfort to it's wearers, like how love should be. <3
Unlike most shoes, TIAMO's INFINITE LOVE series has this extra soft padding (Refer to the above image) to prevent blisters or skin peeling at the Archilles' region (the back of our heel), due to constant friction against the shoe. I supposed alot of girls who wear heels or shoes can relate to this issue. I mean beauty should not come with torture, right?

Their designs are comprised of different style as you can see in the pictures that I have shared. I truly believe that it is quite impossible for someone to not able to find their TYPE of shoes or bags here. Wedges, heels, flats, army camo, animal prints, patterns as well as creatively inspired shoes and bags, DESIGNS FIT FOR ALL OCCASIONS.  
At least I found my style :)  

TIAMO also ensure high quality in their productions. I noticed their shoes and bags are created with great care and the materials are of good durability and comfort. I certainly want my shoes to last me a very long time. Who does not want that? :D

Price wise is actually within affordable range, which is between RM100 to slightly above RM200. I personally feel that with such comfort and quality assurance, it is worth every single of our pennies. 


TIAMO is now having PROMOTIONS at all their stores. 
FREE Limited Edition TOTE BAG worth RM109 with minimum purchase of RM280. HURRY, it's only while stock last!

So here is my worth of verdicts. 
I hope this review is able to help in pursuing good, comfortable and affordable shoes to all my readers;
 one way or another. 

Do check out TIAMO MALAYSIA FB  for further information :)

Instalgram: @TiamoMalaysia

TIAMO is located at most shopping malls in Malaysia

Tiamo - Mid Valley 

Tiamo - Sunway Pyramid 

Tiamo - Queensbay Mall

Tiamo - One Utama 

Tiamo - KLCC 

Tiamo - Alamanda 

Tiamo - KLIA II 

Tiamo - Isetan KLCC 

XOXO~ <3

Friday, 24 October 2014

NIVEA Body Lotion IN-SHOWER Conditioner [REVIEW]

In my past days, I was never a girl who puts in effort in maintaining her skin condition. Someone who uses body soap as her facial cleansing solution, never puts on any body lotion, facial cream, toner, serum, etc. 
*Guilty hands up*
 Never had the privilege to enjoy those luxury as they don't come cheap.

The only care product I used was only cream for my eczema, which I had since childhood (which sadly can only control the flare rather than getting rid of it). I remember that I had a terrible skin allergy once when the cream I used for my face (because my acne was horrible and start leaving scars) turn back on me. The redness and itch stayed with me for 2 weeks. Since then, I refrain from using any care product due to phobia.

Years of negligence  finally took toll when my skin starts to crack at my elbows and lips. The acne scars grew prominent God-knows-why-Help-Me-Please
Then, someone kind came along and helped me.

I took part in this giveaway, which was held in early September this year and was selected as one of the 13 lucky winners out of 1260 entries. 
These are my lucky life savers. *yeay!*

(Some of you may recognize the PigBunny doll from You're Beautiful korean series~<3)

Nivea Pure and Natural Body Lotion
(For normal to dry skin)
- Nivea Body Lotion IN-SHOWER Body Conditioner
(For normal skin)


 1. NIVEA Pure and Natural Body Lotion

This new NIVEA product acts as a powerful moisturiser and supports the natural skin balance. It has a light and fresh scent. 

How It Works
This lotion is made of valuable Argan Oil from biological cultivation, which is used to intensively moisturise the skin leaving it smooth and beautiful all day. It is also skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Just apply it once daily to moisturise the skin.

  • Argan Oil is a natural source of Vitamin E with outstanding antioxidant properties
  • Pure & Natural Body Lotion helps reinforce the skin’s own protective barrier
  • In one application study, testers found that, after using the products for just three days, their dry, flaky skin had been effectively improved.

2. NIVEA Body Lotion IN-SHOWER Body Conditioner

This product range has quite an admirable wide variety. In-Shower Body Lotion, In-Shower Body Milk, In-Shower Smooth Milk, In-Shower Body Lotion Cocoa & Milk (Very tempted to try this some day :D) and In-Shower Body Lotion Honey & Milk

How It Works 
According to the instructions, NIVEA Body Lotion IN-SHOWER Body Conditioner is to be used directly after cleansing in the shower cabin itself. The wet skin quickly absorbs the caring formula with SEA MINERALS. Wait a few seconds before rinsing off the residues shortly. There is no need to apply a normal body lotion afterwards and we can get dressed immediately. *Really cuts down the waiting time of impatient boyfriends hahaha*

The nourishment is absorbed while our skin pore opens after shower, resulting in soft and water like skin for more than 24 hours!

*The After was before rinsing*

At the beginning, I was not used to this product. (bare in mind, I have never used any body care lotion) When I tested it on my hand, it has this oily feeling while my skin is semi-dry (probably from the wet conditioning). 
However, when  the lotion is fully absorbed and my skin is dry, my skin felt remarkably smooth to touch. No more oily or sticky sensation from the conventional lotion application! 
I used it for the next few days and I am happy to say I have changed to like it. :D
Every now and then after shower, I had this weird obsession to just feel the smoothness on my hands and legs *hahahaha* 


If you have someone impatient but yet, couldn't leave without pampering your skin, I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND you to try this. Not only your partner will appreciate the time saving, you get to enjoy the silky smooth healthier skin. No more icky sensation!

Now Everyone is happy :D  

Visit NIVEA Official Facebook for more info

Thank you Mocchi Tan for this opportunity. 
 By the way, do check out her website by clicking her name link. Her life is really full of colours and will keep you attentive all the way XD