CANMAKE Transparent Finish Powder [REVIEW]

by - October 29, 2014

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Today I am going to review on CANMAKE Transparent Finish Powder. 
This was my first CANMAKE product and I was so in love with the packaging, I didn't have the heart to use it after 2 months later HAHAHHA

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I used to use face powder alot in the past years, especially when I cosplay to cover up acne scars and give it that finishing matte look. Initially, it was perfect and the face powder did it's work to absorb the oil off my face (as promised by the product) but slowly, the longer I leave it, the more darker it gets. I tried to do some touch up blot and patting with the face powder but it gets worse and failed to cover up the sebum marks (dots on your nose and chin) It can get very messy and frustrating, especially when all you want to do is to enjoy your hobby and make new friends. 

Then I discover this. 

Do you agree the packaging makes you feel like a princess? <3

I find the CANMAKE Transparent Finish Powder is pretty huge for me as I have small palms, but it's compact and easily kept in handbags or pouch. *Plus point*.

At closer look, you will notice very mild glitter of the transparent powder. (I have no issue with that) Supposed to make you look fresh and dewy. >///< 

 The texture is very soft and smooth. It live up to it's promise to give the smooth finishing or touch up to makeups. 

*Two strikes of Transparent Finishing Powder*

As you can see, the colour is not heavy (Supposed to be near transparent anyway) and compliment very well to fair skin ladies. (Feeling so blessed to be born fair <3)

My plead has been answered!! <3
It covers up my facial pores very well, leaving my face looking smooth and clear. 

My verdict : 


  1. Gives you that matte finishing after makeup
  2. Perfect when used to touch up makeup, without leaving messy oil marks
  3. Smooth and gives that glowing effect
  4. It's powder scent is relatively mild and I like it
  5. Haven't cause any outbreak since I start using it
  6. Compact and easy for small storage.


  1. Slightly too big for me to hold
  2. Powder cushion wears out sightly after about 6 months of usage (Am I too rough @@)
Overall Rating: 8/10.

I have not regretted once with this product. Below are pictures I took using this product, after some BB cream. I applied my Etude House Cookie Blusher # Blueberry Pie after this transparent powder.

I hope you've had a good day


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