KJI&CO Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence [REVIEW]

by - October 31, 2014

What is your favourite beauty item? Is it the eye shadow, mascara, blusher, lipstick? 
Or is there more? <3
Share with me your beloved makeup essentials!

The product I am sharing today is the 
Kji & Co's Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence.

I have to confess that I have an obsession over lip products, blushers and eye shadow. 
So when I receive these lovelies, I was over the moon. <3

Manufactured in Japan, Kji & Co's Lip Staysss has lasting colour and moisturized our puckers *smack smack* 
It is a semi-permanent lip balm with beneficial essences to hydrate, moisturize with lip plumping conditioners. It has a gentle formula and provides lush colors; healing dry, cracked, dull lips. 

The lightweight buttery formula glides smoothly over lips and the colour intensify with each layer.
You won't feel this lip essence on as it is Non- waxy and light.
Lip Staysss does not bleed, feather or rub off; it can last up to 4 HOURS, which is 50% times longer lasting than conventional lipsticks! WOW!

Kji & Co's Lip Staysss is available in 3 colours

DOLLY BLUSH (Light Coral)

*Rilakkuma in hoodie <3*

The 3 colours available :)

From Left to Right: Dolly Blush, Baby Pink, Seductress

From Left to Right: Dolly Blush, Baby Pink, Seductress

There are step-by-step methods to comply in achieving perfect lips.

1. Ensure lips are clean and dry before application
2. Open the SHORTER pink cap. (I did the wrong way initially hahha)
3. Gently twist the longer pink end to extract the lip balm (as necessary)
4. Apply onto lips and wait for a few seconds before adding layers to achieve desired tone and intensity.

I personally think Lip Staysss size is small and easy to carry around in pockets. Dolly Blush and Baby Pink are actually harder to distinguish as colour is almost similar, until sufficient layering has been applied to bring them out. I tried them out and true enough, they lasted for more than 4 hours even with just 1 layer of lip balm! The texture was very smooth and light with no odour; I can barely feel the texture <3  Their colours are mild and can be increased with additional layering to suit each individual's preference of intensity. However, it took me by surprise when I discover the softness of this lip balm. The pro is that the lip balm glides smoothly over my lips,  but we need to be more gentle in applying them. I was lucky I didn't over twist the extractor as this product is softer than conventional lip balm that I normally use and mine got a little out of shape. *exhale in relieve*

 Mild colour swatches with 1 layer 
 (Without Flash)

 (With Flash)    

  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Quick- drying and long lasting formula up to 4 HOURS
  • Lightweight buttery texture for ultimate confort
  • Natural colors layer easier for greater intensity
  • No scent/ odour

  • Apply with lip balm LIGHT PRESSURE as the lipstick is very soft.
  • Do not OVER TWIST the longer pink cap (only extract as minimal and required) as too long may cause lipstick to distort in shape during application, due to its ultra soft nature

PRICE: RM 26.80 (Kji & Co. online website)

I love this product for it's lightness and moisture that they deliver. My lips indeed feel fuller and moist. Best of all, you won't feel waxy sensation that some lip balm has. It has no odour or taste, so I am not tempted to lick them off hahaha. Unfortunately, as the day past, it gave me dried lips with slight grainy sensation which I don't quite understand (is it supposed to have some exfoliating effect?) I love the idea of colour intensity that I can control; that way I don't have to buy many lip balms to get different colours. It has mild long lasting colour and moisture, hence you don't need to keep reapplying every 1-2 hours :) I would recommend this product as it is made of natural ingredients, thus allergen- free for sensitive people like me.

You can check out Kji & Co at these links.

Office address: Level 1, No 19, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Off Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 79839133

So, that's all for today. 
Hope you find this review helpful in discovering your dream lip balm :)
Happy Halloween by the way

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