NIVEA Body Lotion IN-SHOWER Conditioner [REVIEW]

by - October 24, 2014

In my past days, I was never a girl who puts in effort in maintaining her skin condition. Someone who uses body soap as her facial cleansing solution, never puts on any body lotion, facial cream, toner, serum, etc. 
*Guilty hands up*
 Never had the privilege to enjoy those luxury as they don't come cheap.

The only care product I used was only cream for my eczema, which I had since childhood (which sadly can only control the flare rather than getting rid of it). I remember that I had a terrible skin allergy once when the cream I used for my face (because my acne was horrible and start leaving scars) turn back on me. The redness and itch stayed with me for 2 weeks. Since then, I refrain from using any care product due to phobia.

Years of negligence  finally took toll when my skin starts to crack at my elbows and lips. The acne scars grew prominent God-knows-why-Help-Me-Please
Then, someone kind came along and helped me.

I took part in this giveaway, which was held in early September this year and was selected as one of the 13 lucky winners out of 1260 entries. 
These are my lucky life savers. *yeay!*

(Some of you may recognize the PigBunny doll from You're Beautiful korean series~<3)

Nivea Pure and Natural Body Lotion
(For normal to dry skin)
- Nivea Body Lotion IN-SHOWER Body Conditioner
(For normal skin)


 1. NIVEA Pure and Natural Body Lotion

This new NIVEA product acts as a powerful moisturiser and supports the natural skin balance. It has a light and fresh scent. 

How It Works
This lotion is made of valuable Argan Oil from biological cultivation, which is used to intensively moisturise the skin leaving it smooth and beautiful all day. It is also skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Just apply it once daily to moisturise the skin.

  • Argan Oil is a natural source of Vitamin E with outstanding antioxidant properties
  • Pure & Natural Body Lotion helps reinforce the skin’s own protective barrier
  • In one application study, testers found that, after using the products for just three days, their dry, flaky skin had been effectively improved.

2. NIVEA Body Lotion IN-SHOWER Body Conditioner

This product range has quite an admirable wide variety. In-Shower Body Lotion, In-Shower Body Milk, In-Shower Smooth Milk, In-Shower Body Lotion Cocoa & Milk (Very tempted to try this some day :D) and In-Shower Body Lotion Honey & Milk

How It Works 
According to the instructions, NIVEA Body Lotion IN-SHOWER Body Conditioner is to be used directly after cleansing in the shower cabin itself. The wet skin quickly absorbs the caring formula with SEA MINERALS. Wait a few seconds before rinsing off the residues shortly. There is no need to apply a normal body lotion afterwards and we can get dressed immediately. *Really cuts down the waiting time of impatient boyfriends hahaha*

The nourishment is absorbed while our skin pore opens after shower, resulting in soft and water like skin for more than 24 hours!

*The After was before rinsing*

At the beginning, I was not used to this product. (bare in mind, I have never used any body care lotion) When I tested it on my hand, it has this oily feeling while my skin is semi-dry (probably from the wet conditioning). 
However, when  the lotion is fully absorbed and my skin is dry, my skin felt remarkably smooth to touch. No more oily or sticky sensation from the conventional lotion application! 
I used it for the next few days and I am happy to say I have changed to like it. :D
Every now and then after shower, I had this weird obsession to just feel the smoothness on my hands and legs *hahahaha* 


If you have someone impatient but yet, couldn't leave without pampering your skin, I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND you to try this. Not only your partner will appreciate the time saving, you get to enjoy the silky smooth healthier skin. No more icky sensation!

Now Everyone is happy :D  

Visit NIVEA Official Facebook for more info

Thank you Mocchi Tan for this opportunity. 
 By the way, do check out her website by clicking her name link. Her life is really full of colours and will keep you attentive all the way XD 

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