Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014

by - October 15, 2014

Hey guys! How did your weekend went? I hope you had a smashing time. :)

Standard Chartered Marathon 2014 was held last Sunday, 12 October 2014, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This is an annual event, drawing thousands of enthusiastic runners of all walks of life and nationalities. The first event was held in 2009, with a total of 13,500 runners! Each year, the number of participants grew and this year, it hit over 30,000 participants!! Guess who made part of the number hehehe~ 

This event flagged off in front of the historical Abdul Samad Building, on the Dataran Merdeka itself. There are various categories to choose from; Individual, Running for a Reason, Kids Dash (which I find is very cute to see those chubby legs running lD Distance: 1 and 3Km. I don't think I can make it if I were younger ><), Corporate, Ministries, Universities and Group challenge. I was't supposed to be running actually but my boyfriend's sister couldn't made it on time, so I went on cover. 

As for the distance, they divided it into 5km, 10km, 21.1km and 42.2km. This was actually my second time participating in a marathon; my first time was of 5km. And it upgraded to 10 Km! Just thinking of it was very stressful. I wasn't a runner to begin with, I had never participated in any sports event voluntarily during school times and only ran in the school field as it was part of the curriculum. Never in my life have I dream that I would ended up running along my partner. It was so funny that I only saw the 10km running route after I completed the marathon. You can imagine how totally unprepared I was. 

Holy *gasp*

I ran beside my boyfriend's father for about 5km before I slow down due to my poor stamina. It is such an embarrassment to admit that his dad can run better than I do. OTL I remember jogging pass the Orchid and Bird Park, as well as another Malaysia iconic building, the Twin Tower of Suria KLCC.

Good morning, KLCC!!

My boyfriend speed ahead within the 1km itself, he just love running. I was sincerely touched when couple of times, I caught up with him, that was because he slowed down for me QAQ

Qualifying time was 90 minutes, and I made it at 1 hour 45 minutes with my boyfriend supporting me til the end. The mixture of bilateral ankle pain and the need of just get over everything when you saw the finishing line was just plain weird. (feels like in Hunger games, I was hungry and exhausted at that moment) I got my Finishing medal anyway, 15 minutes short of the time limit.

The ONLY motivation for me to keep on going, even though I was at verge of breaking off 
my both legs and just collapse . 
Hit those 'FINISH" lines.

The number of crowds and ages, races.

Even though it was tiring (not to mention me whining ALOT), I was actually NOT regretful that I took part in this event. At least I was sweating out all my life worth of junks and get my cardio pumping. And most of all, was probably getting to do some activity with the person I loved. *aww* and if I were given another chance, I probably would do this again. Hahahaha

You know who he is :)

Medal of Glory


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