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So Have You Gotten Yourself A Pair of TIAMO'S INFINITE LOVE COLLECTION? 
If you have not, start hitting their stores today!

Company Overview
Tiamo, is the first ever Designer Ballerina Flats concept store in Malaysia to sell only Korean made ballerina flats and pumps. Tiamo shoes are slimmer and it reshapes the feet for a snug fit, defining a lady's elegant feet. 

Tiamo’s Collection features an extensive variety of shoes for all occasions and women of all walks of life. There are also shoes for Children and a Mum and daughter collection.

With five main themes; Young Hippie, Career Fashion, Celeb Glam, Modern Classic and Dressy Elegant, Tiamo will bound to capture the hearts of many with a variety of shoes that could be brought anywhere for all occasions.

A great combination of designer styling, classic materials, nexpected detailing and quality fabrication will make even high heels fanatics steal a second glance. (I went gaga over them, so their marketing strategies worked)

I came across their INFINITE LOVE PROJECT and was curious. So, what is this project about?
I did some reading on this to find out more. 

TIAMO'S PROJECT INFINITE LOVE is a campaign to celebrate L.O.V.E in 
conjunction to their 4th Anniversary. 
LOVE is something that everyone define differently. It could be LOVE to family, friends,
pets, earth and so much more.
The 'Love Crews'  is now on a mission. 
To collect hundreds and thousands of love stories across the globe.

TIAMO even held a contest to collect the unique Love Stories. (but they are long overdue, so I am not going to talk about that)


I hit the nearest mall-next-door (Sunway Pyramid) to check out on the new babe around the block. Hehe <3

Lotsa Helium balloons. My all time favourite!

Makes you feel like going in to explore :D*

SUCH LOVELY SHOES!!! <3 Let's go for a closer view~

Wedges and heels, fit for all occasions!

Army Camo... Animal print... Classic Ribbon.. Which are your favourites?

*I find this pair is SUPER sweet! Couple image*

*Imagine your partner propose to you by giving you this pair of shoes~ <3 I would marry him without a second thought HAHAHA*

(Look out for the INFINITE LOVE symbol) 

"I Just Call To Say I Love You" <3
So corny hehe but Me like it >u<
Do you prefer PINK?


Hearts of Clover Leaves, anyone? 

(The above peach and black handbags are from Infinite Love series)

(Same goes to the above two bags :D)

I set my eye on the below wedges at first sight. Almost like first love hahaha
I KNEW I had to try it on.


I simply adore that INFINITE LOVE button at the bottom of the wedge.

OMG... Fits like Cinderella's Glass Shoes <3 I want this so badly TT^TT

When I slipped it on, I was very much taken aback. It was SO COMFORTABLE!! My feets felt like stepping on cushion. TIAMO has paid great attention in ensuring first-class comfort to it's wearers, like how love should be. <3
Unlike most shoes, TIAMO's INFINITE LOVE series has this extra soft padding (Refer to the above image) to prevent blisters or skin peeling at the Archilles' region (the back of our heel), due to constant friction against the shoe. I supposed alot of girls who wear heels or shoes can relate to this issue. I mean beauty should not come with torture, right?

Their designs are comprised of different style as you can see in the pictures that I have shared. I truly believe that it is quite impossible for someone to not able to find their TYPE of shoes or bags here. Wedges, heels, flats, army camo, animal prints, patterns as well as creatively inspired shoes and bags, DESIGNS FIT FOR ALL OCCASIONS.  
At least I found my style :)  

TIAMO also ensure high quality in their productions. I noticed their shoes and bags are created with great care and the materials are of good durability and comfort. I certainly want my shoes to last me a very long time. Who does not want that? :D

Price wise is actually within affordable range, which is between RM100 to slightly above RM200. I personally feel that with such comfort and quality assurance, it is worth every single of our pennies. 


TIAMO is now having PROMOTIONS at all their stores. 
FREE Limited Edition TOTE BAG worth RM109 with minimum purchase of RM280. HURRY, it's only while stock last!

So here is my worth of verdicts. 
I hope this review is able to help in pursuing good, comfortable and affordable shoes to all my readers;
 one way or another. 

Do check out TIAMO MALAYSIA FB  for further information :)

Instalgram: @TiamoMalaysia
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TiamoMY

TIAMO is located at most shopping malls in Malaysia

Tiamo - Mid Valley 

Tiamo - Sunway Pyramid 

Tiamo - Queensbay Mall

Tiamo - One Utama 

Tiamo - KLCC 

Tiamo - Alamanda 

Tiamo - KLIA II 

Tiamo - Isetan KLCC 

XOXO~ <3

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