Monday, 24 November 2014

MAYBELLINE Eye Studio HyperSharp Liner [REVIEW]

I am a HUGEHUGEHUGE fan of eyeliners! 
As a matter in fact, the first beauty product I purchased was a liquid eyeliner but I don't think they have it at Watsons anymore.

List of reasons why I fancy drawing my eyes:-
1. Typical monolid of the Chinese genes makes me look half asleep
*I still cannot understand why am I the only child in the family with single eyelid*

2. Fancy my idol from You're Beautiful, who loves drawing his eyes <3
JANG GUEN SUK oppa!~*His eyes are so mesmerizing and His smile makes me melt*

3. I used to think it's cool to draw my lower eyelids UNTIL I discovered I have watery eyes.
*It really happened to me, the bus driver must have thought I broke up or something*

I got my MAYBELLINE Eye Studio HyperSharp Liner during the Merdeka Guardian sales. They were selling it for RM7 at that time! So here it is.

It has a 0.05mm fine tip for precise eyelining and best of all, It's WATERPROOF
Available in BLACK colour only. 


Waterproof or not~*

They claim it is easy to remove with plain soap and water.
So, I want to see how far is the truth.
*I used Johnson&Johnson Baby Shampoo as it's more practical. I mean, does anyone out here who use dishwasher soap to remove their makeup off their face @@

  1. REALLY Waterproof
  2. It is so precise that you can draw ANYTHING you want on your eyelid :)
  3. Removable with soap and water.
  4. One eyeliner can last you very long :)
  5. Easy to bring around
  1. The black wasn't black enough for me. When drawing on an eyeshadow base eyelid, the eyeliner tend to get absorbed, so it's less obvious. However, this can be easily solved by adding a few more layers. 
  2. (TIPS) I supposed if you just draw on plain eyelid without any eyeshadow on, it can look quite natural. Good for everyday basic beauty routine.
  3. Although it is removable with soap and water, I wouldn't say it is without some rubs (which can long term contribute to wrinkles). Better stick to MAYBELLINE Makeup Remover :)
  4. It lasted about 3 hours before the need to re-touch up.


I still prefer this Maybelline HyperSharp Liner over the gel type as it's easier to apply and does not dry out. It's precision allows creativity to flow :) Convenient to bring out for touch up. 

*Forgive me if it's not so nice, just illustrating you can get creative with no limit :)*


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Calling in Sick Day

Sorry guys.
These days I am down with some sniffies and cough, so may be quiet for a little while.
While lying in my sick bed feeling guilty of being inactive, 
I just realized being a Maybelline user but yet, I have not posted a thing on them.
*further guilt bitten*

Please take good care of yourself as these day's weather is so unpredictable.

Stay tune to have a peep on what's hidden in my pouch bag


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

L'Oreal Paris Beauty Countdown [CONTEST]

If you are the beauty and trill type of lady,

Here is something good for you

L'Oreal Paris is giving away amazing daily and weekly prizes from 1st Nov to 31st Dec 2014!
This Contest will run for the next 10 weeks to reward the highest spenders. The overall most spender of L'Oreal Paris products by 31st December 2014 will drive home a Brand New car worth over RM100,000!

With Christmas just around the corner, I would say this contest came at the right time! 
Makeup and body care products would definitely make great and practical gifts for the 'Good Boys and Girls' on our list. Not just that, we also get to stand a chance to win interesting prizes, exclusively by L'Oreal Paris. Speak about hitting 2 birds with a stone :)


A brand new car worth over RM100,000
(Honestly, I wouldn't be picky if someone were to give me a car XD)

Each week, L'Oreal Paris Facebook page will reveal a mystery prize
So, stay tune!

(I would love a bread maker as one of the mystery prizes <3)

3 X L'Oreal Paris Hampers worth over RM100 each!


 I am interested! How do I join this contest?

It's so simple.


1. Just spend a minimal of RM20 on L'Oreal Paris products
2. Keep your receipts! You will need to upload a photo of your receipt as proof of purchase :)
3. Enter to WIN here:

The more you shop, the higher your chance of winning amazing prizes in 
L'Oreal Paris' 10 Weeks Contest!


May the odds be ever in your favor

WHATT? GST on Malaysian Bloggers?!

Ok, I may be over exaggerated but this is important.
With next year's GST hot on heels, how will it impact all of us as bloggers?

If you do not know what is GST, it stands for Goods and Services Tax;
also known as Value Added Tax (VAT), part of Malaysian Budget 2015.
This implementation is to substitute our current Sales and Service Tax (SST)
Due to take off on the 1st of April 2015, GST will weight 6% from our everyday goods consumption and services as compared to our current Sales Tax (10% on manufacturers and wholesaler aka importer) and Service Tax aka Government Service Tax (6% tax on service providers and our annual-credit-card-fee of RM50 / RM25 for supplementary credit card holders)

We don't feel the influence of the Sales Tax because they only affect manufacturers and importers with yearly minimal revenue of RM100,000.
As for the Service Tax, unless you have been staying under your house roof for the past years of your life and not used ANY services from our daily Starbucks coffee, restaurants selling dim sums, etc,
like it or not, we all have been doing our good citizen role and paid this un-exemptable tax.

Good to know Info*

There are certain basic goods and services that are exempted from GST. That includes basic foods, residential accommodation, education, health services, public transportation, domestic consumption of water and electricity (up to 200kwH, which is about RM50?) as well as RON 95, Diesel and LPG fuel (Thank Goodness!)


OK. Back to main topic.

"How will it impact on Malaysian Bloggers?"
"If I blog on leisure, am I subject to GST as well?"

To be frank, I am concern about this as well.

It is said that any sort of businesses that earns less than RM500,000 annually are excepted from GST registry, thus not required to pay or collect GST from their consumers.
(Estimation of preceding sales for the next 12 months)
However, NGOs, if they are involved indirectly in any business activity of making taxable supplies, they will be subjected to GST.

"Are Bloggers considered as NGOs?"
I don't think so. Bloggers are individuals.
We don't WORK for an organization (Unless we are paid by a specific company to work for them but I am not so sure about how we should classify that).
Though, we all may belong to certain blogger groups.

In my opinion, I think bloggers should not be charged GST as blogging is one way we express or thoughts on products. We don't pay tax for writing customer feedback, don't we?

I read this topic somewhere on the net and it got me thinking. If GST is on us as bloggers, just imagine how many bloggers will drop out from writing blogs. It will be horrifying.

It would be good to hear some thoughts on this issue.


More info:

Monday, 17 November 2014



The first of its kind in the world, THE MAZE CHALLENGE ASIA is the perfect event for sports and fitness enthusiasts who want to do more than just the normal marathons. 
A temporary built giant maze that will be complimented by physical obstacles in its course, providing a great body and mind workout, through visual perception, coordination and critical thinking.
Extreme excitement! Runners Malaysia 

I have been DYING to go ever since I knew about this challenge XD
You know I am seriously SERIOUS when a girl like me who hardly runs or workout,
 suddenly says she wants to go.
I don't mind if I got stuck in there for HOURS! HAHAHA

Special Thanks to YouthUnitedMY who have given me the opportunity of my lifetime. 
(Youth Malaysia is a platform made specially for College and University youths of Malaysia)

They gave me a pair of tickets of this INSANELY FUN challenge, 
so I am bring along my birthday boyfie to join me. 

DATE: 29- 30th November 2014
VENUE: Sepang International Circuit
AGE LIMIT: 18 years and above 

Limited slots available!
Exclusive event t-shirts, medal and certificate
Early Bird registration starts at RM129 only! 

(Post Register) REMEMBER to collect your Challenge Kit prior to race
Bring your registration confirmation and Identity Card, Student ID/ Passport!

If transportation is needed, fear not!
The MAZE CHALLENGE ASIA has collaborated with SkyBus as their OFFICIAL BUS
to save runners' hassle.
Bus tickets can be purchase to the challenge on the 29th and 30th of November 2014!

ONE-Way: RM15
TWO-Way: RM30

For transportation info and tickets:



KJI&CO Emergency Lash RX Part1 [REVIEW]

Eyelashes are like curtains to our house window.
Curtains protect us from strong glare of the sun and decorates our house.
So is our lashes.
They protect our eyes from harmful elements around us and enhance our beauty.
But with the stress that we are facing in this century, loss or sparse of hair has been an emerging issue. First impression does plays a major role in our society. 
I know you can always wear fake eyelashes, like how you wear wigs or hats to hide our weakness but I supposed that only applicable to girls. (Sorry guys)

Probably it relates to my hormonal issue or god-knows-whatever stress I am having, my precious eyelashes are growing sparse, not to mention they fall quite alot recently.
Lash falling is supposed to be a normal process until it gets out of hand.

These days I have been trying Kji & Co.'s Emergency Lash Rx (stands for Treatment) to solve my issue (hopefully just in time for Christmas *fingers crossed*)

Kji & Co.'s Emergency Lash Rx is actually an cosmeceutical eyelash serum, that contains potent lash enhancing factor and fortified with strengthening botanicals. Brown Seaweed Extract (from the Pelvetia Canaliculata species) is a glyco protein and acts as a natural restructing agent for hair fibres. It acts by increasing shine, volume, manageability, as well as protects fibre from harsh environmental pollutants. 

Pelvetia Canaliculata.  Image from Wikipedia

Kji & Co.'s Emergency Lash Rx does not contain salt (which can harm our hair)
Besides that, Digitata Laminaria plus Biotin is also used to reactivate hair's microcirculation, and stimulates cell metabolism. Combination of these two ingredience has been credited in delay of hair loss and flavor re-growth.

Digitata Laminaria: Image from Wikipedia

You can now rest assured that they are of natural ingredients.

Their intention is simple. 
To Protect and Stimulate longer lashes

" Fullest, Longest LASH, Fast!!! 
The world's most powerful eyelash serum with Emergency Lash RX"
*The size of the Emergency Lash RX is about of an eyeliner*

The applicator is in a form of brush. Almost similar to our liquid eyeliner but slightly thicker 
or a lip brush :)

Application is easy. 
It's like applying eyeliner.

Prior to using, you need to twist the bottom *You will hear a click*
For first time usage, you need to twist quite alot to prime the Emergency Lash RX. 
(I counted, it's about 100 clicks > <) 

Then, slowly the gel-like-serum will show at the tip of the brush.
For the next usage, you only need to twist 1-2 clicks for both eyes :D
I would usually apply the remaining serum at my brows.
Let None to Waste! ;)

Draw a line at the base and lift the lashes as you would apply a mascara. 
You can apply your mascara after it dries and can be used anytime, morning or night.
Results should start taking place after 5 days and best results is after 6-10 weeks.

Although Kji & Co.'s Emergency Lash Rx is designed for eyelashes, many respondent has claimed to have good results on their eyebrows!
A tube of Kji & Co.'s Emergency Lash Rx ought to last 5-8 weeks if used daily
After achieving desired beautiful lashes, it is recommended to practice maintenance of 2 to 3 times per week. 

I will review this product again after a week or so just to update you on my progress 
So, stay tune :)


Friday, 14 November 2014

ETUDE HOUSE Princess Happy Ending Disney Collection

We all grew up reading fairy tales, believing in Santa Claus and Princess.
Living in castle, wear pretty dresses, meet prince charming <3

Now, we all can be Princesses!

Etude House has come out with a new collection; The Princess Happy Ending series!

It is collaborated with Disney and inspired by our 4 all-time-loved princesses; Jasmine, Snow White, Belle and Cinderella. There are new sets of nail polishes, blushes, mascaras, BB creams, lipsticks and eyeliners in this lovely collection. Aren't you excited?! <3

This Etude House series is not available globally yet, only selected countries have them. I have once asked our local Etude House store and they said they are waiting for green light from their headquarters. *cries*
Nearest one I know is our neighboring country, Singapore. However, it can be purchased at some beauty website such as and

I am just going to give some insight on what are they about.


This Precious Mineral BB Cream is inspired by Snow White. Enhanced with SPF 30/PA++, it brightens up our complexion and serves as a BB cream.
The product comes in 3 color options to suit our complexion.
#No2 Light Beight
#W13 Natural Beige


Inspired by Cinderella, The Fairy Glitter Shadow is in Jelly wet texture. Improved with the Elastic Binder System, this eye shadow has stronger adherence and longer lasting. Comes in 3 colors:
#1 Pink Crystal Shoes
#2 Magic Pumpkin
#3 Evening Party


OMG! I want them so badly! Belle's Rose Cheek Blusher uses Straight Dough Method technology to create the natural-look shimmering effect with moisturizing properties.
It has 2 colour options:
#1 Pink Rose
#2 Coral Rose


Inspired by Jasmine, this product is actually repackaged from 
Etude House's Lash Perm Proof Shockcara. 
It is supposed to give the longer and fuller lashes effect with super water-proof properties :)


The images are self- explanatory. 
Each Nail kit represents each Princesses identity and is name after the 4 princesses:
#Snow White
It has gel nail effect and comes with nail accessories such as sticker and crystal <3

And last but not least, to all Lipstick Lovers!


This collection is Belle and Snow White inspired with 2 color choices:
#Snow White (Red)
#Belle (Pink-purplish)
It is supposed glides smoothly on our lips, with high glossy effect <3

This is more or less I can explained as I have not personally tried them out. 
Really hope they can come to Malaysia faster :(

disclaimer: Images are from BeautyNetKorea and Qoo10

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

HOLIKA HOLIKA Dessert Time Lip Balm [REVIEW]


Hello! Today I am going to review on Holika Holika's Dessert Time Lip Balm.
*Makes me feel hungry already HAHA*

Disclaimer: Taken from Holika Holika website

Holika Holika has come up with a very cute collection of lip balm with the theme of  DESSERT! 
I wished I can translate those korean words, but I am afraid I can't. 
There are actually 4 'cupcake' lip balm initially, which are:

#01 Red Cupcake ( The one I have <3)
It has a sweet strawberry scent and creates transparency red colour
#02 Pink Cupcake
Lovely makeup recipe with sweet watermelon scent and tints of soft pink colour.
#03 Peach Cupcake (Pardon the typo in below picture)
Pure makeup recipe with fresh peach scent and light yellow peach color. Its colours included in tint let natural pink stay for a long time.
#04 Choco Cupcake *Mark wishlist*
Romantic makeup recipe with sweet chocolate scent and browny  red colour.

The later 3 new beauties are:
#05 Plum Pink Cupcake
Smells of fresh and sweet cherry and natural tint of pink colour.
#06 Orange Cupcake
Sweet orange scent and vivid orange colour of tinting.
#07 Lemon Cupcake
Cute girl makeup recipe with real lemon scent and pop yellow tint colour.

Disclaimer: Taken from Holika Holika website

Look at those cuties! <3 <3

My partner's sister gave this to me as a greeting present when I was first introduced to his family. 
So this lip balm has a personal significance to me :)

I think my heart is over-swooned *help*

Such lovely red! 

It sits so cutely on my palm >///<

Pardon me. I do not own a lip brush so I had to use my finger. > <
Need to get a set of makeup brush really soon.

As you can see, the color is red with some sort of tinting. 
Although it's not stated so in the packaging at the bottom of the Holika Holika Lipbalm pot.

Here is my review! 
I applied the lip balm on half of my lips to make some comparisons :)

*Under White Light*

*Under Sun Light*

  • Lovely natural looking color
  • Moisturize lips very well
  • Have nice fragrant of sweet STRAWBERRY <3
  • Easy to carry around as small in size
  • Glides over lips smoothly, with no grainy texture.

  • Does not come with a lip brush, so you'll have to use finger to lift the lip balm (which isn't really hygienic) or use your own lip brush.
  • Can only last about 2 hours, so you need to reapply.

It is one of the best color lip balm that I have used so far, not only it's SUPER cute! I think I will keep the pot when this lip balm finishes hehe <3 I like it's smooth texture and the color looks natural when applied on my lips. Makes my puckers appear juicy and healthy >///< The strawberry fragrance is very pleasant. However, I wished they sell this product with a small lip brush as I prefer to keep my cosmetic products as clean as possible. Do reapply the Holika Holika lip balm every few hours to keep your lips continuously moist, as it will wear off in harsh environment and with meal :) 

A little picture of me in minimal makeup.
Wearing Maybelline eyeliner, Canmake Transparent Powder 
and Holika Holika #01 Red Cupcake :)

You can check out Holika Holika's FB here
Their official website at

That's all for today. 
I hope you enjoy this simple review of mine.
Have a GREAT Day!


Monday, 10 November 2014

Party Ready with Maybelline NY at Mid Valley!!

 I hoped you had fun time rocking away on your Saturday night because I did! 
Guardian had a Maybelline NY beauty event at Mid Valley's LG Center Court 
from the 3rd- 9th November 2014 and it was fun-packed!

There are all range of Maybelline products on SERIOUS DISCOUNTS, beauty booth with hair makeover, not to mention A CHANCE TO WIN DESIGNER DRESSES worth of RM 2700
by Kittie Yiyi!

Here are some exciting pictures that I just have to share with you :D


Just looking at their Tester Display Counter gives me euphoria~ XD

*Sorry for the super blur image*
Maybelline Guardian was having these awesome Special Deals *Inner scream*

There was one Special Deal which was promoted via mouth-to-mouth by the pretty lady beauticians.
If you purchase Rm100 and above, not only that you will have Special Deal 2 (which includes)
- 1 White Super Fresh Pouch
- 1 Additional Maybelline Limited Edition Makeup Brush Set *I WANT THIS!*
- 1 Hair and full Makeup service

You will be given TWO free Color Tattoo 24 Hours, 1 Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder and
1 Limited Edition Golden Hand Pouch as shown above!! LOVELY!!

*Guessed who got all of those lD*
Honestly, I don't have a makeup brush set. It would help me tremendously if I have one ;)

*Posing Station*

When I was sheepishly looking at the promotions, I was quickly attended by a very friendly Beautician, who was quick to attend to my girly needs. She even ushered me to a nearby vacant makeup station to let me test *or should I say play hehe* with all the products
(So, I didn't have to test them at the Tester Display Counter standing) >///<

Feels like a little girl playing makeup hahaha

 I really appreciate her understanding and concern. Told her that I was looking for an orange base lipstick (as that was the only color I don't have in my collection > <), and she really went to take all the testers that could possibly be the one I was looking for. Sure enough it did!
She was also very observant because when I was trying the lipsticks out, she noticed my lips were dry. *My lipbalm worn off during lunch with boyfie and I forgotten to reapply*
This dear beautician took the effort to get me an unused lipbalm tester, so that my lips get some moisture. I was very shy to use it because I don't want to ruin the new white lipbalm with my color stained lips and also not used having to be so well attended. >///<

NU31. Finally, I found you. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hours. I really loved their green swatch.

(LEFT) Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hours BLUE and GREEN

(RIGHT) Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner GREEN and BLACK

Feeling very satisfied with my makeup masterpiece lD

This is the dear lady that I have been mentioning about!
Her name is Mawar and I want to say, You did a very good job and I am really touched by your attentiveness. Thanks for the good experience, Mawar!

My boyfie came at this time and said that he wants to give me an early Christmas present. So, he literally took all the stuffs that I wanted (which included Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara yeay!)
and foot the bill QAQ!
Why is everyone being so kind to me today TTATT *overwhelmed by good feelings*

After that, we went to the makeup station :)

*Loving Mr Boyfie observing me being makeup-ed with his GongCha*

Look at all those Gorgeous Brushes and makeup stuffs! <3
My boyfie joked that if I were to have a makeup tool box, I may not be able to fit in all my makeup products. He could be jolly true > < Makeup is never enough for me.

Tadaa! Thanks for the beautiful Makeover, Amy!
By the way, Amy also took extra step in shaping my brows. Apparently, I have been doing mine wrongly all these time and make my face looks tired *gasp*

Yeay! Hair makeover time!

*Sorry dear, I didn't get your name > <*
This lady braid the cutest little flower on my hair and I learnt an extra skill today lD
By the time she is done, I realized I looked like Ran-Mao (minus her long braids and accessories) from Kuroshitsuji <3

Image from Zerochan.Net

Selfie with my beloved boyfie. 
Thank you so much for the present, dear <3

There's more! 

Post your picture on Instalgram and hashtag #BigEyesMY to get a polaroid picture printed and stand a chance to win designer dresses worth of RM 2700
by Kittie Yiyi!

I hoped you enjoy my Maybelline event review. 
Wished to attend more future events like this *blush*

Cheers to forever beauty <3