ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher [REVIEW]

by - November 05, 2014

Hello everyone! How did your Halloween Night went? 
I hope you had great fun :D

Today's review will touch on the Blushers~
Everyone have their favourite brands and colours, so feel free to share with me. 
I would love to hear from you *wink*

Being a typical girl, I've always dream to have rosy cheeks, like a doll's <3
My first blusher was from Etude House. As I mentioned before, it is one of my many favourite brands and STILL IS! >///< Everything is so pink and adorable that I cannot resist entering their shop whenever I go to malls. *Hands up for those who agree :D*

Disclamer: Image from Etude House website

I have been dreaming to have this blusher for ages because the colours swatches were amazing and THEIR BRUSH is simply TOO adorable and fluffy <3 
I finally gotten myself one as my birthday present and wished I have more of them.
It was very hard to decide between #4 Carrot Cheese Cake, #8 Blueberry Pie,  #6 Grape Fruits Jelly and #5 Apricot Pudding.  Those are my favourite colours! >A<
After reading much reviews *thanks guys*, I bought #8 Blueberry Pie home <3 
*I still wished that I could all of them ( > x < )*

These Baby Cheek Pressed Powder Blush comes with a *SUPER CUTE* Soft Puff Applicator. 
ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher comes in 10 vivid matte and pearl- infused colours. 
Now, 2 new colours have join the family! *The more The merrier!*
(#11 Peach Sue Wafers and #12 Plum Moose Cake)

It is formulated with Sebum Control Powder to prevent shiny cheeks after long hours, Highly pigmented and Satin texture for adhesiveness and lasting stay. 
As for the Puff applicator (which I have been gushing on from the beginning of this review >u<), cute as it looks, this cushiony puff (complete with a bow trim) draws blush powder effectively for smooth application. It would not flake and intensify our rosy cheeks <3 

I really love this product. The #8 Blueberry Pie creates dolly soft cute cheeks <3 
The pigmentation was good. I don't have to apply several layers to achieve the colour I want and yet, does not make my makeup looks heavy. 
It can last up to 2-3 hours before needing to reapply the blusher. 
ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher really keep shine away for my cheeks, which is really a plus point as I have oily skin type > x < 

I love the small and compact size as it's easy to store in small compartments. FELL DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH IT'S BLUSHER! <3

Cost is within affordable range (I got mine during promotion) 
With the quality and cuteness they are offering, makes you feel like packing all of them home :)

*I am now waiting for ETUDE HOUSE Princes Happy Ending Disney Collection 
to hit our Malaysia stores <3 hehe*

PriceRM 39.90

Feel free to check ETUDE HOUSE Facebook by clicking the hyperlink.
Official Etude House website:


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  1. The packaging is so cute and it's been a while since I used Etude. My mom used it a lot and I guess it's time I go and check them again. <3


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