ETUDE HOUSE Princess Happy Ending Disney Collection

by - November 14, 2014

We all grew up reading fairy tales, believing in Santa Claus and Princess.
Living in castle, wear pretty dresses, meet prince charming <3

Now, we all can be Princesses!

Etude House has come out with a new collection; The Princess Happy Ending series!

It is collaborated with Disney and inspired by our 4 all-time-loved princesses; Jasmine, Snow White, Belle and Cinderella. There are new sets of nail polishes, blushes, mascaras, BB creams, lipsticks and eyeliners in this lovely collection. Aren't you excited?! <3

This Etude House series is not available globally yet, only selected countries have them. I have once asked our local Etude House store and they said they are waiting for green light from their headquarters. *cries*
Nearest one I know is our neighboring country, Singapore. However, it can be purchased at some beauty website such as and

I am just going to give some insight on what are they about.


This Precious Mineral BB Cream is inspired by Snow White. Enhanced with SPF 30/PA++, it brightens up our complexion and serves as a BB cream.
The product comes in 3 color options to suit our complexion.
#No2 Light Beight
#W13 Natural Beige


Inspired by Cinderella, The Fairy Glitter Shadow is in Jelly wet texture. Improved with the Elastic Binder System, this eye shadow has stronger adherence and longer lasting. Comes in 3 colors:
#1 Pink Crystal Shoes
#2 Magic Pumpkin
#3 Evening Party


OMG! I want them so badly! Belle's Rose Cheek Blusher uses Straight Dough Method technology to create the natural-look shimmering effect with moisturizing properties.
It has 2 colour options:
#1 Pink Rose
#2 Coral Rose


Inspired by Jasmine, this product is actually repackaged from 
Etude House's Lash Perm Proof Shockcara. 
It is supposed to give the longer and fuller lashes effect with super water-proof properties :)


The images are self- explanatory. 
Each Nail kit represents each Princesses identity and is name after the 4 princesses:
#Snow White
It has gel nail effect and comes with nail accessories such as sticker and crystal <3

And last but not least, to all Lipstick Lovers!


This collection is Belle and Snow White inspired with 2 color choices:
#Snow White (Red)
#Belle (Pink-purplish)
It is supposed glides smoothly on our lips, with high glossy effect <3

This is more or less I can explained as I have not personally tried them out. 
Really hope they can come to Malaysia faster :(

disclaimer: Images are from BeautyNetKorea and Qoo10

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  1. u can try getting etude house products from ebay (there are some sellers who sell genuine products which are shipped from korea) much much cheaper than buying from malaysia outlets though

  2. Thanks Fion Paris for your suggestion and comment :) I have thought of ebay quite awhile too :D


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