HOLIKA HOLIKA Dessert Time Lip Balm [REVIEW]

by - November 12, 2014


Hello! Today I am going to review on Holika Holika's Dessert Time Lip Balm.
*Makes me feel hungry already HAHA*

Disclaimer: Taken from Holika Holika website

Holika Holika has come up with a very cute collection of lip balm with the theme of  DESSERT! 
I wished I can translate those korean words, but I am afraid I can't. 
There are actually 4 'cupcake' lip balm initially, which are:

#01 Red Cupcake ( The one I have <3)
It has a sweet strawberry scent and creates transparency red colour
#02 Pink Cupcake
Lovely makeup recipe with sweet watermelon scent and tints of soft pink colour.
#03 Peach Cupcake (Pardon the typo in below picture)
Pure makeup recipe with fresh peach scent and light yellow peach color. Its colours included in tint let natural pink stay for a long time.
#04 Choco Cupcake *Mark wishlist*
Romantic makeup recipe with sweet chocolate scent and browny  red colour.

The later 3 new beauties are:
#05 Plum Pink Cupcake
Smells of fresh and sweet cherry and natural tint of pink colour.
#06 Orange Cupcake
Sweet orange scent and vivid orange colour of tinting.
#07 Lemon Cupcake
Cute girl makeup recipe with real lemon scent and pop yellow tint colour.

Disclaimer: Taken from Holika Holika website

Look at those cuties! <3 <3

My partner's sister gave this to me as a greeting present when I was first introduced to his family. 
So this lip balm has a personal significance to me :)

I think my heart is over-swooned *help*

Such lovely red! 

It sits so cutely on my palm >///<

Pardon me. I do not own a lip brush so I had to use my finger. > <
Need to get a set of makeup brush really soon.

As you can see, the color is red with some sort of tinting. 
Although it's not stated so in the packaging at the bottom of the Holika Holika Lipbalm pot.

Here is my review! 
I applied the lip balm on half of my lips to make some comparisons :)

*Under White Light*

*Under Sun Light*

  • Lovely natural looking color
  • Moisturize lips very well
  • Have nice fragrant of sweet STRAWBERRY <3
  • Easy to carry around as small in size
  • Glides over lips smoothly, with no grainy texture.

  • Does not come with a lip brush, so you'll have to use finger to lift the lip balm (which isn't really hygienic) or use your own lip brush.
  • Can only last about 2 hours, so you need to reapply.

It is one of the best color lip balm that I have used so far, not only it's SUPER cute! I think I will keep the pot when this lip balm finishes hehe <3 I like it's smooth texture and the color looks natural when applied on my lips. Makes my puckers appear juicy and healthy >///< The strawberry fragrance is very pleasant. However, I wished they sell this product with a small lip brush as I prefer to keep my cosmetic products as clean as possible. Do reapply the Holika Holika lip balm every few hours to keep your lips continuously moist, as it will wear off in harsh environment and with meal :) 

A little picture of me in minimal makeup.
Wearing Maybelline eyeliner, Canmake Transparent Powder 
and Holika Holika #01 Red Cupcake :)

You can check out Holika Holika's FB here
Their official website at http://www.holikaholika.com.my/

That's all for today. 
I hope you enjoy this simple review of mine.
Have a GREAT Day!


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