Party Ready with Maybelline NY at Mid Valley!!

by - November 10, 2014

 I hoped you had fun time rocking away on your Saturday night because I did! 
Guardian had a Maybelline NY beauty event at Mid Valley's LG Center Court 
from the 3rd- 9th November 2014 and it was fun-packed!

There are all range of Maybelline products on SERIOUS DISCOUNTS, beauty booth with hair makeover, not to mention A CHANCE TO WIN DESIGNER DRESSES worth of RM 2700
by Kittie Yiyi!

Here are some exciting pictures that I just have to share with you :D


Just looking at their Tester Display Counter gives me euphoria~ XD

*Sorry for the super blur image*
Maybelline Guardian was having these awesome Special Deals *Inner scream*

There was one Special Deal which was promoted via mouth-to-mouth by the pretty lady beauticians.
If you purchase Rm100 and above, not only that you will have Special Deal 2 (which includes)
- 1 White Super Fresh Pouch
- 1 Additional Maybelline Limited Edition Makeup Brush Set *I WANT THIS!*
- 1 Hair and full Makeup service

You will be given TWO free Color Tattoo 24 Hours, 1 Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder and
1 Limited Edition Golden Hand Pouch as shown above!! LOVELY!!

*Guessed who got all of those lD*
Honestly, I don't have a makeup brush set. It would help me tremendously if I have one ;)

*Posing Station*

When I was sheepishly looking at the promotions, I was quickly attended by a very friendly Beautician, who was quick to attend to my girly needs. She even ushered me to a nearby vacant makeup station to let me test *or should I say play hehe* with all the products
(So, I didn't have to test them at the Tester Display Counter standing) >///<

Feels like a little girl playing makeup hahaha

 I really appreciate her understanding and concern. Told her that I was looking for an orange base lipstick (as that was the only color I don't have in my collection > <), and she really went to take all the testers that could possibly be the one I was looking for. Sure enough it did!
She was also very observant because when I was trying the lipsticks out, she noticed my lips were dry. *My lipbalm worn off during lunch with boyfie and I forgotten to reapply*
This dear beautician took the effort to get me an unused lipbalm tester, so that my lips get some moisture. I was very shy to use it because I don't want to ruin the new white lipbalm with my color stained lips and also not used having to be so well attended. >///<

NU31. Finally, I found you. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hours. I really loved their green swatch.

(LEFT) Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hours BLUE and GREEN

(RIGHT) Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner GREEN and BLACK

Feeling very satisfied with my makeup masterpiece lD

This is the dear lady that I have been mentioning about!
Her name is Mawar and I want to say, You did a very good job and I am really touched by your attentiveness. Thanks for the good experience, Mawar!

My boyfie came at this time and said that he wants to give me an early Christmas present. So, he literally took all the stuffs that I wanted (which included Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara yeay!)
and foot the bill QAQ!
Why is everyone being so kind to me today TTATT *overwhelmed by good feelings*

After that, we went to the makeup station :)

*Loving Mr Boyfie observing me being makeup-ed with his GongCha*

Look at all those Gorgeous Brushes and makeup stuffs! <3
My boyfie joked that if I were to have a makeup tool box, I may not be able to fit in all my makeup products. He could be jolly true > < Makeup is never enough for me.

Tadaa! Thanks for the beautiful Makeover, Amy!
By the way, Amy also took extra step in shaping my brows. Apparently, I have been doing mine wrongly all these time and make my face looks tired *gasp*

Yeay! Hair makeover time!

*Sorry dear, I didn't get your name > <*
This lady braid the cutest little flower on my hair and I learnt an extra skill today lD
By the time she is done, I realized I looked like Ran-Mao (minus her long braids and accessories) from Kuroshitsuji <3

Image from Zerochan.Net

Selfie with my beloved boyfie. 
Thank you so much for the present, dear <3

There's more! 

Post your picture on Instalgram and hashtag #BigEyesMY to get a polaroid picture printed and stand a chance to win designer dresses worth of RM 2700
by Kittie Yiyi!

I hoped you enjoy my Maybelline event review. 
Wished to attend more future events like this *blush*

Cheers to forever beauty <3

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