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It has been a very VERY busy week. 
With sweet boyfie birthday, studies, work and TWO major record setting events to jiggle in one week, makes me wish to have extra hours around the clock and extra pairs of hands and feet.
Err...maybe not the extra limbs, that would be absolutely hideous ><

So, what are the major events I am talking about?

29th Nov 2014: Burst Asia 2014
30th Nov 2014: The Maze Challenge Asia 2014
Boyfie birthday

One thing at a time. One event review a day :)

Thanks to my boyfie for sponsoring me to this event. Muaks muaks* :D

The BURST ASIA 2014 is an event to set the Malaysia Book of Records for the largest water balloon fight in Malaysia with a total estimation of 10,000 participants and 200,000 balloons. 
Do the math and it should be 20 water balloons per head count? :)
This event also serve to create awareness, as well as raise funds for the Malaysia Aids Foundation. Hence, the change of date in the event to meet the International World Aids Day Celebration which falls on the 1st December 2014.

This event is open to age 16 years and above for safety reasons. Those under 18 would need to have parental consent (which I think is a good move) 

The Rules
1. Enter with your tickets or else your access will be denied.
2. No PETS allowed. 
(I understand sometimes you want your loving woofs and miaws to have a 
little more excitement in life)
3. No Water Guns or water playing devices allowed.

It was raining when we arrived at the Dataran Petaling Jaya (opposite Amcorp Mall). Personally, I felt it was ironic to get wet before the water balloon fight event starts. Oh well. 

*Getting soaked before the event starts*

We had to load some water balloons ourselves because 20 water balloons per person is just not enough! When you are having fun, things tend to get insufficient, don't they? :) I learnt something in the process because I have never filled a water balloon before, nor did I throw one. 
*You must be thinking what kind of childhood life have I been living><*

*Our stash of water balloons. <3*
Luckily we were smart to bring an extra plastic bag to hold them in. Those who didn't could only hold one in each hand or carry them in their T-shirts XD

RED FM was there to keep the atmosphere going and there were lots of giveaway! 
There were fun interactions and game sessions. The only thing I manage to get from them was a Spritzer's Tinge mineral water. Better than nothing I supposed. At least I get to quench some thirst :d

*Say Hi!* 
Sorry for the super blur image. Was super excited to meet these guys!

I saw a man in wheelchair who came to support the event, even though it was drizzling.
Salute his spirit!

Hot DJ with sizzling singer working in hand to keep us entertained. 
I bet a lot of the girls and guys agree that they did a great job!

*WooHoo! Rock the night away!*

*One very blur image I took in hurry with Mr Boyfie ><*

Towards end of the event, participants were given the opportunity to take selfies at the photo booths as memories of the event.

*We are pros in lame poses XD*
(God knows why Mr Boyfie decided to last minute hide behind my back in the last picture)

Overall, I had a great time. It does not matter if the weather was being challenging, getting muddy and all. Most importantly was spending time with the person I loved and everything would be fun. The only dissapointment I had was NOT being hit by a SINGLE random water balloon. Come on man! D8 This is supposed to be a water balloon fight, right? Such luck.
Even the only water balloon I threw at Mr Boyfie decided to bounce off his neck and pop on the ground D<
The goodies bags could only be collected post event due to some unexpected circumstances that delayed the products arrival. Cannot blame them. 
Organizing events is not the easiest thing to do. 
At least, we had our fun and at the same time, helping others :)

I was amused by random rubber in packets they were distributing at the event. If you know what I mean *wink* But being educated and all, this event is supposed to create awareness in HIVs and AIDs, as well as in conjunction of International World Aids Day Celebration. I know they do not mean to encourage certain acts but merely to promote safe actions, seeing the alarming rise in statistics. We are all adults. No one can stop you if you intend to commit actions by human instinct, but at least, they did something right to protect you. No use crying over spilled milk. Some individuals used their creativity to make balloons out of them. XD
No puns intended.

So, I hope you had fun reading.
Stay tune for my next blog update!


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