Food for Thoughts #1

by - December 22, 2014

Today, I thought to share something more of personal.
Probably need a break from things I am doing.
We all don't need to blog about beauty and events everyday, do we?

Yes, we all know a lot of people in this world, but how much exactly do you know about them?
Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will feel,
"Hey, Looks like I am not the only one like this in this world" 
"This girl's thoughts are interesting"

It would definitely make me happy if you find my blog is interesting and worthy to follow.

Better still if we all learn something from each other, then we get to make everyday's life a little bit more meaningful :)

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1. My life have always been jar full of blessing candies. Not saying that it is without any challenges, but I have always made it through safe and sound. I am thankful that with fevers during childhood, I am always in good hands and never went into epilepsy. Despite my misfortune of falling down the staircase at age 3, I manage to keep my right leg even when all odds were against my favor. (Many surgeons said the fracture cause an infection to the bone, which may result in amputation). With my family's perseverance and love, that I am able to walk today. What I am trying to say is look at the positive aspect at every downfall you've had. Some people may have it worse off but they can still live in positive thoughts.

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2. Humans are unique in every ways, so we all must learn to respect that. Gays, Lesbians and even Bisexual are like races to me. Like Muslim, Buddhist, Christians, etc.. Fair skin, dark, duku langsat skin... As long we do no harm and help others with sincere hearts, does it even matter what the others preach? You don't have to practice what is against your belief but keep an open heart. Just because I don't eat beef, doesn't mean I have to dislike everyone who eats them. After all, we are all humans living on the same planet.

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3. Live life the way you wanted in moderation. You want to go on a trip, DO IT. It doesn't have to be luxurious like Paris and Japan. At least, you've been to somewhere. If it's your aim in life, then save money for it. Since the world keeps changing and it wasn't like last time, where cancer and disaster is rare, do things with no regrets. Spend time with our loved ones. Live life like tomorrow is our last. 

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4. I know some may think this is easier said than done. What is meant for work is should remain at work. Don't bring them home. If you find yourself staying back in office most of the time, this isn't hard work. That is poor time management. Your children and family do not deserve the lack of social time and love from someone they look upon. After all, when something bad happens to you, it's your family who will stay by your side. Not your work or office. 

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5. Try to make at least one person smile everyday. You may be the only person who lift their hearts the entire day. Communicate and engage. Sometimes, it's good to step out of our comfort zone and mingle around. After all, it's going to be Christmas soon :)

I am going to spend my Christmas surrounded by people I love. 
How about you?

*Family photo taken this year by Mr Boyfie at Mid Valley*

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