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Beauty tattoo is the "In Thing" of today's beauty technology. 
Not to say that we are lazy, but wouldn't it be great if we could omit constant need to reapply our lipstick after a cup of coffee? 

We can even cry and still look beautiful after watching 1 Litre of Tears.
*You should really watch this. Perfect movie if you need a good cry*

Imagine the amount of time we can save from fixing those flaws all the time!

I received this Shizens Lip Tattoo from last year's The Butterfly Beauty Christmas Party.
It was part of the beauty box we all received and to be frank, it was my first Beauty Box <3
Thank you, lovely Tammy and her beauty comrades for making things possible.
You guys Rocks!

*Drums Rolling*

Actually, I have used before Lip Tattoo from Kji&Co. You can read my review here
However, Shizens Lip Tattoo comes with a wand applicator which is fairly different from the previous product that I have used before, so it's an eye opening. 

According to the Shizens product description, the Lip Tattoo provides moisture, as well as relieve formation of fine lines on our lips. It also aids in lightening of dark pigmented lips before turning into natural pink or rose tones. 

*Under White Light*

*Under sunlight*

Upon application, I was surprised by the lightness of this Lip Tattoo. It has no fragrance or sticky oily sensation like conventional Lip Gloss. You can barely feel it there. 
The colour changes from white to pink according to each individuals temperature, within 1 minute of application.

*The Before and After*

What I like about this Lip tattoo is the light texture it gave. The colour is very natural and enhances my lip. The idea of colour changing customized to my body temperature intrigue me :)
However, the moisture could only last about 30 minutes and there will be a need to reapply. 
There are some friends of mine who uses this lip tattoo as cheek stain. Creative idea! 
Shall try that some day.
The price range is also on the higher range but for such good quality, sometimes it's worth the pain :)

Product name     : Shizens Lip Tattoo
Net Weight          : 8 mls
Price                     : RM 168
Country of origin: Made in Korea. 

SHIZENS is now available at most major outlets. 

You can find out more information on their beauty beauty products and store location from their Facebook or Website.

Have a nice day!


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