Slender U Challenge & Win [CONTEST]

by - January 03, 2015

It's the new beginning of 2015! I wouldn't say that I didn't enjoy myself because I met a whole new bunch of blogger friends with great experience! 
I supposed this is what people say birds of a feather flock together :D

Every year, resolutions are renewed and this is the time where we look back to see how much have we accomplished. Have you achieved yours?

- Lost some weight
- Take a Degree
- Travel
- Pick up a new language
- Complete my handicrafts

Scoring: 2/5. Bummer.
I will put in more effort to complete the resolutions that I had to carry forward to this year.

I am glad when Kji Pharma Co (under the Kji & Co. company) came up with the 60 Days of Inch and Weight Loss Challenge because that is exactly what I needed. Kji Pharma Co focus on natural health supplements, while Kji & Co. emphasize on beauty. We can't live life without both really :) 

Joining this mission is very simple.

You'll need to post a weekly picture of yours with the Tummy circumference in inches for 60 days (which is 2 months) to keep track of your progress.
The TOP 12 winners from MINI CONTEST will compete in GRAND FINAL contest
The participant who lost the most inches wins.
*Terms and Condition applies.



First Prize x1     : RM1,000 + 3 months supply of Slender U
Second Prize x1 : RM500 + 3 months supply of Slender U
Third Prize x1    : RM300 + 3 months supply of Slender U


First Prize x1     : Rm5,000 + 3 months supply of Slender U + RM1,000 products in kind
Second Prize      : Samsung Note 4 or RM2,000 + 3 months supply of Slender U + RM800 products 
                             in kind
Third Prize         : GoPro Camera + 3 months supply of Slender U + RM500 products in kind

* 3 months of Slender U equals to 180 sachets or thereabouts

It has been 4 weeks since I started consuming Slender U
Probably due to the short period of time, no noticeable weight lost is noted yet. However, I managed to lost 2 inches off my tummy circumference. Some good improvement, eh? ;)

*Accidentally torn the box a little in attempt to open it. > <

The Slender U is made of 100% Patented Ingredients with proven Clinical Strength. 

Slender U comes in 10 and 30 sachets, each sachet weighing of 5.0 gms. 
Active ingredients consist of Activated Garcinia Cambogia and Kiwi Juice Powder. 

Mechanism: Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) the ingredient in Slender U, send signals to our brain to 
                     blocks Citrate Lyase enzyme (stimulant of fats production). HCA also raises our 
                     serotonin level (our happy hormone) which will curb hunger. In another scientific 
                     research, HCA is found to help reduce cholesterol and sugar level.

Directions: Mix one sachet of Slender U in water and consume it 1 HOUR before lunch and dinner.  

Price : 10 sachets: RM 88.
           30 sachets: RM 238. 

Join me on the Weight Lost Challenge by clicking HERE

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