Thayers Alcohol-Free Toner Rose Petal Witch hazel with Aloe Vera formula [REVIEW]

by - February 23, 2015

It has been a long Chinese New Year week. 
We all needed this break after so long of hard work and it's good to feel close to our families once again, don't you agree? :) 
How have your holiday fair? 
I hope everyone is in good health and no injuries from playing fire crackers :)

It was just before I went on leave, a parcel arrived from Natta Cosme at my doorstep! 
(Tap on the link to go to their Facebook) 
Thank you so much to Natta Cosme for making everything just sweeter! Just like a cherry on the top of my ice- cream <3


When I open my parcel, I am very impressed on how they handle the parcel. Carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and lined with paper shreds, the product arrived safely in good condition. 

"To end something old, will start something new. Wishing you with mighty heart, though the words are very few" (Not at all my friend!)

The team has been very attentive to details as well, to include a handwritten greeting card and attach some red packets (For my mum's distribution hahahaha). 
I love the personalized touch they put in: This is what people say about getting connected to customers at a total different level :D

Thayers products are known to made from natural products. Currently, this Thayers's alcohol-free toner comes in 8 different types to suite different skin needs and each individual's preference. 
Original, Cucumber, Lavender, Rose, Unscented, Lemon, Aloe Vera and Peach <3

*Image from Natta Cosme website*

The Rose Petal with Aloe Vera toner that I received smells very pleasant. Yup, there you guess, it has the very sweet rosey scent <3 It's lack of alcohol property eliminates all the stinging sensation that most toners gives upon application. 
For 355 mL worth of natural toner for RM58.00 (Now promotion for only RM45.00), I would say it is more than what I have bargained for! I really appreciate the Aloe Vera ingredient. It helps in my acne-prone and sensitive skin, reducing redness. My face also felt more refreshed and smooth! *Thumbs up*

*Zooming in your fine reading :)*

Benefits of Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner

- UN-DISTILLED WITCH HAZEL (Preserving all the natural extracts' benefit)
- Can be used to moisturize and refreshes skin throughout the day.
Cleanses all free-radical elements. 
- Reduces inflammation (especially for acne-prone, sunburn or crack)
- Regulates sebum production
- Removes eye bags
- Helps in Oily skin type and allergies!

To all readers, 
Natta Cosme is giving discount for every purchase above RM80. Coupon Code: 38WM15
This is valid til 15th March 2015

Remember the red packets that comes in the parcel I received? At the back of it, there is another Coupon Code: RED2015, that entitles you to a COMPLIMENTARY MYSTERY GIFT.
(Available til 10th March 2015)
I don't know how many codes you can key in but it is worth the try!
Just insert the coupon codes before you complete your payment :) 

P/s: What else?! They are also having SALES up to 70% for makeup and beauty products in the conjunction of  Japanese Beauty Fair. Brands includes K-palette, Kiss Me, BCL and so much more! This is a serious deal NOT TO BE MISSED! 
Hurry up! They are only here for a limited time!

Here is the link! *wink*

Do visit their website at:

Lotsa Love <3

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