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COSPLAY stands for Costume Play and this involves wearing costumes of fictional characters, may it or not be your favorite character. It's easier to cosplay a character when you are 'in love' with them.
This trend is slowly picking up since the past few years and it is really encouraging to see parents are now accompanying their kids to events. 

In my opinion, Cosplay is one way where you can practice your fine skills in costume, props making, makeup and acting skills. All fully managed by cosplayers themselves. You worked months on your character and it's the acknowledgement from the public that gives you satisfaction. You also get to meet new friends!
In my opinion, this hobby is definitely better than playing truancy and getting involved with all sorts the risky behavior. You know what I mean.

I was once a cosplayer until my career got the better of me. Still, I would find time and try to attend the events to meet up with my friends of similar interest :) 
Last year was my first time volunteering with Mr Boyfie in Comic Fiesta 2014. 

P/s: The volunteers consist of mainly working adults above age 18 and has to undergo a proper screening to ensure safety and eligibility of the volunteers. We are not paid to this.

I am going to share some pictures of Day 2 :) 
(My apologies for the poor quality taken with my phone)

*Sebastian and Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji*

*Doll from Kuroshisuji*

Amazing arts for Countdown to CF 2014

Artwork from famous artists :)

This robot costume really glows at night!

Miku from Vocaloid

One of the characters from One Piece

I really love this one. So beautiful <3

Selfie-ing with my friend cosplaying Megara from Hercules.

*Magnificent view of the Twin Tower*

Fresh look before work 

*Selfie with Boyfie at the end of event*

My boyfie and I had dinner in KLCC before going home.

Overall, it was a good experience. I am thankful to spend time with the person I loved and learnt a thing or two in event management. The advice I would give during attending event is take care of your belongings.

See you next CF!


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  1. Wow I guess the mermaid doesn't really move around a lot haha!

  2. Hello, im interested in volunteer. Can u tell me how to apply.

  3. Hello, im interested in volunteer. Can u tell me how to apply.


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