MAYBELLINE Hyper Glossy Electrics Liquid Liner [REVIEW]

by - March 10, 2015

It was only last year I remembered Mr Boyfie, for the first time got me cosmetic products for my Christmas Gift from the Maybelline Road Show in Midvalley
Today, I am going share my thoughts on one of the lovelies.

*My love*

I cannot express how much I love the color of blue-green or turquoise look alike!!
One of my greatest motivator why I chose Maybelline Lazer Green eyeliner over the other colors <3

They come in a electric-fiying 4 colors.

*Disclaimer: Image from Maybelline Malaysia FB

Reason #1: It is water and smudge proof
It's TRUE! I always have issue of smudging partially because of my single eyelid issue *sigh*
It doesn't stain my lower eyelid *Thank god* 

Reason #2: The smooth and precise applicator
I love the fine brush that comes with this eyeliner! This eyeliner allows growing of creativity without limit. I can draw ANYTHING I want!

*The fine applicator*

This is my #MOTD during volunteer in Comic Fiesta 2014. I design this look to bring out the Christmasy and fun atmostphere. 

Reason #3: The Electric Shiny Finishing. 
(Kindly refer to Reason #1)

Instruction: It is important to shake first before use, mainly to get the shiny texture well-mixed. 

I only had one issue with this eyeliner. 
No doubt it is my favorite Maybelline product but I don't quite like the peel-able texture that comes after long period of wearing. Still, it is forgive-able for the smudge-proof property it promised.

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner is available at most major outlets.

Finishing this review with my vain selfie~

*I will post more images on CF 2014 soon*

*This post is in no way sponsored by Maybelline*


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  1. Quite pretty leh. Any other colour?

  2. Thanks for the feedback, JacQueliNe. Yes they do have 4 different types of colors at the moment :)


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