How to Choose the Right Eyelash Curler + BENEFIT Roller Lash [REVIEW]

by - April 14, 2015

Hello Everyone!
It has been quite a while since my last post and I hope you all are doing fine :)

Constantly on the look out for lash enhancing products, I believed that some of you can closely relate to. 
In my possession, I have the Classic Metal Clamp Curler, eyelash serum and mascaras. 

There are many MANY types of lash curlers and bottom are just the few you can get in the market.

*Disclaimer: Image can be view here*

They have the Compact Curler (Left bottom White), Classic Metal Clamp Curler (Left top), Metal Curler with Spring Tension (Bottom second) and finally, Heated Wand Curler (Right pink).
All these curlers have their own functions, so it is depending on which lash category do you belong to.

~ ♡ ~

Compact Curlers are made of plastic; safer to use, hence suitable for beginners. 
Disadvantage: Less curling power.

Classic Metal Clamp Curler is suitable for medium to long lashes, preferred by experienced users. When it says classic, It meant CLASSIC; It is the pioneers of all lash curlers we see today. 
Comes in full lash or half lash curling size (smaller is easier to manage) not to mention, gives good curling powers with PRACTICE*.
Disadvantage: Do not choose this device unless you have steady hands as it can get very painful. (generally speaking from experience)

Metal Curler with Spring Tension  is suitable for medium to long lashes. It has a resistant spring, therefore less damage on the lashes for heavy handed users. Gives reliable curls. 

Last but not least, is the latest technology; Heated Wand Curler. This I have no opportunity to try yet but hopefully in near future. 
Best for short, sparse, hard-to-curl lashes, lash extension users and people who tend to apply mascara before curling (Why do I get a feeling that it is hinting at me > < )
To apply mascara before curling can be intensely damaging for lashes when you are using the Classic Metal Clamp Curler (Again speaking for past experience) So, PLEASE refrain from doing this.
It uses heat like a hair curler to gives you the curl.
Disadvantage: Avoid applying the heat too close to your eyelids (just like how you use a hair curler) 

~ ♡ ~

I would like to share on my mishaps when it comes to mechanical lash curling.
Having very short lashes, not to mention single eyelids, lash curling can be a real pain in the ass.
I have suffered countless times of loosing lashes and pinching of my eyelids by accident. Although it has been over 5 years since I start using one, I still make mistakes like a newbie. >_<

First of all, I need to thank Shiv B and Benefit Cosmetics for this awesome dream-come-true mascara
*throws confetti*

Benefit Cosmetics has once again broke the conventional beauty records.
When they came out with this beauty product, I am practically drooling to get hold of them.

This Roller Lash Mascara technically replace the need of any eyelash curler. It's amazing Hook 'n' Roll brush separates, lifts and curls our lashes up to 12 HOURS! The mascara contains Provitamin B5 and Serin, which is known to keep the hair strong and smooth. Benefit Cosmetic claimed this new Mascara-Next-Door is also water-resistant and easily removed.

Let's start "Hook 'n' Roll" <3

How to apply

Gently wiggle the mascara wand from base of lash to tip.
Repeat across the lash line to ensure each lash is properly coated
Repeat to achieve desirable look.

To achieve super curl AND length, apply ROLLER LASH first, 
followed by THEY'RE REAL! LENGTHEN MASCARA on top of it.

*Beauty in progress*

Ends results #1: Lateral view
Look at how curled up my right eyelash compared to my left.

Ends results #2: Front view

You can see the results on the above picture.
My right eye's lashes is remarkably longer and more obvious compared to the none-mascara left eye.

Product Review

The Roller Lash Mascara is really one of a kind. It lifts and curls my lashes within minutes of application minus the pain of conventional lash curling. I can save back my energy on applying falsie eyelashes. No clumping effects! They only come in Ink Black color and gives off the Satin finishing effect.
You've got to have some patience though in allowing proper drying of the applied mascara to prevent unnecessary messy transfer, which I don't think is a big issue.
Personally, I find this mascara isn't as water-resistant as I thought it would be. Again, it is my own problem for having watery eyes but with careful tears-dapping skills, the smudging won't be too obvious. However, I strongly agree it is easy to remove without the aid of any makeup removal solution :)
Love the unique design of this mascara <3

*Say Hello to this new revolutionary Mascara babe* 

You can find this mascara on Benefit Cosmetics website or any Benefit shop outlets.

CONTENT8.5g Net wt. 0.3 oz.
PriceRM 88.84

Watch the Video below and get ready to be amazed

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