My 2015 Makeup

by - April 07, 2015

What is your makeup resolution for 2015?

Light makeup can go a long way when you use the right products. 
In the past, I only wear makeup during outing with friends or on special occasions as I have tendency of acne breakouts. It is also partially contributed by lack of skin maintenance. >< After much reflection, this year I decided to challenge myself to achieve natural flawless look with minimal makeup. They call it Naked Makeup ;)

I must have been on Santa's Good Girls and Boys list 
because my wish was granted.

It was only last Christmas, I received a beauty box from The Butterfly Project Christmas Party and here are some of of the lovely surprises. I have been using them loyally since then :)


1. MAYBELLINE Color Show Nail Polish #004 Berry Sexy
2. COLLECTION Hotlights Lipgloss #4 Sparkle
3. KOJI Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)
4. MAYBELLINE Baby Lips #ElectroPop

COLLECTION Hotlights Lipgloss #4 Sparkle is mine <3 hehehe~

I didn't know why they call it Hotlights until I uncap it. This lipgloss comes with built-in light and side mirror (Refer to above image). Speak about ultimate convenience! 
No more flimsy touch-ups especially in dim surroundings. 
I call it my 3-in-1 Lipgloss survival kit XD

What I love about this product is the gorgeous sparkle. I remember my last glittery lipgloss was from Lip Ice but this has nothing similar in comparison. It is non-sticky and the moisturizing power lasted me up to 4 hours. And the 3-in-1 package *Double thumbs up*

*TADA!* KOJI Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)

So many wishlist on my cosmetic wishlist and KOJI's product is definitely on it.
I have never bought another liquid eyeliner since my Maybelline's because one just last me a very VERY long time. Probably I should start putting in more effort in makeup-ing to work hahhaha

I freaking adore this cute liquid eyeliner! 
When they mentioned Deep Black, they mean Deep BLACK
Now I can finally understand why some of my cosplayer friends said they cannot live house without it. 
The pigmentation is simply superb, doesn't fade on top of eyeshadow applied. 
The tip is just nice for single eyeliders like me. *wink*
 Leave it to dry properly after application and it will be waterproof fair enough :)

As for MAYBELLINE's Color Show Nail Polish #004 Berry Sexy & Baby Lips #ElectroPop, 
you all know how much of a fan I am of Maybelline. :D
I am so glad that Electric Pop finally has lip tinting properties, not to mention it smells great and contains Vitamin E, which serves as an antioxidant.
Kinda feeling pinky joyful girl right now <3

*I applied the Hotlight Lipgloss on top of Baby Lips lipbalm*
 So much for my attempted 'Natural' makeup. 

So, what do you think? 
I would love to hear from you <3


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    1. Hey dear! Thanks for dropping by. <3 It's great to be able to travel! And yes, I have followed you back :)

  2. I love their eyeliner the most! Teehee! Followed you btw! :D

    1. Hello Jacqueline! Yes, I definitely agree with you :) Gonna restock on this once it finishes. I have followed you back too! Thanks for dropping by

  3. Their eyeliner are amazing.. smudge proof and waterproof too! Love your look btw :) Hope to see you in more events


    1. Thanks Mariam! Your blog is amazing too! I wished that I can go to more events too but they always clashed with my work (Working shift hours) *sob* Better luck next time. I have also followed you back :D


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