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by - May 11, 2015

Ladies of today's society are expected to look presentable. 
This is especially important if we are working professionals whereby we meet people from all walks of life. Men are not exempted from this cultural change as my observation tells me that there are more Metrosexual men today as compared to the past. 
With the change in lifestyle, environmental and work stress, it is relatively easy for our skin condition to deteriorate and there is a need to maintain it.

NEESYA means Butterfly in Greek and it symbolizes the spirit of today's modern individuals. 
Like a Butterfly, everyone has the hidden potential to be free and beautiful.

When I went to NEESYA office early last month, I was well-received by NEESYA's CEO, Mr Chris Yong and his pretty assistant. They were very friendly and extremely helpful, explaining in depth on how to use their skin care products. Thanks for the excellent service :) I was given 4 products to review and after almost a month of using, here they are!

This is the 3 Minute skincare regime recommended by NEESYA.

Morning   1: Cleansing
                 2: Toner
                 3. Treat with Eye Contour Gel, Essence and Day Cream of minimal SPF 20
Evening   1: Remove makeup and Cleansing
                2: Exfoliate alternate day
                3: Toner
                4: Treat with Hydrating serum or Night Rejuvenator
                5: Night mask alternate days

1. Skin Essential Eye & Lip Make-up Remover
Weight: 100mls
Retail Price: RM49
Usage Direction:
  1. Shake bottle well to mix both constitution. 
  2. Soak well onto cotton pad and wipe gently to remove makeup on eyes and lips area.
  3. Repeat process with a new cotton pad until fully clean.
Chris was very kind to ask if I do makeup before throwing in this Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. I tried to remove my makeup with it and must say it is superb. I would say there isn't much rubbing required to remove tough makeup as compared to my previous makeup remover. Only thing was it feels a little more oily but that was because it contains Sunflower oil. It is also enriched with Vitamin A, C, E (prevents early sign of aging) and Pro-vitamin B5 (softens and moisturizes eyelashes). I just double cleanse my face to ensure all makeup is fully removed :)

2. Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner

Retail Price: RM69
Usage Direction:
  1. Apply medium layer onto cleansed, dry skin.
  2. Spread lightly in light circular motion and leave on 5-10 minutes.
Mr Chris advised me to leave on this Enzymatic Refiner for about 3 minute rather than the recommended time as my skin is more sensitive and raw. The Enzymatic Refiner is a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliator and contains papaya fruit extract (gently dissolve and life dead cells), clear pores, extract of Silver Vines and Alpha-Melight, bio-technologically derived yeast protein, fortified with minerals of diamond, mother of pearl, turquoise and opal (smoothen, refine skin texture and promote skin radiance), Pro-Vitamin B and Aloe vera (extra smooth and restore moisture). The smell is slightly stronger compared to the mask but acceptable. I only do this twice a because of my skin condition. This is very gentle as it does not use any micro beads and does not cause any obvious skin peeling or redness.

3. Lumi Brightening Overnight Mask
Weight: 75mls
Retail Price: RM99
Usage Direction:
  1. After cleansing and toning, spread and massage lightly on face and neck in circular motion to facilitate better absorption.
  2. Leave it throughout the night and rinse off in the morning.
INTENSIVE MAINTENANCE    : Apply over 3 consecutive nights

I have never used a sleeping mask before, so this is a good experience. The texture is almost similar to the Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner. It is formulated with Silver Vine extract, Alpha-Melight and aloe vera extract. This mask is not cooling like the usual mask, probably because I didn't store it in my refrigerator. It does not cause any warm sensation neither, but I notice obvious warmth when I breath out through my nose XD What I like about this is that when the next day I washed it off, my skin is noticeably smoother :) I usually moist it a little with water before proceeding to wash it off completely.

4. LumiScience Illuminating Essence

Weight: 65mls
Retail Price: RM129
Usage Direction:
  1. Apply twice a day after cleansing and toning
  2. Pour 4-5 drops onto palm and spread onto face and neck.
  3. Gently tap until fully absorbed, followed by moisturizer or face cream
This is my favorite one among all the NEESYA products that I have received. The Illuminating Essence is almost of honey consistency. I am very comfortable with this product as it does not cause any warm sensation. Plus it smells nice. LumiScience Illuminating Essence contains Silver Vine extract (enhance skin translucency), Alpha-Melight (fight darks spots and clarifies skin) and natural fruit extract (regain skin optimal hydration)After a almost a month of using, my skin is noticeably brighter, more refreshed look and reduced visibility of pores. When this product finishes, I will definitely repurchase this miracle solution :D

*No makeup/ filter after one month of using NEESYA*

I am happy with NEESYA's skincare product. The results is visible and definitely make my skin more radiant and clear from acne. Relatively affordable and effective for a Malaysia made product! The suggestion I would give is the packaging for Brightening Enzymatic Refiner and Brightening Overnight Mask could be change to be less alike. Call me lazy but I prefer to just put on skin product without worrying about getting both product mixed up as they looked almost similar. *Refer to the bottom two white tubes*

Each and every product of Neesya LumiScience is sealed with a holographic tag. This is to ensure that the products are not tampered and safe to use.They are also Paraben Free, SIRIM, Standards Malaysia, GMP and Malaysia HALAL certified.

NEESYA LumiScience are available at outlets in Subang Parade, SACC Mall, Plaza Metro Kajang and The Mines.

Check out their website for more info :)


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The products are evaluated based on my honest opinion and not biased.

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