A Date at Blogging101 Workshop

by - June 29, 2015

It has been a while since I blogged because I have my assignment submission date to meet.
Now that it is done, Lovelies! 
I am back! 
*seriously need to master some time management skills*

I have attended the Blogging101 Workshop at The Canvas Network, Damansara Network last 20th June 2015. This workshop is an initiative taken by founder, Tammy Lim and her team to help develop and guide new bloggers on how to survive in the blogging world. I find it is a very good opportunity to learn and am very thankful to be part The Butterfly Project Malaysia. :)

Introducing our event speakers; Arpita, Leonard, Chris and Tammy-san!

One week before the event, I received an Uber code for 2 free rides to the workshop, worth of RM30 per ride. That shows how attentive the Butterfly Project team towards bloggers who may not have their own transportation. I would have use my code if it wasn't for my family event after the workshop. I have taken a few rides on Uber on my one-day Zombie Challenge in Penang last month. That was my first time and also serve a good experience, thanks to my boyfie for so willingly tag along his crazy girlfriend :D

The sweet Santa ladies that greeted us the moment we enter the room :D 

We are having BloomThis in the House!

I really adore those flowers and the way they set up their sweet little corner :)

 Before the event starts, everyone has already mingled around and make new friends or catching up with old friends :)

 For those who are feeling creative, this is one good opportunity to show your hidden artistic talents by leaving your identity on the Blogger's Wall of Fame. 
*Rules applied*

 Our speakers are experienced in their field of profession, not to mention very helpful in parting information that will help us to become better bloggers. They have every concern covered (from secret-to-success to protecting bloggers' rights). It is reassuring to know we have someone to look upon should anything happens and when we needed advice.


We had a short tea break with Coffee or Chocolate Milk with cakes and tarts; courtesy of  Deliccia and Aristo Coffee. The team is also very understanding towards our Muslim friends. Hence, take away was prepared in advance, so that our fellow fasting friends can enjoy the food when they 'berpuka puasa'.

 Coffee, Chocolate milk or Me?  ;D

The workshop continued for another 2 hours before we part ways. So many information to take in but too little time. Overall, it was a good experience. No regret and I will definitely try to put what I have learnt into practice. I may not be good at blogging right now, but I will reach there someday.

Left to Right: Our comedian Aaron, gorgeous emcee, and fellow speakers,

This is the only vain selfie I took because I love the book design.
My makeup of the day :)

Many thanks to our kind sponsors; Uber, BloomThis, Tony Moly, MrLens, Deliccia and Aristo Coffee.
All pictures are taken with Mr Boyfie's phone (Because my phone had some hiccups and refuse to work properly)

That's all for now, Hope you guys enjoy reading this looonggg post :)


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