BLOOMTHIS- Luxury Flowers by Subscription

by - July 24, 2015

How would you feel when you receive a surprise package that holds the most enchanting flowers?

I would definitely be overwhelmed with joy and lovey dovey all inside, 
which of course, will keep me grinning and skipping all day long.
That is what I felt when  I received my bundle of lovely surprises, many thanks BLOOMTHIS and The Butterfly Project.

BLOOMTHIS is a subscription of luxury flowers with delivery to your doorstep.
Peonies, Gerberas, Pom-Poms, Roses... You name it, they've got it.
All flowers are freshly hand-picked and unique on its own.

Let's start with the packaging. 
I find that boxed flowers is very practical. Although I cannot deny that most girls will appreciate the attentions people gave when the delivery package arrives (imagine yourself in your office), I think I would want to carry my parcel back to home safely, away from prying eyes of random strangers. 
The box will also protect the flowers from getting squashed during delivery and transportation.

BLOOMTHIS made a good habit to learn about the flowers too.
Here upon un-boxing, they have included postcards that tells us what flowers we are receiving, tips to keep them blooming a little longer, along with some motivational quote.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"
- Mark Twain

 I think I am going to like BLOOMTHIS more than I expected :)

Now, with the flowers. 
First, to open the package, you've got to flip the box bottoms up. *I did the wrong way and only realized later* > < . They have wrapped the flowers with a pretty ribbon. Have I told you how much I love ribbons? :)

And here you go. They are also very careful with each and every stalk of flowers. Notice the water capsule that comes with each Gerbera. Some decorative plants that comes along with the package have little plastics and cotton in them to keep the flowers fresh and dainty. 
This shows how much attention and care BLOOMTHIS put into the flowers delivered.

In simple words, I really love their flowers and it is only matter of time I will subscribe; as a surprise present, graduation flower or simply to cheer someone up :)

The pictures say a thousand words. 

Guys, if you want to make your girl happy, here is the right way to do it
*hint hint*

The subscriptions comes in 3 orders; 
Signature for Single delivery, 
Quinzena for Forthnightly/ month, 
Sabbath for Weekly/ month. 

At this moment, BLOOMTHIS is only delivering to places within KL, Selangor and Penang to ensure perfect condition of the flowers, every Thursday. 
Let's hope they will soon expand their delivery circle :)

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  1. Love Bloom this... we should give some flowers to ourselves every once in a while to indulge as well


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