Drop those glasses and Holla, Freshkon!

by - July 02, 2015

Hit by basketball, elbowed in the face by accident or not and foggy spectacles as you get down your vehicle or during steamboat, any recall?

If you do, well come aboard to the Four-eyed world.  These are the few daily hurdles most sight-deficit individuals struggled to live by. Admit it, you can’t even swim freely without your sight-savior. Freshkon was among the first contact lens launched in Malaysia and if you are a contact lens user, you would have probably tried it along your contact lens history. It was my first contact lens at age 12, many thanks to my aunt for introducing me to ultimate convenience and beauty, in the less painful way. 

The only Freshkon lens that I have tried so far were the daily ones, simply for it’s convenience and hygiene benefits. As I am more of the spectacle nerdy girl, contact lens are only wore when I go for outings or Cosplay events in the past. 

What made me choose Freshkon are the various contact lens colour and designs. I used to wear blue, green and black back in my Cosplay times but my favorite is actually Magnetic Grey from the Alluring Eyes series. This is the colour that is the most subtle, yet alluring at the same time. 

*Up close image of Magnetic Grey*

With so many type of contact lens in the market now, we as consumers definitely have more freedom now in choosing the one fits best to our lifestyle. *hail beauty for that* Whether it’s for cosmetic or sight corrective purposes, I am definitely sure that Freshkon is reliable in quality. They are ISO 9001/ ISO 13485 and Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC certified.

Freshkon lens contains Hyaluronic Acid and the surface is hydrophilic to provide superior comfort to the users. I don’t want to look beautiful but risk throwing my sight away. 
You would probably heard of the recent news on dangers of cosmetic lens.
If you haven't, here is the link to You only have one pair of eyes article by the Star Publications.

 The boom of safety uncertified contact lens in market, like mushrooms after rain, has put a lot of consumers at risk, especially young cosplayers who are eager to try contact lens that fits their anime characters. 
No harm to pursue your past time hobbies, but my advise is do some deep research on types of cosmetic lens and do not be easily attracted to 'budget' lens. Better to be late than sorry.

*Was wearing Freshkon's Mystical Black*

I would rate comfort as 7/10 as contact lens can get dry after a long period of wearing. Based on my experience, keeping a bottle of eyedrop solution nearby can be handy to maintain moisture, especially in helping lens removal a less stressful.  If possible, remove your lens to rinse every 12 hour to help reduce eye dryness. Please do not go swimming in your lens or go places that could possibly dry the lens such as barbeque. There are some basic rule in handling contact lens. Wear lens before applying makeup and remove makeup first before removing the lens. Maintain hand hygiene at all times; conjunctivitis sucks. 
Should any adverse reaction took place, consult medical attention immediately. 

This is my fair opinion. Hope you will find this post a helpful one :) 



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*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences.

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