Katsu Salon by Michael Ling- A Hair-Blowing Experience

by - July 11, 2015

My crown of glory has finally been deflowered! 

After so many years of frustration over it's rebel, I have finally gave in to chemical hair treatment last May, one month short to my birth date.
Although it was a 2 months back experience, it serves as a good time to review back the service.
It was my virgin chemical hair treatment and I promise this is going to a good one. 

I bought this coupon off the Groupon site for Katsu Salon by Michael Ling value-buy NanoThermic Treatment / Chemical service + Personal Image consultant. (Actual price was RM780 but they were having it at RM68 at that moment). Good deal eh? :)
I am thankful to my partner, who has countlessly prevented me from getting lost in this concrete world. It took us awhile to reach their salon in Kota Damansara. 

*Last selfie before the Big Thing*

Upon arrival, I am impressed with the salon's interior design. Classy yet modern. I realized that all the hair dressers are male, hence thank lord that my plus-one decided to tag along. Each and everyone of them adhere to a 1-to-1 client policy. It's a good practice to prevent cross-contamination. I personally like the same one person to manage me from the beginning til the end of the process, because he would know my needs best.

*Relaxing treatment in progress*

I need to credit Mr Jeff for his professional service. I opted for the relaxing treatment because my hair doesn't have the sufficient length and I was seeking for something more natural to control my unruly hair. Jeff did such a good job in reassuring my decision. Call me a 'jakun' but I never knew that the entire chemical hair treatment takes up about 3-4 hours, depending on the condition of each individual's hair. Couldn't remember the entire process in details, but all I can say is there are approximate 3-4 times of hair washing after each sessions of treatment, which involves applying relaxing solution, hair straightening, applying solution to keep my hair in shape post-chemical service and lastly, the Nanothermic Treatment.

*Jeff straightening my hair*

If I have never understand how tedious a hair treatment was, now I do.
It is important to keep track of the timings because one mistake can cause irreversible damage to the client's hair. This is especially important during the application of the chemical solution. I have experienced some simple hair-straightening before but they are nothing in comparison to Jeff's handwork.  He was so meticulous and patient with what he was doing, that I felt safe in his hands hahaha. He also answers to all my curiosities, giving helpful advice on hair care.

*Someone was being very cheeky by calling this 'mantau in baking' when it is just the NanoThermic Treatment*

 *Satisfaction after everything is done*


I am very happy with the hair service provided by Katsu Salon. Based on my observations, all the patrons are very professional and experienced, though some of them may be more customer-engaging compared to the others.
I also need to thank Jason, who is in-charged of marketing services as he was very
friendly and helpful in explaining the general treatment process and arranging my appointment to suit my working life. You can see how dreadful my hair was before and the after effect.
No more daily tiring hair styling via Blow-Drying WOOHOO!

*Notice my crazy hair before the treatment*

This is my latest image of my hair 2 months later. According to Jeff, this chemical hair treatment should last about 2 years, which depends on your individual's hair characteristics and I am glad that there isn't much changes since that day. My hair on the right has curl back slightly on the bottom due to it's nature but it is still way better than my original hair. I supposed that I could not ask for much as Relaxing is definitely milder compared to Rebonding.

*Beautiful hair makes a girl Happy*

If you are interested to find out more, do check out Katsu Salon at their Facebook page.


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