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SKINSOUL Skin Shield Travelling Set [REVIEW]

We all love traveling, whether it's just going out of city or travelling abroad. After working 6 days a week, giving ourselves some private time and mind rest is a healthy thing to do. The smart way of travelling is by packing light as we all tend to carry back more stuffs than what we first brought.
However, it's nuisance to carry all the essential beauty and makeup kit in full size.
I admit that I have the tendency of leaving out some important skin care products by accident, such as sun block, etc. *gasp*

What if I tell you that you can still travel light, stay beauty and have a crazy time? :)

Here is the all-in-one Skin Shield Travelling Set (worth RM500) exclusively by SkinSoul.
This set comes with 5 deluxe size of all the essential beauty care products we needed.
 [From LEFT to RIGHT]
1. Hydra-Purifying Cleanser
2. Lift & Beauty Serum
3. Hydrating, Energizing & Pore Refining Lotion Mist Spray
4. 12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream (SPF 50)
5.  Night Cream

Before I begin, I would like to introduce Ashitaba, the core ingredient of  Skin Shield skincare products. Ashitaba (also known as Angelica Keiskei Koidzumi) is a 100% organic and pure perennial plant that thrives in the rich volcanic soil of Hachi Jo Island in Japan. It contains powerful natural antibacterial properties and doubles up as a natural preservative, creating the perfect microbe-resistant formula safe for the most sensitive skin. With a unique array of phytonutrients (including 11 vitamins, 13 minerals and potent antioxidants), it features a rare class of flavonoids called chalcones,
The organic Ashitaba also has amazing healing and regenerative abilities to reverse signs of ageing. It is proven to smooths wrinkles, fade age spots, regenerate skin elasticity and suppleness, heal skin irritation and improves skin radiance!

As for Skin Shield skincare range,it is made of pure organic Ashitaba and a fusion of other precious botanical extracts that work in synergy for the ultimate skin renewal.
It has triple protective shields that is suitable for all age of skin type;
1. Damage-Shield (Oxidative protection, Prevention of irritation and Anti-inflammatory)
2. Sun-Shield (Immune photo-protection)
3. Micro-Shield (Microbial adhesion prevention)

The 4 Powerful active ingredients in Skin Shield.
Unique red micro algae that protects our skin from oxidative damage, pollutants and radiation. 
Extract from a rare type of apple that only grows in the Swiss Alps, it prevents aging and trigger the skin;s stem cell-driven potential for skin rejuvenation.
Skin lightening by influencing melanin formation.
Only pure Swiss Glacier Water from the Valais Alps is used as water base and encapsulated into liposomal forms to reduce toxicity and increase efficiency via nanotechnology. 

1. Hydra-Purifying Cleanser 
I love how this cleanser removes impurities from my face in the gentlest manner. You will be surprised that only 3-5 drops is needed to cleanse the entire face.

The smell is mild. It does not strip off the moisture and my face felt softer than ever!
(Full size price: RM210.94)

2. Lift & Beauty Serum

This powerful serum is said to restore skin elasticity and firmness from the deepest layer. Just apply a few drops (in the morning and evening after cleansed, toned face) and tap into skin until fully absorbed. It does not feel sticky and the smell is pleasant. I have only used the Lift & Beauty Serum for 2 weeks, hence no significant results is observed. However, looking at how potent this miracle serum is, I am positive that I will definitely see some good results at the end.
(Full size price: RM305.28)

3. Hydrating, Energizing & Pore Refining Lotion

Of all products, I looked forward to this lotion most because I have pore issues. Skin Shield's Hydrating, Energizing & Pore Refining Lotion full size comes in Mist Spray, but the one I received is in the form of bottle. I supposed it still works the same; the difference is you can spray this lotion as a refreshing spray on top of makeup while a bottle can't.

This Pore refining Lotion is suitable for normal to combination skin. With the Witch Hazel Extract, it helps to reduce the appearances of pores and restores the skin's optimum pH level.
Although there is no significant pore size reduction yet after 2 weeks of usage (probably due to my large pore size) but I can feel my skin is more hydrated with less acne :)
(Full size price: RM210.94)

Top: 12-in-1 Suncare day Cream  |  Bottom: Night Cream

4. 12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream (SPF 50)
This 12-in-1 Ashitaba-enriched base cream has the best of both worlds; Skincare and makeup. Unlike the normal Day Creams, this one is colour tinted and is able to conceals blemish surprising well.
You can see there is less blemish on the Left side after application*

It is also protective against harmful UV rays, soothes skin irritation and nourishes skin for youthful radiance. This Day Cream stimulates skin rejuvenation, provides hydration, even out skin tone, anti-aging and fights free radical that is harmful to our skin.
The 12-in-1 Day Cream is suitable for normal to combination skin, definitely a must-have in our humid country :)
(Full size price: RM262.90)

5. Night Cream
Like all Night Cream, this beauty savior works away while we sleep. Apply this every evening on the chin , cheeks, forehead and neck after cleansing and toning. Spread upwards from the chin to the forehead until fully absorbed.

As this Night Cream is slightly oily to provide more moisture for matured and wrinkled skin, refrain from applying when you have an acne outbreak until your skin condition improves. This advice was given by the beauty advisor after examining my skin condition. Really love her for the added value. :)
(Full size price: RM411.28)

FULL SIZE Skin Shield Series

Personally, I felt that SkinSoul is relatively a good brand; it's pretty hard to find a Skin care product that can declare 100% free of Paraben and artificial chemical additives. Price wise is on the higher range but looking at all the benefits and one set will certainly last for a long time, Skin Shield is something worth investing.

Here's some good news for my readers. 
Quote '#SSJuneci' the next time you walk into their outlet and redeem a skincare trial set worth RM100 with a minimal purchase of RM100 in a single receipt. 

You can also purchase the Skin Shield Travelling Set at RM388 (Rp: RM500)

All you have to do is show them that you have followed this blog and like their Facebook.


SkinSoul is founded by Dr Joanne Au Yong. They aim to be kind to the most sensitive skin while restoring your skin's soul through the miraculous power of nature. Their skincare and makeup range is trustable to be free from ingredients that is dangerous to health. Each and every product of SkinSoul is 100% Paraben-free and lead free guaranteed.

SkinSoul outlets are located at Parkson ( Pavilion KL, Nu Sentral KL, IOI City Mall, Holiday Plaza Johor, 1st Avenue Penang ), Metrojaya and Boutique Level LG077 ( Midvalley Megamall )

WEBSITE |     


*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

NEESYA- Hydrate My Skin Please! [REVIEW]

When a woman hits 25's, our skin starts to change possibly due to our hormonal changes.
I am not talking about menopause here. Too early for that.
If you haven't been exploring into beauty products of moisture range, you better start now.

I actually realized this the hard way because it is noticeable my skin isn't as clear as it used to be.
Not that I have good skin complexion in the younger days, but definitely better.
Acne doesn't come that easily in the past.
Have I done anything particularly wrong that results in this?
It could also relate to my lifestyle (exercise and the food intake which I am taking into consideration), but skin care plays a huge role as well.
Definitely don't want to look older before our age, don't we Ladies?

When NEESYA offered me their hydrating series, I was over the moon.
The last time I used their products was mainly basic products used by people who do makeup alot. I am  talking about Makeup Remover, Enzymatic Refiner, Overnight Mask and Illuminating Essence. If you are interested to know more about them, you can view them HERE.
I am so excited that I even brought the Hydrating Series along on my weekend escape to the Intercontinental Hotel!
Tried them over a month and here are my honest reviews!

Surprisingly, I like the fragrance of this skin care product range. It is milder compared to the earlier skin care products that I have tried. Ladies of our age would like this because it is gentler to our noses.

 LumiScience Hydrating Serum

Weight: 30mLs
Retail Price: RM125
Usage Direction:
1. Use after cleansing and toning. Apply 2 pumps onto palm and spread evenly over face and neck.
2. Gently tap until fully absorbed, ALWAYS followed by moisturizer or face cream
3. Apply twice a day; morning and evening.

This intensive hydrating serum contains 3 main ingredients; Silver Vine Extract (anti-oxidant, anti-Free radical and inhibits production of melanin), Acquacell (Immediate hydration within 15 minutes and smooth out fine lines) and AcquaBiomin Gem Blend (Enhance skin radiance, hydration and absorption of ingredients). Initially, I thought they spelled Acquacell wrongly because the Aquacel I know is used in wound management. After I did some research, Acquacell is actually a natural complex combination of watermelon rind extract, Lens Esculenta (Lentil) fruit extract and apple extract.

I love the scent because it is gentle to my nose. It has this mild floral-like which reminded me of baby product like baby shampoo.  Texture wise is like any other serum out there and it is non-oily! After application, there is no burning or tingling sensation on my face, so that is good news. I know it is working well because it reduces my acne formation and pore size with all the hydration it provided :) This serum lasted me more than 2 months, so it is definitely money value.

Watery serum texture.

LumiAdvance Age Defense Moisturiser

Weight: 50mLs
Retail Price: RM125
Usage Direction:
1. Use after cleansing and toning
2. Apply an even layer of moisturiser onto face and neck, followed by UV Shield SPF30 PA+++ in the morning for sun protection.
3. Apply twice a day; morning and evening.

Ingredients are Silver Vine Extract, Carbohydrate Complex (Improve skin smoothness and reduce flakiness) and Silanol and Brown Algae Complex (reduces fine lines, protects against free radical, controls skin inflammation and ensures lasting hydration).

This moisturiser has a stronger scent compared to the above serum but in a nice way. Unlike most moisturiser, LumiAdvance Age Defense Moisturiser does not feel oily to the skin because it is quickly absorbed. The consistency is  similar to LumiScience Hydrating Serum's.I have read some reviews from my blogger friends and most of them do not experience any particular discomfort. However, I felt slight warm sensation upon application, which is normal as that signifies the efficiency of the moisturiser. It provides lasting moisture up to 72hours with UV protection and is suitable for most skin type. I would advice to shake before use as I noticed there is 2 different constitution when I press the pump. Definitely more hygiene than most moisturiser in pot packaging.
What I like best about this product is that it is Paraben Free :)

NEESYA LumiScience are available at outlets in Subang Parade, SACC Mall, Plaza Metro Kajang and The Mines.

Check out their website for more info :)


*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Keep our Face Clean with SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes [REVIEW]

Removing makeup is an important step in daily beauty routine. I am sure alot of girls agree with this.
With so many products in the market, who are we to blame for being spoilt with choices? :D
Of all the types of makeup removal I have tried, I always go back to the facial wipe type.
They are human greatest creation!
 Super convenient, easily available and multi-purpose. Need I to say more? 
Do tell me which is your favourite!

Today, I am going to review the Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes, which is also known as Clinical Wipes from SkinSoul

Disclaimer: Image from SkinSoul official website

I actually noticed SkinSoul few years back with their renown Lash it Out mascara advertisement, but they were pretty quiet back then and the ads I saw was in Chinese, so I just let them pass. 
It was only recent that I came across SkinSoul physical store in MidValley Megamall and this gave me the ultimate opportunity to explore their products. Yeay!

All you need to know about SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes

  • Formulated with Swiss Glacier Water 
  • Contains 4 Essential Oils, 4 types of Antioxidant and 3 Hydrating and Soothing Ingredients.
  • No artificial perfume, colour, harsh chemical and Paraben & Lanolin Free.
  • Made in Korea (I am a Korean fan!)
*Lift adhesive cover to remove wipes*

What makes SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes the "best ever" and 

"an all-time favourite"? 

  1. Removes all makeup in one swoop, including waterproof and stubborn makeup
  2. Would not clog up pores
  3. No make-up residues on beloved pillowcases
  4. Does not cause irritation to skin or eyes
  5. Great for acne-prone and ultra sensitive skin, generally suits all skin types
  6. Not harsh and will not cause dryness of the skin
  7. None greasy/ soapy/ oily and sting-free
  8. Skin is kept fresh and moist through cleansing, hydration, smoothed and lifted after use.
  9. Simple, easy and convenient to use in just one simple wipe
    I felt the packaging is a little big, about twice the size of my usual facial wipe packaging size.
    This is because it contains 60 wipes about the size of half an A4 paper, in comparison with the usual 30's or lesser. Texture wise is definitely thicker and more cotton-like than the normal wipes.
    Wish they will come up with travel size one soon :)

    When it comes to testing, I am a Mean Girl. I have tested this towelette with my most water-resistant and toughest staying power makeup products. *Muahahaha*
     Here is a tip for easy removal of makeup.

    Press the towelette gently against your skin for 10-15 seconds to moisten up the makeup before removing it in one swipe.

    It works great for normal lipsticks, foundations and blushers. Although it takes a little more effort to remove tough makeups such as lip tints, mascara and gel eyeliners (I have always used waterproof eye products due to teary eyes), it is surprising that these wipes are able to remove them perfectly without the help of eyes and lips makeup remover. I am a little skeptical over leaving makeup residues because of my acne prone problems and with my baby face, certainly needed more than 1 piece. 

    Pat for 10-15 seconds                                    Left Makeup's off!

    The scent has a lovely mild flowery scent and I sure this is fine with people having sensitive nose or skin.
    Despite having some small amount of alcohol in it, they have toned it off with all the essential oils and hydrating & soothing ingredients such as Lavender oil and Aloe Vera extract. I am very surprised that my skin does not have the oily sensation post wipes, even with all the 4 Essentials oil inside!
    At the cost of RM53, I think the SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes is worth our money-value.
    This product is available at all SkinSoul outlets.

    Here's some good news for you. 
    Quote '#SSJuneci' the next time you walk into their outlet and redeem a skincare trial set with a minimal purchase of RM100.

    After all, our skin deserves the best <3

    About SKINSOUL

    SkinSoul is founded by Dr Joanne Au Yong. They aim to be kind to the most sensitive skin while restoring your skin's soul through the miraculous power of nature. Their skincare and makeup range is trustable to be free from ingredients that is dangerous to health. Each and every product of SkinSoul is 100% Paraben-free and lead free guaranteed.

    SkinSoul outlets are located at Parkson ( Pavilion KL, Nu Sentral KL, IOI City Mall, Holiday Plaza Johor, 1st Avenue Penang ), Metrojaya and Boutique Level LG077 ( Midvalley Megamall )

    WEBSITE |     


    *This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

    Monday, 10 August 2015

    Looking for Contact Lens? Why not, MrLens!

    If you could recall my last event at the Blogging101 Workshop, then you might know the few brands that has been generously making our day an exciting one. MrLens is one of them. 
    It wasn't the first time I heard of MrLens. They are an online company that provides authentic contact lens and eye care products at an affordable price. 
    Did I mention delivery postage is for free to Klang Valley area? :D

    MrLens has sponsored us a box of daily contact lens that day and provided discounts of RM20 with purchases of RM100 and above for all fans (Please stay to the end of this post for more info)
    I have been comparing market price of few commonly seen optical stores located in famous shopping malls in KL area. (Couldn't be a better market researcher because I could delay purchases for months until I found a cheaper one )
    Although those physical stores provides promotions such as BUY 2 FREE 1 BOX, this would not attract me because my both eye power readings has such vast differences, that I could not use them at an equal power. (Please don't do this)
     I do not wear contact lens daily (only when I am involved with sports or events), hence I may need to spend up to a whooping RM300 just to purchase lens for my BOTH eyes, even with the promotions. Let's not forget to include the GST charges. 
    Call me an economic user if you want, so long my wallet does't burn. :)

    And so, with the given cash rebate, I decided to check them out. 
    I was surprised that the price there is so much cheaper! 
    And they have all ranges of eye care products such as cleansing solution, sun glasses and etc. 
    If you are looking for higher range products, they have them too :)

    Just showing some of the products's price on their store. :)

    There many concerns when comes to purchasing from online stores.  
    1. The product may never arrive (in other words, fraud stores)
    2. The product could get damaged or missing along the delivery process (based on my experience)
    3. Are the products safe for consumers?
    I am especially sceptical with products I put into my already impaired eyes as it could be dangerous and lead to blindness. This issue has been brought up numerous times on the social media when there is a boom of new cosplayers.
    Do take some time off in reading my previous blog post HERE. I have attached an article from the Star Publication for your info.

    You must be asking why am I doing this?
    As a consumer, sometimes all we need is someone to tell us a service is reliable and safe. Imagine how much money you can save from this. I also refer to other blog reviews before making purchases. Sometimes, we go by trial-and-error because not all products that work wonders on others, go well on us. Partially blaming on my full-time profession because I am so used to caring for others.
    That is why we, Bloggers do Blogging. 

    I can reassure you MrLens is one reliable online store. I have done some purchasing from them, even exchange of stock (it's not their fault really) and here are my honest reviews in a nutshell.

    1. Short delivery time; I did my purchase on 13th July and received the stock on the 15th. 
    2. Package comes undamage; They used hard cardboard as protection. 
    3. FREE STUFF!; Who would not be happy when you receive free travelling cleansing solution and a Lollipop? :) 
    4. Exchangeable product; With consideration that it's not your fault the products are different from what you ordered, still in GOOD CONDITION and please take the initiative to Watsapp them within one day of product received.
    5. They've got our GST covered; Hooray! Save that 6% of tax.
    6. Refill Express Button; So you are a regular user of some specific product and have ordered it before with MrLens? Just click the Refill Express Button. It will automatically refill your previous order :)

     *The Refill Express Button*

    1. Delay in replying; I meant the email. That is why I said Watsapp them instead. I had this problem when I was trying to get an exchange for the contact lens reading. They didn't reply me until I did the later. Which is okay after that :) It could possibly due to the Raya holiday.You can get the number from their website. Hopefully, you don't need to use it. 

    As I was saying, MrLens is giving away cash vouchers of RM20 with minimal purchase of RM100 to their fans with Terms&Conditions applied.
    Just key in the code f9b106a6 before you check out. 
    This offer last til 31st August 2015 only, so hurry!

    For more info on MrLens,

    Saturday, 8 August 2015

    Be Your Best Self Tag

    Positive-ness goes a long way. 

    I have a few good friends who are very positive people; influencing people around them in every possible way. I always thank them for the things they have done because it's good to receive good feed backs from others once in a while. But never did I think in depth on the good once in me.
    So, this week, let's try and say something good about ourselves, okay?

    • Was there a time where you have to be brave in a difficult situation?
    I think the most challenging time was I discover my dad had his second stroke at home. It was lucky I am equipped with basic life support and that someone was at home. I am also the sole bread winner for my family since that event, so that takes up a lot of courage.

    • Who inspires you to be your best self?
    I could not find anyone better than my mum. Dad wasn't at home most of the time because of work and she single handed raise all 3 of us, encouraging us until we manage to get into colleges with the help of scholarships. She was there when my dad's first stroke attacked and we were very young at that time. Must be a scary moment for her. She is a very tough yet the most loving woman. 

    • What is your greatest personal achievement?
    Graduating with a diploma and now I am doing my part time bachelors, juggling between a full time job. Definitely isn't easy but I will pull through it. 

    • Share a time where you acted selflessly?
    I have done a lot of things in the past for my sick clients. Doing things out of my norm just to see they are more comfortable, giving them the time they needed gives me the greatest satisfaction. I have also helped out in old folks home whenever I could spare my time.

    • What is the best compliment you have ever given? 
    I thank my mum in every possible moment, for all the hardship she has gone through, for the love she shower us unconditionally and the support she gave. I wouldn't be here as I am now without her. 

    • What is the best compliment you have ever received?
    My best compliment I received was from my employee during my part time job in a market research company. I was very committed in the things I was entrusted with, and when it comes for me to leave for study, he asked me to stay. He also asked me to find him after my graduation if I could not get a job because I was a good helper. 

    • What's your best beauty tip?
    Drink plenty of water and try not to touch your face with your hands. Of course, the best tip that always work for me is smile and help others with your heart. When you smile with a beautiful heart, everything will be beautiful naturally.

    • What beautiful product makes you feel like your best self?
    Definitely eyeliners! I can't live without my gel eyeliners because it is the only thing that works for me; I have watery eyes. It brings wonders to my Chinese asian eyes and confidence. Eye is the window to our souls and I hold strongly to this belief!

    • What do you do that makes you feel like your best self?
    When I do makeup or getting dirty with some handicrafts. Who say ladies can't makeup for ourselves? These things are very private moments for me and allows my mind to break free from the reality world and indulge in some fun creative activities!  

    • What is something I love about myself?
    MY LEGS! Hahaha. I get people jealous because every heels that I put on look great on me. I nearly lost my leg once, so every moment is truly a blessing for me. I would include my supportive attitude for people around me as well. Looking at things the optimistic way is my biggest strength.  

    Now tell me what is good about your self :)


    Saturday, 1 August 2015

    LANEIGE Beauty Road with BB Cushion [EVENT]

    LANEIGE is on her maiden tour around the world!
    Their aim is to introduce the secret to K-Beauty and the trend of Cushion Makeup to all the ladies out there. On this beauty tour, LANEIGE is going to visit 7 major cities in four Asian countries, which includes: 
    Bangkok (Thailand) : 17th - 19th July 2015
    Singapore : 24th - 26th July 2015
    Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 27th July - 2nd August 2015
    Beijing, Xian, Chengdu & Shanghai (China) 4-27th September 2015

    The BB Cushion was first introduced in 2011. Since then, it has gained popularity with its multi-functional use and convenient touch-up anytime, anywhere. It has evolved from a must-have makeup item to a makeup trend in Korea. With this LANEIGE Beauty Tour, it is hope that the popularity of BB Cushion would be brought to the next level by turning it into a global makeup trend starting with Asia and eventually to other parts of the world.

    It is a great joy for Malaysia to be selected as one of their beauty stations. 
    As you already know, the LANEIGE Beauty Road Tour was held last Saturday at North Court, MidValley Megamall. 50 butterflies bloggers and press medias were invited to experience the event by first hand and indeed, it was an unforgettable one. 
    "This is definitely a good opportunity for the public to discover the multi-functional use of the BB Cushion which can be used in a variety of ways from everyday makeup to professional makeup"
    - Foong Winnie, LANEIGE Malaysia's Brand Manager

    Bloggers and media who were at the event.

      Ever seen a life-size BB Cushion Puff?<3   

      Press kits for blogger and media.

    The highlight of this event would be the special appearance of Korea's celebrity model, 
    Hwang Se-On, who is also the brand ambassador of LANEIGE. It is such a rare opportunity to have her up close and one can't help but to awe at her flawless fair skin.
    Among the beauty tips given by Hwang are drink plenty of water, keeping your skin hydrated, loving yourself and be confident. Definitely not forgetting her favourite LANEIGE BB Cushion, which can be use anytime, anywhere for easy touch up, in achieving the perfect porcelain look. 

    Exclusive interview with Hwang Se-On, Korea's celebrity model.

    LANEIGE makeup team from Korea

    We also have Cat Koh in the house, one of the LANEIGE Global Makeup Team from Korea. Cat is so friendly and vibrant that you would not believe that she is in her 30's!
    I had the opportunity to speak with her prior the event and she gave some useful tips in choosing the right BB Cushion tone for my skin. Although the lighter tone will give a younger look, she told me that slightly darker natural tone would conceal acne scars and pores better :) 
    During the makeup demonstration, Cat Koh emphasized the key to Korean beauty is by drawing straight eyebrows and natural looking eyeliner, which is almost like nude makeup. We all learned the new method in contouring by only using LANEIGE BB Cushion. Wow! 
    When it comes to her favourites, Cat said it would be LANEIGE BB Cushion, Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar and our Malaysia authentic Curry Laksa! 

     Makeup demonstration by Cat Koh from LANEIGE Global Makeup Team.

    Of course, this event would not be complete without some entertainment.
    Not to be missed is a dance performance by Korean's Hottest TV show 'Dancing 9' members!
    They are stunning with their hot moves and perfect Korean skin.
    Dance performance by 'Dancing 9' members

    Other attractions at the Beauty Road Tour are BB Cushion testing stations, free giveaways and fun games, complimentary makeup sessions with the help of Laneige makeup artist from Korea. They also have contest with a daily mystery prize!

    LANEIGE's drone giveaway interaction with public!


    BB Cushion testing stations

    Spin the wheel to win lucky gifts!

    Free gifts given upon completion of the games.

     Photography session with Laneige Beauty Ambassador, Hwang Se-On.

    I am so glad to finally meet lovely bloggers, Shiv B and Jessica Chaw!

    Laneige Bb Cushion Maskot and I <3
    Thank you Sharon for your help in taking this picture :D

    Groupie with other Beauty Bloggers <3

    Thank you to The Butterfly Project (Malaysia) for giving me this opportunity to part of this graceful event <3

    Photo credits:
    Steven Goh Photography 

    About LANEIGE
    Laneige is AMOREPACIFIC's flagship skincare brand that was established in 1994 in respond to customer's needs for hydration care and the desire achieve clear and transparent skin like snow. The natural moisturising barrier of the skin, which used to be perfect when you are born, loses strength and vitallity as time goes by to become the key reason behind damaged skin. As such, the key behind lively and beautiful skin that can transcend time is none other than 'Moisture'.

    Through 20 years of research on the interaction between water and skin, LANEIGE discovered that water not only plays an important role in moisturizing but it is also effective in boosting the effects of brightening and anti-aging products. Transforming water, the source of life to dynamic moisture energy, LANEIGE developed its own exclusive technology "Water Science" to help bold and confident young woman achieve naturally hydrated and supple skin anytime, anywhere. With the power of water, LANEIGE presents you with the gift of clear and transparent skin.

    LANEIGE has over 200 beauty counters and outlets in 14 countries including Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, France, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Canada and USA.