LANEIGE Beauty Road with BB Cushion [EVENT]

by - August 01, 2015

LANEIGE is on her maiden tour around the world!
Their aim is to introduce the secret to K-Beauty and the trend of Cushion Makeup to all the ladies out there. On this beauty tour, LANEIGE is going to visit 7 major cities in four Asian countries, which includes: 
Bangkok (Thailand) : 17th - 19th July 2015
Singapore : 24th - 26th July 2015
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 27th July - 2nd August 2015
Beijing, Xian, Chengdu & Shanghai (China) 4-27th September 2015

The BB Cushion was first introduced in 2011. Since then, it has gained popularity with its multi-functional use and convenient touch-up anytime, anywhere. It has evolved from a must-have makeup item to a makeup trend in Korea. With this LANEIGE Beauty Tour, it is hope that the popularity of BB Cushion would be brought to the next level by turning it into a global makeup trend starting with Asia and eventually to other parts of the world.

It is a great joy for Malaysia to be selected as one of their beauty stations. 
As you already know, the LANEIGE Beauty Road Tour was held last Saturday at North Court, MidValley Megamall. 50 butterflies bloggers and press medias were invited to experience the event by first hand and indeed, it was an unforgettable one. 
"This is definitely a good opportunity for the public to discover the multi-functional use of the BB Cushion which can be used in a variety of ways from everyday makeup to professional makeup"
- Foong Winnie, LANEIGE Malaysia's Brand Manager

Bloggers and media who were at the event.

  Ever seen a life-size BB Cushion Puff?<3   

  Press kits for blogger and media.

The highlight of this event would be the special appearance of Korea's celebrity model, 
Hwang Se-On, who is also the brand ambassador of LANEIGE. It is such a rare opportunity to have her up close and one can't help but to awe at her flawless fair skin.
Among the beauty tips given by Hwang are drink plenty of water, keeping your skin hydrated, loving yourself and be confident. Definitely not forgetting her favourite LANEIGE BB Cushion, which can be use anytime, anywhere for easy touch up, in achieving the perfect porcelain look. 

Exclusive interview with Hwang Se-On, Korea's celebrity model.

LANEIGE makeup team from Korea

We also have Cat Koh in the house, one of the LANEIGE Global Makeup Team from Korea. Cat is so friendly and vibrant that you would not believe that she is in her 30's!
I had the opportunity to speak with her prior the event and she gave some useful tips in choosing the right BB Cushion tone for my skin. Although the lighter tone will give a younger look, she told me that slightly darker natural tone would conceal acne scars and pores better :) 
During the makeup demonstration, Cat Koh emphasized the key to Korean beauty is by drawing straight eyebrows and natural looking eyeliner, which is almost like nude makeup. We all learned the new method in contouring by only using LANEIGE BB Cushion. Wow! 
When it comes to her favourites, Cat said it would be LANEIGE BB Cushion, Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar and our Malaysia authentic Curry Laksa! 

 Makeup demonstration by Cat Koh from LANEIGE Global Makeup Team.

Of course, this event would not be complete without some entertainment.
Not to be missed is a dance performance by Korean's Hottest TV show 'Dancing 9' members!
They are stunning with their hot moves and perfect Korean skin.
Dance performance by 'Dancing 9' members

Other attractions at the Beauty Road Tour are BB Cushion testing stations, free giveaways and fun games, complimentary makeup sessions with the help of Laneige makeup artist from Korea. They also have contest with a daily mystery prize!

LANEIGE's drone giveaway interaction with public!


BB Cushion testing stations

Spin the wheel to win lucky gifts!

Free gifts given upon completion of the games.

 Photography session with Laneige Beauty Ambassador, Hwang Se-On.

I am so glad to finally meet lovely bloggers, Shiv B and Jessica Chaw!

Laneige Bb Cushion Maskot and I <3
Thank you Sharon for your help in taking this picture :D

Groupie with other Beauty Bloggers <3

Thank you to The Butterfly Project (Malaysia) for giving me this opportunity to part of this graceful event <3

Photo credits:
Steven Goh Photography 

Laneige is AMOREPACIFIC's flagship skincare brand that was established in 1994 in respond to customer's needs for hydration care and the desire achieve clear and transparent skin like snow. The natural moisturising barrier of the skin, which used to be perfect when you are born, loses strength and vitallity as time goes by to become the key reason behind damaged skin. As such, the key behind lively and beautiful skin that can transcend time is none other than 'Moisture'.

Through 20 years of research on the interaction between water and skin, LANEIGE discovered that water not only plays an important role in moisturizing but it is also effective in boosting the effects of brightening and anti-aging products. Transforming water, the source of life to dynamic moisture energy, LANEIGE developed its own exclusive technology "Water Science" to help bold and confident young woman achieve naturally hydrated and supple skin anytime, anywhere. With the power of water, LANEIGE presents you with the gift of clear and transparent skin.

LANEIGE has over 200 beauty counters and outlets in 14 countries including Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, France, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Canada and USA. 

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