Looking for Contact Lens? Why not, MrLens!

by - August 10, 2015

If you could recall my last event at the Blogging101 Workshop, then you might know the few brands that has been generously making our day an exciting one. MrLens is one of them. 
It wasn't the first time I heard of MrLens. They are an online company that provides authentic contact lens and eye care products at an affordable price. 
Did I mention delivery postage is for free to Klang Valley area? :D

MrLens has sponsored us a box of daily contact lens that day and provided discounts of RM20 with purchases of RM100 and above for all fans (Please stay to the end of this post for more info)
I have been comparing market price of few commonly seen optical stores located in famous shopping malls in KL area. (Couldn't be a better market researcher because I could delay purchases for months until I found a cheaper one )
Although those physical stores provides promotions such as BUY 2 FREE 1 BOX, this would not attract me because my both eye power readings has such vast differences, that I could not use them at an equal power. (Please don't do this)
 I do not wear contact lens daily (only when I am involved with sports or events), hence I may need to spend up to a whooping RM300 just to purchase lens for my BOTH eyes, even with the promotions. Let's not forget to include the GST charges. 
Call me an economic user if you want, so long my wallet does't burn. :)

And so, with the given cash rebate, I decided to check them out. 
I was surprised that the price there is so much cheaper! 
And they have all ranges of eye care products such as cleansing solution, sun glasses and etc. 
If you are looking for higher range products, they have them too :)

Just showing some of the products's price on their store. :)

There many concerns when comes to purchasing from online stores.  
  1. The product may never arrive (in other words, fraud stores)
  2. The product could get damaged or missing along the delivery process (based on my experience)
  3. Are the products safe for consumers?
I am especially sceptical with products I put into my already impaired eyes as it could be dangerous and lead to blindness. This issue has been brought up numerous times on the social media when there is a boom of new cosplayers.
Do take some time off in reading my previous blog post HERE. I have attached an article from the Star Publication for your info.

You must be asking why am I doing this?
As a consumer, sometimes all we need is someone to tell us a service is reliable and safe. Imagine how much money you can save from this. I also refer to other blog reviews before making purchases. Sometimes, we go by trial-and-error because not all products that work wonders on others, go well on us. Partially blaming on my full-time profession because I am so used to caring for others.
That is why we, Bloggers do Blogging. 

I can reassure you MrLens is one reliable online store. I have done some purchasing from them, even exchange of stock (it's not their fault really) and here are my honest reviews in a nutshell.

  1. Short delivery time; I did my purchase on 13th July and received the stock on the 15th. 
  2. Package comes undamage; They used hard cardboard as protection. 
  3. FREE STUFF!; Who would not be happy when you receive free travelling cleansing solution and a Lollipop? :) 
  4. Exchangeable product; With consideration that it's not your fault the products are different from what you ordered, still in GOOD CONDITION and please take the initiative to Watsapp them within one day of product received.
  5. They've got our GST covered; Hooray! Save that 6% of tax.
  6. Refill Express Button; So you are a regular user of some specific product and have ordered it before with MrLens? Just click the Refill Express Button. It will automatically refill your previous order :)

 *The Refill Express Button*

  1. Delay in replying; I meant the email. That is why I said Watsapp them instead. I had this problem when I was trying to get an exchange for the contact lens reading. They didn't reply me until I did the later. Which is okay after that :) It could possibly due to the Raya holiday.You can get the number from their website. Hopefully, you don't need to use it. 

As I was saying, MrLens is giving away cash vouchers of RM20 with minimal purchase of RM100 to their fans with Terms&Conditions applied.
Just key in the code f9b106a6 before you check out. 
This offer last til 31st August 2015 only, so hurry!

For more info on MrLens,

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