Sunday, 25 October 2015

Getting Personalized Gift from Printcious [REVIEW PART 2]

It was only the other day I introduced this new online store that provides customized gift, Printcious.
Today, I am going to review on the ordering process until I received the gift :)


I decided to a customized cushion considering "someone" doesn't have any soft fluffy pillow or doll like thing in his car for me to cuddle and it will remind him of me all the time hahaha.

Choosing the product and colour

Details on the cushion

Inserting message :)

For the initial customizing stage, I have shown in my earlier post, which I believe was relatively easy.
It was a bit later I had some minor hiccups.
I was able to upload my picture of choice into the customizing page but after clicking "DONE", the image doesn't show.

*Uploading picture of choice*

The missing image

The Printcious crew has been very effective in responding on the Facebook but I discovered that you have to SCROLL DOWN to see another hidden "INSERT" icon, which you have to select before proceeding to "DONE" button.
The hidden "INSERT" icon

I know it wasn't their fault as another person would have probably noticed the scroll option. Anyhow, problem solved. I also realised once you insert two images and later decides to remove one, it can't be done unless you "REVERT" your creation. The revert here means returning to the original state before you begin your work.
If you refer back to my 5th picture, the "DELETE" button does not remove images from the pillow. Instead, it only removes the image from your upload bucket which I find not really helpful.

Intending to remove the smaller image

The 2 common prompts when customizing are object placed too close to the edge and image resolution too low to print.

Just showing the REVERT icon 


Once you hit the "REVERT" button, you will need to start your customization from scratch again.
(I restarted mine about 4 times before fully understand their work processes)

When you are finally happy with your end creation, click "ADD TO CART" to which it will direct you to the CART and there is where you enter your payment and shipping details.
One thing I appreciate about Printcious is in case of you forgetting to click the "ADD TO CART" icon and closed the customizing page by accident, so long you customized with your Account logged in, they will still bring you back to your previous customized product.
No data lost *exhale in relieve*

Enter your Voucher Code if have any.
They will send the Order Confirmation with the order ID to your email.

One thing that made me very satisfied with Printcious was the delivery process. I made my order on the Friday and I got it on Saturday afternoon!
Speaking about efficiency!

Personal Opinion

Other then my blunt mistake, I am overall satisfied with Printcious.

The price is pretty reasonable as compared to the current market and putting their efficient internal customizing process and the delivery duration into consideration, I would give them a 8/10. I find the magnifying icon useful in editing the pictures. As for the common prompts, so long your image does not turn out too blur due to low resolution, it will be okay. However, should you have any doubts, better check with them. Printcious is very responsive on Facebook

Product received <3 

The material is made of polyester as stated in the Product details and they have delivered what they say :) The customized cushion comes with a removable cover, which allows washing but I would advice to hand wash, although it's machine compatible. :)

I think it would be helpful if Printcious have a "Undo" and "Redo" button to allow easy correction of mistakes made.

Satisfied customer :D Wake up face hahahaha

For further details, you can check out their website and Facebook in the link below


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Celebrating Canmake's 30th Anniversary & Launch of Summer Range [EVENT]

CANMAKE TOKYO has just celebrated it's 30th Anniversary, as well as the launching of it's latest New Range last Saturday at the annual Beauty15 Expo, KLCC.
It's such a joy to be part of this fun event and I must thank CANMAKE Malaysia for this unforgettable memory <3

It was lucky I got selected to win ticket to this Anniversary party 
*I would cry hard if I didn't go*
The event started off with the Free & Easy session at the photo wall and a Trivia Q&A session which gives away CANMAKE cosmetic products. For those who are J-Pop fans, this is a bonus.

The opening speech was given by Joyce Au, Sales & Marketing Manager of Teeni Enterprise Malaysia, followed by Kaori Anzai, Overseas Sales Assistant Manager of CANMAKE TOKYO.
 Joyce Au, Sales & Marketing Manager of Teeni Enterprise Malaysia

Kaori blew us off when she greeted and introduce herself in Bahasa Melayu! She shared with us, CANMAKE TOKYO's cosmetic product undergone strict Japan QC Regulation (one of the strictest standards in the world) to ensure safety to it's consumers. Introducing the latest Summer range products which comes with SPF protection and focuses on 2 simple principles; "Translucency&Glossy" and "Lips&Cheeks Coordinate", Kaori got us, the Kawaii makeup fans, holding to the edge of our seats.

A party is nothing without dances and music. We have the Malaysian version of a famous J-pop group, the E-Girls, on the stage who delivered us 2 cute dances, the "Glossy & Shiny" and "Colour Coordinate".

Don't you just love them?
They totally bring out the Japanese girls' culture through their dances and pastel cute outfit <3

We get to learn more about their summer range products through live makeup demonstration by Makeup Artist, Meoki Tong.

"Glossy & Shiny" with beauty blogger, Chanwon.
Using Juice Pure eyeshadow,

"Colour Coordinate" with beauty blogger, Cheeserland.
This makeup focuses on the duo function of Lips & Cheeks

Their outfits were coincidental matching <3
Feel like getting one of those Tutus now > <

Last on the house was the prize presentation to "Fly To Japan" Contest Winners by Joyce Au and Ron Tay, Group Executive Director of Teeni Enterprise. The winners walked away with Casio EX-MR1, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and a 5D4N Trip to Japan!

CANMAKE TOKYO party ended with a not to be left out, cake cutting ceremony.

Of course, a little group photo with the pretty dancers <3

So happy to see blogger and cosplayer, Arisa Chow there! She just got back from Japan and do check out her Instalgram for her Japan OOTDs :D

Selfie with Kaori Anzai! 
Had an embarrassment moment because I had a picture taken with her earlier without realising it's her > < Gomenasai~

After the event, we all went to their booth to check out their products. It is a totally a girl's heaven! With so many kawaii cosmetic products and Buy3 at RM60 promo, it is difficult to not splurge impulsively when it's so cheap!

The amount of crowd at the both. I swear they have the most attraction!

Overall, it was a great event and I sincerely hope to be able to join them again some day :)

OOTD and my naked face. 
I totally left my eyeliner and brow palate at home when I was rushing to the event! 
Better be more careful next time.

Check out CANMAKE MALAYSIA's Facebook page for more events and updates!

Cheers <3

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

[REVIEW] Pink Passion the Signature Salon - An Eyelash Extension Experience

I think it's almost every girls' dream to have thick beautiful eyelashes like our Bollywood ladies.
I had my first hand experience on applying fake eyelashes when I was into Cosplay the last time. No regrets because that's when my passion into beauty actually grow.
Applying fake eyelashes is actually quite a pain in the ass. Things are made so much easier if you are born with double eyelids. Not so for mono-lidders like me.

After facing numerous failures in trying to apply them straight without making a mess on the makeup, you have to be constant lookout as they tend to detach or get loose, especially if you are those who tear alot. I pray you'd remember to bring along your lash savior glue when that happens because I learnt mine from bad experience.

After entering the working society, I grew lazy in making up before going to work.
Take all my salute for those who are able to wake up at wee hours (me at 6am OTL) and do their makeup before going to work.
I understand the importance of looking presentable before your colleagues and superiors but I just can't get my eyes to open when I hold that eyeliner. Sleepy cat I am.
I would only go for makeup during my afternoon working sessions.

Finally, I decided to go for the ultimate change in my routines and it's all thanks to Pink Passion the Signature SalonSituated in Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, I regretted on my lack of courage in exploring places. > < Only 10 minutes drive from Kelana Jaya LRT, you can imagine how close it is.

The estimated time for eyelash extension takes about 40-150 minutes, depending on which type of lash extension you are going for.

Very cozy waiting lounge for husbands and boyfriends XD

The salon beautician has been helpful in my decision making. Among the points taken were my makeup habits, application of fake eyelashes and my desired look. After much consideration, we went for the semi-dramatic look, which is the Super Natural & Light - Rich Lash Extension. 

The Transformation Room :)

The process was painless and very comfortable, with the help of the serene music they played. It is easy to fall asleep :)

Out of curiosity, I asked why they do not do lower eyelashes. The reason was to prevent kinking of the upper and lower lash when we blink :) Mystery solved.

The end results are instant.
BEFORE                                                AFTER

My eyes look much more "awaken" and not to mention, beautiful! There isn't much weight felt after the application and for those who don't wear fake lashes often, you might feel some sensation on the eyes which you will get used to after 2-3 days. It is almost a week and I could barely feel it there at day 3 :) I agree it is much lighter than putting on fake lashes.

My Naked Eyelash TT^TT

Having the eyelash extension totally omits the need of eyeliner and mascara. You can still draw your cat eyes, just try to stick to water based type to ease the process of makeup removal.
I definitely will go for some smokey eye effect soon to see how it looks like :)

I am in LOVE with my After look XDDD

My colleagues have been complimenting me for the look and bringing in more customer. Hahahaha~
There isn't much of precaution post extension to my surprise; just avoid rubbing your eyes excessively, oily stuff (No oily based makeup remover) and heat.
This has also changed my sleeping habit as I tend to sleep facing down (Bad posture for organs and breathing). My only issue was the increased challenge in putting on double eyelid tape. It's not easy to avoid taping to the extension *sigh* I will learn to manage.

If you like my verdict and was thinking "That's Interesting", then, I have some good news for you.
Pink Passion the Signature Salon is offering the Natural Rich Lashes Extension for RM88 ONLY (Original price: RM258).

Just download the e-vouchers, book an appointment and show it to them. This voucher entitles you a free touch up within 7 days (Usually can cost up to RM160) :)

I am very satisfied with the lash extensions and would totally go for the Silk Lash Extension on my next round, as it is more natural looking (all the lashes are attached individually) with 7 colours to choose from! *I'd love to try the blue ones someday*

Pink Passion the Signature Salon
No 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
47100 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +603-7805 7285

Juneci <3

*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

Monday, 19 October 2015

Getting Personalized Gift from Printcious [REVIEW PART 1]

[This post is specially for those who are crafty and sentimental in gift preparation]

In the past, I enjoy making gifts for friends and even if I had to buy something (I can't make a Razer keyboard for Mr Boyfie's last birthday), I just had to put in my personal touch by write a letter, etc.
This habit is heavily influenced by my bestie, who still hand makes gifts for everyone.
Great lady :)
To me, it means something more than just paying and giving away gifts. When we look back someday, it's that simple writing or picture that will make you smile :)
So, the search begins again as his birthday is approaching. 

There are a lot of things that can be customize in today's market.
Mugs, T-shirt, pillow case with your lover face on it, etc.
Unless you know someone, customizing often comes costly and there is a risk of uncertain quality.

I have actually heard of Printcious earlier and it really grabbed my attention.'s tagline is "Precious Gifts from Your Heart". 
I think there is no better word to express the value of personalized gift. 

Checking out on their selections.

I find it's extremely helpful with the selection of gift option by recipient

Although I wouldn't mind wearing a T-shirt meant for guys (It's all about the heart), it will make life simple for some guys who have no experience in getting presents for his girlfriend. 

Their price range is also in the affordable range *double happiness*

I am quite surprised that Ceramic Tiles are among the selections,
(I could not figure out why people would want to customize tiles and how it looks like until I search some more)


They have a few colours options for you to start with. 

I like how they put in the product details. It is very important to know what you are buying especially if it's something that will come in contact with the recipient's mouth. 
(I know I am very particular, thank you.)

Printcious has made customizing easy for it's customers and I am thankful for that.
Not everyone has the talent or skill to Photoshop > <

You can insert words you want to say and memorable pictures as well :)

"You are the Sugar in My Coffee"
How corny XD

Once you are done with everything, just click "Add to Cart". 


**Please note that there are postage charges incur for purchases below RM75. 

 Customizing cushion*

Personal Opinion

Overall, the layout is clear and easy to understand. The selection option makes customizing process easier and Printcious has been very transparent in revealing information pertaining to the Product Details, Shipping and Returns Policy. Cost wise is relatively affordable (I have done enough market research in the past to know this) and I think this will be a major attraction to those who are sentimental in gifts. 
I heard they have customizing for phone casing, etc as well, but no information is available yet on their website. We probably need to approach them for further details. 

If I were to suggest something, dear Printcious, please have customizing for bolsters and mugs that are thermal sensitive (Hidden message will appear when comes in contact with heat). 
I am interested in those Hehe~

So, that's all for my review.

If you are interested to get something meaningful for someone special, I would advise to check out their website below.