Celebrating Canmake's 30th Anniversary & Launch of Summer Range [EVENT]

by - October 24, 2015

CANMAKE TOKYO has just celebrated it's 30th Anniversary, as well as the launching of it's latest New Range last Saturday at the annual Beauty15 Expo, KLCC.
It's such a joy to be part of this fun event and I must thank CANMAKE Malaysia for this unforgettable memory <3

It was lucky I got selected to win ticket to this Anniversary party 
*I would cry hard if I didn't go*
The event started off with the Free & Easy session at the photo wall and a Trivia Q&A session which gives away CANMAKE cosmetic products. For those who are J-Pop fans, this is a bonus.

The opening speech was given by Joyce Au, Sales & Marketing Manager of Teeni Enterprise Malaysia, followed by Kaori Anzai, Overseas Sales Assistant Manager of CANMAKE TOKYO.
 Joyce Au, Sales & Marketing Manager of Teeni Enterprise Malaysia

Kaori blew us off when she greeted and introduce herself in Bahasa Melayu! She shared with us, CANMAKE TOKYO's cosmetic product undergone strict Japan QC Regulation (one of the strictest standards in the world) to ensure safety to it's consumers. Introducing the latest Summer range products which comes with SPF protection and focuses on 2 simple principles; "Translucency&Glossy" and "Lips&Cheeks Coordinate", Kaori got us, the Kawaii makeup fans, holding to the edge of our seats.

A party is nothing without dances and music. We have the Malaysian version of a famous J-pop group, the E-Girls, on the stage who delivered us 2 cute dances, the "Glossy & Shiny" and "Colour Coordinate".

Don't you just love them?
They totally bring out the Japanese girls' culture through their dances and pastel cute outfit <3

We get to learn more about their summer range products through live makeup demonstration by Makeup Artist, Meoki Tong.

"Glossy & Shiny" with beauty blogger, Chanwon.
Using Juice Pure eyeshadow,

"Colour Coordinate" with beauty blogger, Cheeserland.
This makeup focuses on the duo function of Lips & Cheeks

Their outfits were coincidental matching <3
Feel like getting one of those Tutus now > <

Last on the house was the prize presentation to "Fly To Japan" Contest Winners by Joyce Au and Ron Tay, Group Executive Director of Teeni Enterprise. The winners walked away with Casio EX-MR1, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and a 5D4N Trip to Japan!

CANMAKE TOKYO party ended with a not to be left out, cake cutting ceremony.

Of course, a little group photo with the pretty dancers <3

So happy to see blogger and cosplayer, Arisa Chow there! She just got back from Japan and do check out her Instalgram for her Japan OOTDs :D

Selfie with Kaori Anzai! 
Had an embarrassment moment because I had a picture taken with her earlier without realising it's her > < Gomenasai~

After the event, we all went to their booth to check out their products. It is a totally a girl's heaven! With so many kawaii cosmetic products and Buy3 at RM60 promo, it is difficult to not splurge impulsively when it's so cheap!

The amount of crowd at the both. I swear they have the most attraction!

Overall, it was a great event and I sincerely hope to be able to join them again some day :)

OOTD and my naked face. 
I totally left my eyeliner and brow palate at home when I was rushing to the event! 
Better be more careful next time.

Check out CANMAKE MALAYSIA's Facebook page for more events and updates!

Cheers <3

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  1. Girl why didn't go take photo with cheesie and chanwon! hehe Tutus was great! Go and get one =D

  2. You look great even without make up. :)
    Never go to this kind of event before. Can't resist all the kawaii cosmetic products by looking at your wonderful photos.Would love to attend one in the future.

  3. The products looks so nice! I like pinkish!~ Happy 30th anniversary!

  4. The type of event that girls would love to step into and guys would dread to walk into. Plenty of choices, I'm sure plenty of people walk home with bags full of goodies.

  5. I always love canmake fake lashes that look very natural... perhaps time to try other products too

  6. oo..got the invitation.but miss it . now most of the event is on weekend . i not free on weekend due to busy wedding month .

  7. everything look so kawaii! love their lashes.

  8. The products look so cute and I love cute things! Make-up is totally another women best friend thing that I would not mind spending my money on it.

  9. It was nice seeing you again too babe! :) hope to see you cosplay again 😍

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Korea's beauty products is a craze nowadays, even my cousins keep on pestering me to buy more Korean products to bring back to Sarawak each time I go back
    I know why Canmake is popular - the packaging is CUTE

  12. Hi Jun, nice to meet you that day. Canmake makeup collection are so kawaii.

  13. Kawaii make up... always love these Japanese and Korean make up ... I don't know when but I have become such a fan of theirs...

  14. Happy anniversary to Canmake! What a lovely event that you attended. I can see you had a lovely time.

  15. Glad to see that Canmake has come this far Juneci. You looked like you had a lovely time there too :)

  16. A chance to flight to Japan. I will go grab some make up product from Canmakes. Thank you for sharing.

  17. You look kawaii too! Girls and makeup, sounds like a fun event!

  18. Fun beauty event there. Was supposed to attend but canceled for my girls activities that day.


  19. So much fun of beauty event you got here! This is my first time hear about CANMAKE lol. Gonna check out soon :)

  20. I wish i were there but got into food poisoning that weekend. But i do love can make!

  21. Pink pink sweet sweet, love the brand and packaging, would like to try it out too :)

  22. Nice beauty products that you had. The colour very sweet and I would like to give it a try.

  23. Hey dear, you looked like you enjoyed the event. Love your OOTD btw, very sweet! :) And dont worry, haha. I know what rushing feels like too. But it happens.

  24. naked face or not you are cute! love the suitable ootd for the event.

  25. attraction beauty products ^^
    wish to join this expo some day ...

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