Getting Personalized Gift from Printcious [REVIEW PART 1]

by - October 19, 2015

[This post is specially for those who are crafty and sentimental in gift preparation]

In the past, I enjoy making gifts for friends and even if I had to buy something (I can't make a Razer keyboard for Mr Boyfie's last birthday), I just had to put in my personal touch by write a letter, etc.
This habit is heavily influenced by my bestie, who still hand makes gifts for everyone.
Great lady :)
To me, it means something more than just paying and giving away gifts. When we look back someday, it's that simple writing or picture that will make you smile :)
So, the search begins again as his birthday is approaching. 

There are a lot of things that can be customize in today's market.
Mugs, T-shirt, pillow case with your lover face on it, etc.
Unless you know someone, customizing often comes costly and there is a risk of uncertain quality.

I have actually heard of Printcious earlier and it really grabbed my attention.'s tagline is "Precious Gifts from Your Heart". 
I think there is no better word to express the value of personalized gift. 

Checking out on their selections.

I find it's extremely helpful with the selection of gift option by recipient

Although I wouldn't mind wearing a T-shirt meant for guys (It's all about the heart), it will make life simple for some guys who have no experience in getting presents for his girlfriend. 

Their price range is also in the affordable range *double happiness*

I am quite surprised that Ceramic Tiles are among the selections,
(I could not figure out why people would want to customize tiles and how it looks like until I search some more)


They have a few colours options for you to start with. 

I like how they put in the product details. It is very important to know what you are buying especially if it's something that will come in contact with the recipient's mouth. 
(I know I am very particular, thank you.)

Printcious has made customizing easy for it's customers and I am thankful for that.
Not everyone has the talent or skill to Photoshop > <

You can insert words you want to say and memorable pictures as well :)

"You are the Sugar in My Coffee"
How corny XD

Once you are done with everything, just click "Add to Cart". 


**Please note that there are postage charges incur for purchases below RM75. 

 Customizing cushion*

Personal Opinion

Overall, the layout is clear and easy to understand. The selection option makes customizing process easier and Printcious has been very transparent in revealing information pertaining to the Product Details, Shipping and Returns Policy. Cost wise is relatively affordable (I have done enough market research in the past to know this) and I think this will be a major attraction to those who are sentimental in gifts. 
I heard they have customizing for phone casing, etc as well, but no information is available yet on their website. We probably need to approach them for further details. 

If I were to suggest something, dear Printcious, please have customizing for bolsters and mugs that are thermal sensitive (Hidden message will appear when comes in contact with heat). 
I am interested in those Hehe~

So, that's all for my review.

If you are interested to get something meaningful for someone special, I would advise to check out their website below.


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