Getting Personalized Gift from Printcious [REVIEW PART 2]

by - October 25, 2015

It was only the other day I introduced this new online store that provides customized gift, Printcious.
Today, I am going to review on the ordering process until I received the gift :)


I decided to a customized cushion considering "someone" doesn't have any soft fluffy pillow or doll like thing in his car for me to cuddle and it will remind him of me all the time hahaha.

Choosing the product and colour

Details on the cushion

Inserting message :)

For the initial customizing stage, I have shown in my earlier post, which I believe was relatively easy.
It was a bit later I had some minor hiccups.
I was able to upload my picture of choice into the customizing page but after clicking "DONE", the image doesn't show.

*Uploading picture of choice*

The missing image

The Printcious crew has been very effective in responding on the Facebook but I discovered that you have to SCROLL DOWN to see another hidden "INSERT" icon, which you have to select before proceeding to "DONE" button.
The hidden "INSERT" icon

I know it wasn't their fault as another person would have probably noticed the scroll option. Anyhow, problem solved. I also realised once you insert two images and later decides to remove one, it can't be done unless you "REVERT" your creation. The revert here means returning to the original state before you begin your work.
If you refer back to my 5th picture, the "DELETE" button does not remove images from the pillow. Instead, it only removes the image from your upload bucket which I find not really helpful.

Intending to remove the smaller image

The 2 common prompts when customizing are object placed too close to the edge and image resolution too low to print.

Just showing the REVERT icon 


Once you hit the "REVERT" button, you will need to start your customization from scratch again.
(I restarted mine about 4 times before fully understand their work processes)

When you are finally happy with your end creation, click "ADD TO CART" to which it will direct you to the CART and there is where you enter your payment and shipping details.
One thing I appreciate about Printcious is in case of you forgetting to click the "ADD TO CART" icon and closed the customizing page by accident, so long you customized with your Account logged in, they will still bring you back to your previous customized product.
No data lost *exhale in relieve*

Enter your Voucher Code if have any.
They will send the Order Confirmation with the order ID to your email.

One thing that made me very satisfied with Printcious was the delivery process. I made my order on the Friday and I got it on Saturday afternoon!
Speaking about efficiency!

Personal Opinion

Other then my blunt mistake, I am overall satisfied with Printcious.

The price is pretty reasonable as compared to the current market and putting their efficient internal customizing process and the delivery duration into consideration, I would give them a 8/10. I find the magnifying icon useful in editing the pictures. As for the common prompts, so long your image does not turn out too blur due to low resolution, it will be okay. However, should you have any doubts, better check with them. Printcious is very responsive on Facebook

Product received <3 

The material is made of polyester as stated in the Product details and they have delivered what they say :) The customized cushion comes with a removable cover, which allows washing but I would advice to hand wash, although it's machine compatible. :)

I think it would be helpful if Printcious have a "Undo" and "Redo" button to allow easy correction of mistakes made.

Satisfied customer :D Wake up face hahahaha

For further details, you can check out their website and Facebook in the link below


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  1. I just received my personalized gift... Nice one.. I like it!~

  2. Thanks for the info. This gives me ideas for upcoming birthdays. Hehehe.

  3. OMG. This is one of the coolest idea. Could make it two for gift or symbol. Ah, love it! Thanks.

  4. I also placed an order with Printcious. Also had to redo my design a few times! It was good in the end. LOL

  5. hahaha your pillow casing look cool. this website good for personalised gift and festive season is coming soon.

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  8. Awww so sweet. A picture of you both together. Looks like a good place to get personalized gifts :)

  9. This is so cool. I cant wait to have my personalize gift also.

  10. nice, customized pillows. always wanted one. But creepy to be sleeping on own face. but good if your other half is traveling and you need to stare at the face to fall asleep.

  11. I love your customised pillow. Will do one for my hubby so that he'll remember to love me always. Ha ha ha...

  12. Aww this is so so sweet! Now I got another choice of gift for my bf now :P

  13. Yeah I can always visit Printcious to print more of my DIY love gift to my boy =D I like the pictures you selfie with you boy hehe! So cute and lovely!

  14. I receive my products from printcious and I love the quality.

  15. Interesting idea the next time when I need to purchase a gift, fast and easy, almost everything is online now :)

  16. Hmm..nice and read your sharing about their quality, will explore this site whether I can print and sell my artworks it hit :) Cheers,

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  22. wow ... so romantic ^^
    i wish to customised 2 too ! 1 for me 1 for him !

  23. The pillow is sweet Juneci. Definitely a great customization so thumbs up for the review :)


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