[REVIEW] Pink Passion the Signature Salon - An Eyelash Extension Experience

by - October 21, 2015

I think it's almost every girls' dream to have thick beautiful eyelashes like our Bollywood ladies.
I had my first hand experience on applying fake eyelashes when I was into Cosplay the last time. No regrets because that's when my passion into beauty actually grow.
Applying fake eyelashes is actually quite a pain in the ass. Things are made so much easier if you are born with double eyelids. Not so for mono-lidders like me.

After facing numerous failures in trying to apply them straight without making a mess on the makeup, you have to be constant lookout as they tend to detach or get loose, especially if you are those who tear alot. I pray you'd remember to bring along your lash savior glue when that happens because I learnt mine from bad experience.

After entering the working society, I grew lazy in making up before going to work.
Take all my salute for those who are able to wake up at wee hours (me at 6am OTL) and do their makeup before going to work.
I understand the importance of looking presentable before your colleagues and superiors but I just can't get my eyes to open when I hold that eyeliner. Sleepy cat I am.
I would only go for makeup during my afternoon working sessions.

Finally, I decided to go for the ultimate change in my routines and it's all thanks to Pink Passion the Signature SalonSituated in Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, I regretted on my lack of courage in exploring places. > < Only 10 minutes drive from Kelana Jaya LRT, you can imagine how close it is.

The estimated time for eyelash extension takes about 40-150 minutes, depending on which type of lash extension you are going for.

Very cozy waiting lounge for husbands and boyfriends XD

The salon beautician has been helpful in my decision making. Among the points taken were my makeup habits, application of fake eyelashes and my desired look. After much consideration, we went for the semi-dramatic look, which is the Super Natural & Light - Rich Lash Extension. 

The Transformation Room :)

The process was painless and very comfortable, with the help of the serene music they played. It is easy to fall asleep :)

Out of curiosity, I asked why they do not do lower eyelashes. The reason was to prevent kinking of the upper and lower lash when we blink :) Mystery solved.

The end results are instant.
BEFORE                                                AFTER

My eyes look much more "awaken" and not to mention, beautiful! There isn't much weight felt after the application and for those who don't wear fake lashes often, you might feel some sensation on the eyes which you will get used to after 2-3 days. It is almost a week and I could barely feel it there at day 3 :) I agree it is much lighter than putting on fake lashes.

My Naked Eyelash TT^TT

Having the eyelash extension totally omits the need of eyeliner and mascara. You can still draw your cat eyes, just try to stick to water based type to ease the process of makeup removal.
I definitely will go for some smokey eye effect soon to see how it looks like :)

I am in LOVE with my After look XDDD

My colleagues have been complimenting me for the look and bringing in more customer. Hahahaha~
There isn't much of precaution post extension to my surprise; just avoid rubbing your eyes excessively, oily stuff (No oily based makeup remover) and heat.
This has also changed my sleeping habit as I tend to sleep facing down (Bad posture for organs and breathing). My only issue was the increased challenge in putting on double eyelid tape. It's not easy to avoid taping to the extension *sigh* I will learn to manage.

If you like my verdict and was thinking "That's Interesting", then, I have some good news for you.
Pink Passion the Signature Salon is offering the Natural Rich Lashes Extension for RM88 ONLY (Original price: RM258).

Just download the e-vouchers, book an appointment and show it to them. This voucher entitles you a free touch up within 7 days (Usually can cost up to RM160) :)

I am very satisfied with the lash extensions and would totally go for the Silk Lash Extension on my next round, as it is more natural looking (all the lashes are attached individually) with 7 colours to choose from! *I'd love to try the blue ones someday*

Pink Passion the Signature Salon
No 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
47100 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +603-7805 7285
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinkpassionsignaturesalon
Website: http://www.pinkpassion.com.my/

Juneci <3

*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

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  1. nice review :-)

  2. Great review and you look gorgeous too!! :)

  3. Very match with you big round eyes.
    RM88 is a reasonable price, I'll check it ou then. :)

  4. nowadays everybody keep talking about eye lash extension. that price consider reasonable too. Nice your eyelashes babe!

  5. Eye Lash extension -_- i always wonder why so many ladies want to spend so much on these things... still don't understand to these days.

  6. wow.. looks nice on you. I have sensitive eyes so don't dare to do it.

  7. i had try it too.. love it so much. almost 3 week still strongly stay nicely at my eyelash !!thumps up .

  8. Can see the different on your skin getting better now after the treatment. Eyes lashes extension also a good deal for me.

  9. Look great after this. I love eyeleash extension too but can't stand the itchyness


  10. Wow! Great transformation!~ Obvious transformation on before and after...


  11. look natural and flawless.. buy 1 get 1 free.. have to grab lah
    but saya x boleh guna pun. heheheh

  12. some of my friends also go this place to do. Shall tell other friends of this promo now.

  13. Hey... now you got bigger eyes and kawaii looks. Hehe.... Beautiful eyes everyday!

  14. Its nice and looks kawaii but then got to be carefully when you remove makeup. I was told your own lashes will fall ... so do take care ya

  15. I am going to do mine on tml. OMG! Cant wait! So excited!


  16. Eye lash extensions are the high heels of the eyes. :)

  17. Eyes do look bigger with the new lashes. I also don't have naturally long ones, unfortunately!

  18. Wah, your eyelashes very kawaii <3 hehe. I love mine too :*

  19. Kawaii look now. i try it and i love it too. good service

  20. Many have review this eyelashes wish I can have it too..

  21. Many have review this eyelashes wish I can have it too..

  22. eyelash extension seem not cheap haha. But girls are always go for it. Btw, this is really a nice review.

  23. omg! i love your new lashes!!! Awesome!

  24. Oh wow.... love your new lashes... I can see the difference.... you look so lovely...

  25. I love your new lashes!! I really think that It saves alot of time for us girls because we look more awake with beautiful lashes!! :D

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  28. Hey Juneci, great review on the eyelash extension *thumbs up* ;) The results look really good on you, plus the volumization makes the eyes look much bigger too. Great share dear :)

  29. omg rupa rupa I never comment before, but I remember you did share b4 ma? haha
    Looking so nice and natural on your look <3

  30. Did my eyelash extension before. But removed it after one week.

  31. Love your eyes and your skin is looking very clear and brighter now.

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    Cheers, https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com

  34. Nice! I was here a few weeks back. I enjoyed the eyelash extension.

  35. hey it really worked on you! I can beautiful thick lashes now! :)


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