Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My very Bad Experience with Research Groups. Please be Careful!

18th November 2015

Greeting to you,

I have just attended a focus group (Camisole by Brand U) today conducted by Passion3 Research in Section14 area. The entire survey went smoothly in my perception. I delivered equally as much as other respondents in giving constructive opinions. The response contributed will help improve Brand U’s products and of course, boost their sales. What went wrong today was after the discussion ended, the Passion3 Research team told me that Brand U’s company decided not pay the full amount of incentive I deserve, just because I cannot WRITE and READ CHINESE. It is NOT my fault that I was not informed this is a requirement, when I can communicate perfectly in my own mother tongue. I have suffered enough of DISCRIMINATION of being a CHINESE, but not able to write and read in one. Am I to be blamed for this?
Passion3 Research team insisted that this mistake is not possible as they have abundance of experience in handling discussion groups. So, are they indicating that it’s MY FAULT for listening properly? I swear that the term READ AND WRITE IN CHINESE is not informed to me from the beginning and TWICE when they called, I was working and requested to be called back later so that I can give 100% response to your questions. For your information, when the second time your team called, I was in my car alone, after work with absolute no distraction. There is no possibility of me missing out those terms because I understand the severity of not be able to deliver. The team has also questioned me why did I not know about this requirement, having to say this is a CHINESE focus group and why didn’t I voice out since the SMS received for focus group confirmation is in Chinese?
I would like to reemphasize, having to be discriminated as a “Banana”, I have learnt to be very tolerance towards people who prefer to communicate in the language of strength because I always treat people how I want to be treated. However, I will not tolerate when I am treated unfairly. With today’s technology, I face no problem communicating with my Chinese friends who writes and speaks only in Chinese. And as I again and again told your research team, I have NOT participated in ANY discussion groups prior this, hence it is not possible for me to understand your research jargon “Chinese focus group”. Besides not able to read and write in Chinese, there is nothing else that make me less Chinese. It makes no common sense to highlight about my ‘disability’ when I am not explained properly, nor questioned.
Rather than holding the respondent for accountability and since, your team said that Brand U did not achieve their 100% target hence deserved to deduct my incentive, your team should probably learn for once to own up some responsibility. Stop lying to me that you are not paid by your client for hosting this focus group; there is no such thing in the world as free meal. Why you didn’t you stop me as soon as you realized that there is a flaw which will affect the entire focus group outcome? If you decided to keep me till the end, doesn’t that imply that my ‘disability’ to you is not a big issue after all? Well, I don’t see that Brand U is going to suffer any business loss nor pay your team half less because of the flaw in this focus group. Forget about making me embarrass to to leave the group just because it has started. We were less than first quarter into the discussion. As working adults, why have the childish mindset? I have purposely rescheduled my entire day of working and family matter issues, stuck in the after working hours jam, just to contribute as a Brand U camisole user. How would you feel when you have contributed EVERYTHING, only to be told the very last second that the company you are working for decided not to pay what you deserved because of a mistake which is not your entirely fault. I was told that it is a fact that I cannot read and write in Chinese, hence I should be held responsibility. Wow, it is a sin now for being a Chinese illiterate, isn’t it? I appreciate your lady manager’s welcome to join future discussion groups but for the extremely unfair situation I am forced to face, no thanks. Should I have know, I would have gladly leave in the beginning rather than having my privilege, integrity and dignity robbed.
I am not putting the blame on the ladies who are incharged of respondent filtering. They were extremely cheerful and attentive in clearing all my doubts during the filtering process despite working into late night (10pm to be exact). The short period of time is part of the factor, and it is extremely easy to assume a Chinese speaking person would be able to read and write in Chinese as well. The in-charged is really good in defending her staffs and of course, pushing the responsibility to the her respondent. 
To be completely honest, I know Brand U is the one collaborating with you. It is by sheer coincidence that I am (probably now, was) a loyal customer of Brand U and was wearing the same product you are trying to improve. Yup, keep up the good job in again pointing finger at Brand U, who is the one paying all the tokens. It is easy to lost a customer, but words by mouth has a strong impact as well. But maybe to you, loosing one customer is not be a big deal. Seriously, you guys have taught me a lesson that honest sharing towards improvement with a ‘disability’ can backfire. 
Thank you for repaying the troubles I have gone through with this. I wish your company good luck in your future bidding.

Sincerely but Deeply Disappointed, 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I Love Lacelle Jewel CONTEST + Lacelle Color lens [REVIEW]

Diclaimer: Images from Bausch+Lomb official website.

It has been quite sometime since my last contact lens review.
I believe that most of you have heard of BAUSCH & LOMB latest product launched last September. Yes, I am talking about Lacelle Jewel contact lens. 
Stay until the end of my blog as there is an exciting contest for everyone!

Although I could not be at that event due to personal commitments, but that doesn't stop me from getting myself 2 Boxes of Lacelle Color to try out! 

Diclaimer: Images from Bausch+Lomb official website.
BAUSCH & LOMB Lacelle Series; JewelColor & Limbal.

The Lacelle Limbal series comes in 3 sets of colours with are Modest Black & Tender Brown. Both work to make the eyes appear bigger the subtle way. 

As for the Lacelle Color series, they have 4 unique color options that will bring a brighter and attractive eyes. 
Jubilee Violet
Sparkling Brown
Frozen Grey
Majestic Blue

The latest Jewel series has a unique lace pattern design that makes your eyes literally pop! With 7 colors to match with your daily OOTDs, I am sure that you will be turning heads everywhere you go. 
Diclaimer: Images from Bausch+Lomb official website.

Benefits of Lacelle Jewel
  • Unique lens design for perfect lens fit that enhances cosmetic effect.
  • Great comfort as thin lens with center thickness of 0.078mm with water content of 38%.
  • Lens materials are of reducing lens dehydration, for excellent comfort.
  • Unique jewel pattern which gives more depth and sparkle for distinctive eyes. 
  • FDA approved color pigment with color embedding technology which creates safe and comfortable lens. 
  • Lacelle Jewel has been proven to be non-toxic and non-irritant to the eye. 
All the BAUSCH & LOMB Lacelle lenses are of monthly disposable and is available at all major optical outlets.

1 BOX : RM68 nett
2 BOXES : RM110 nett
 **inclusive of 6% GST

Lacelle Color's packaging is very attractive compared to it's other rivals in the market. Small and compact, it is easily carried in your travelling makeup bag. You will need to purchase two boxes if your readings for both eyes are different. One box contains 2 monthly soft lens which comes in easy open blister pack. 

BAUSCH & LOMB's contact lens have always been my favourite when it comes to monthlies. One thing about most daily contact lens is they can get pretty dry and I always have difficulties when it comes to removing them at the end of the day. Usually, I will go for grey, brown or black color lens as they compliment me best. Itching to try some brighter color; eg. Violet, on my next purchase :D

Lacelle Color  Sparkling Brown lens <3

I deliberately wear Lacelle Color one whole day to test out the comfort level without apply eyedrops. I know this is not advisable. I do bring eyedrops with me whenever I go out but having a high tendency to forget does not serve me any purpose. Well, unless it starts to annoy the hell out of me. 

I am surprised that I do not feel any disturbances the whole day. No dryness, no eyesore. Nothing. What I am even more impressed of is I was able to remove those contact lens without applying any eyedrop before hand (Which I usually have to with other brands of daily contact lens as it will be too dry and get stuck to my cornea, urgh). The other brands which I can recall not failing me is Miacare and Freshlook but let's talk about them some other day.

The brown color was subtle and not too outstanding. It's wider circumference allows my eyes to appear bigger naturally. Things can get quite disturbing if you are looking at a extraordinary enlarged pupil at times but luckily, Lacelle Color does not over do the effects. 

Overall, I am starting to take liking over Lacelle Color series. Very comfortable, looks presentable at all occasions and most importantly, easy removal. I don't know how long this will last but let's hope it stays the same. I would love to try it's latest sibling, the Lacelle Jewel someday :)

This is the moment you are waiting for. 
Do make sure you follow all the steps below to be eligible for a pair of FREE BAUSCH & LOMB Lacelle Jewel cosmetic lens! 
  1. Post a photo of yourself in your FACEBOOK wearing ANY of BAUSCH & LOMB Lacelle cosmetic lens. HASHTAG #ILoveLacelleJewel.
  2. Describe why would you love to try BAUSCH & LOMB Lacelle Jewel cosmetic lens.
  3. Remember to make your post public. Get as many friends to 'Like' your post. To qualify, each post must at least receive 50 likes. 
  4. Upon hitting 50 'Likes', PM BAUSCH & LOMB Malaysia Facebook to inform them and 30 lucky winners will receive a pair of FREE BAUSCH & LOMB Lacelle Jewel cosmetic lens!
  5. Remember to 'Like' BAUSCH & LOMB Malaysia in order to join!
Contest ends 30th November 2015.

Good luck to all of you and do let me know if you are one of the lucky winners! :D


*This is not a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

URBAN DECAY Launch Party 2015 [EVENT]

U R B A N  D E C A Y 
beauty with an edge

U R B A N  D E C A Y is the cosmetic products made by beauty junkies for beauty junkies. I am one of those fans who cheered when they finally launched their first flagship outlet in Malaysia on 13th October 2015.
The prestige outlet is located on the concourse level of Suria KLCC and now, all U D junkies can enjoy the full glory of  U R B A N  D E C A Y. They not only have exclusive cosmetics products, limited edition lifestyle items such as bags and T-shirts are also available to bring the ultimate satisfaction to all beauty fanatics.

The  U R B A N  D E C A Y team decided to celebrate this moment last October 28th by having an invitation-only party at Zouk Club KL. It's by sheer luck to be at such exclusive event.
The mystical atmosphere at  U R B A N  D E C A Y Launch party.

 U R B A N  D E C A Y Top 10 best seller products. 

Feeling like a queen as beauty experts turn us into U R B A N  D E C A Y beauties of our choice. 
Feeling Dangerous, Feminine or Fun?

U R B A N  D E C A Y International makeup artist Steve Kassajikian was there for a makeup demo, that all of us anticipated. Much tips and advice were giving to create that classic flawless look of the 3 beautiful  U D models.

Of course, there are cocktails and delicious hors d'oeuvres served through out the entire event to keep us going.

A toast to  U R B A N  D E C A Y's bright start.

We truly enjoyed the music and performance brought by Hunny Madu, Supa Mojo, Al Caponey, Nadhira, Sona One and DJ Twinkles. The ladies delivered inspiring songs, dedicated to strong and independent women of today.

"No More" by Sona One.

U R B A N  D E C A Y never did things half way. 
Thank you for bringing us to heaven with your doorgifts <3

Gift of appreciation to all U R B A N  D E C A Y launch party sponsors. 

Picture with beauty blogger JennyMa and my school mate, Aris.

Thanks to Uber for the 2 free rides, and  U R B A N  D E C A Y for what I feel a perfect one-day high-end experience. 


Now, please excuse me while I enjoy my  U R B A N  D E C A Y  cravings.


Friday, 6 November 2015

Revamp Your Style with Wigaholics


It has been a while since I cosplayed (Priorities in life). 
Well, I still go to events just to keep in touch with my buddies, who are still friendly and supportive as ever. One thing good is you get to know people, learn and share knowledge no matter what age, race or gender. For that, I never regretted. 

I love you all. You know who you are :)

Today I am going to share with you an online website that caters to our needs. Not just cosplayers. Let it be revamping our fashion style or just a change of hairstyle.
If you fancy beautiful wigs, seriously, this is one place you should look into.
I am talking about Wigaholics. 
They have all sorts of colors and length to meet your criterias. 
They even have this section where you can key in which character you would like to cosplay. Probably they will look into which wig fits the character best, that is for you to find out :)

All about Wigaholics
 Wigaholics's home page

You can select your wigs by colour chart.

 Category under the Wig section

 Premium wig Selection

Wig Accessories

P/s: Additional information you may want to know before purchasing 

**Kindly take note of their shipping fees. 
You may refer to their website for further information :)

The main thing I want to focus here is about the wigs because that is their main selling product and personally, I feel the quality is very important and what can this wig do for us in long run.

This is what you get when the parcel arrives.
Yes, Wig stand and Anti-static comb are included. So, order what is needed. I wouldn't mind getting an extra wig cap though as one loosens very fast. (Speaking from past experience)

Anti-static comb                                               Wig Stand

The Wig stand's packaging comes with clear pictorials on how to assemble them.
This is how it looks like after you put all the parts together.

Under normal Sunlight                                   Under fluorescent light

How Do You Untangle a Wig?
Please start combing from BOTTOM FIRST, slowly move upwards.
Okay, this sounds so wrong. XD
It's easier to manage the tangles from bottom first, trust me.

For first timers, we've got you covered.
There is a tag on the wig that guides you from how to wear a wig to washing them. In the past, we had to learn by ourselves or from friends. >M<

I may not be the expert about wigs, all I know today is self-learnt. However, I have managed enough of them to know which is acceptable and not. Basic management on wigs I can handle. 

This wig may not be the premium type but quality wise is considered good. Very smooth and light; you won't feel the weight. But like all wigs, it can be pretty hot when you put them on, so pick the right occasion. I love it's tangle-free properties. Could because it's new but we shall see about that :)

Basically, there are 4 types of wig fibers
(Best quality from top to bottom)
Remy Human Hair 
Natural Hair
Heat friendly fibers
Synthetic fibers

In Wigaholics, they used Hiperlon Fiber for normal wigs and Premium Heat-resisting Fiber for well, premium wigs. Both are heat resistant up to 120'C, so it means you can style your wigs however you want. These types of fibers are among the best after real hair wigs (Which can be rather expensive)

Silky smooth <3

Price can be on the higher side but hey! They are having promo NOW, lowest at only RM65 (excluding shipping) but with all the free things they throw in, why not? :)
Better quality means can last longer and also money savvy.

Alot of designs went out of stock.
I have been eyeing on this particular wig that has 3 tones with gradient purple to pink, but unfortunately, not available anymore.
Please bring it back TT^TT

And so, all the vain selfies I took.
Darn! Missed those cosplay times. ><

Reminds you of any particular singing voice synthesizer? :3


Any Hangeul look? :)

Yup, so that's all for today.
Hope you enjoyed my post and vain pictures XD

For more information, check out Wigaholics official page.
Website | Facebook 

Juneci <3

*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences*