Natta Cosme Soap Bar Review

by - December 08, 2015

People of today are getting more health conscious.
It's not hard to mention someone close to you, who is a health freak. I cannot blame them, same way at how they would look at us, who are messy & lazy beyond their rational. Speaking about moderation, yeah?

So, coming back to health conscious. I supposed you might be able to recall my little incident that requires me to be hospitalized. Not an entirely pleasant situation but we all have some lesson to learn. And so, I started to love myself a little more by looking for something more organic to live by and of course, keeping myself clean.

It was about the right time, Natta Cosme came into the picture.
Thank you for sending me the Happy Healthy Skin Set by YUAN Soap. Really appreciate it.

Let's talk a little about these YUAN soap bars.
Made in Taiwan, the YUAN Soap are free from any coloring, essence oil, fragrance-fixing agents and what so ever people would put in the soap bars we have on the supermarket shelves today to make them sellable. It is also stearic acid and paraffin wax-free, commonly used to plump up soaps.
No animal fats are used in this soap production.

*I hope you can read Chinese*

The essence of herbs used in the YUAN soap preparation are prepared with prolonged hours, giving the naturalness in the herbal fragrance. The soaps are handmade using cold process to retain the vital minerals and natural glycerin in the soap. You would be as surprised as me if i tell you that each Chinese character stamping on the soaps are done with man power of extreme strength and breathing accuracy. No machinery used.
If I were to stamp one, I don't think the soap bar will remain intact XD

The company that manufactures YUAN soap holds strongly to their own principles.
They put their entire soul into making the soaps,

From Top to Bottom

1. YUAN Oat Soap from FAITH: Seed Series 
Offers pure nourishment from grains and premium oils to moisturize and provide gentle care for tender skins. Suitable for babies, children and woman during and after pregnancies.

2. YUAN Auspicious Soap from COMPASSION: Herb Series
Believed to bring positive energy and good luck by Desmodium caudatum plant and is used in various healing recipes, including sharing the same benefits as Wild Mugwort in soothing eczema skin. 
3. YUAN Women's Soap from DILIGENCE: Special Series. 
Involved 12 steps with natural herbal formula with multiple extracts to achieve in-depth cleansing and removal of excessive grease and darkening substances to restore respiratory functions for your pores. Dedicated for those with facial acnes and homemakers. 

The Happy Healthy Skin Set (worth RM69.90) consist if 3 different Yuan Soap bars (50g each).

 R E V I E W 

These soap bars at first look, doesn't look very attractive. The Chinese character embossed does improve the packaging a little. The soaps fragrance smells of  floral traditional medication. Even for someone who cannot read Chinese description on the packaging like me, it's understood that it is made of natural ingredients.
YUAN's smell is therapeutic and I felt my mind went on a holiday during shower. All three soap bars have slight varies in the scents. YUAN Oat Soap carries the refreshing lemongrass fragrance, YUAN Auspicious Soap has  the mildest smell among all 3 and YUAN Women's Soap is almost similar to YUAN Oat Soap but with a tinge of mint. I am particularly interested in YUAN Auspicious Soap as it is suitable for sensitive skin as well as brings peace of mind.

YUAN soap does not have any stinging sensation and is relatively easy to lather and rinse off. The smell is not very strong as it is made of natural ingredients, but fair enough, lasted me half the day. I felt more refreshed and definitely soul rejuvenated with each use of YUAN soap.

I love how it smells and my mind is finally at ease knowing that the soaps are made of 100% natural ingredience, free from any coloring, preservatives and artificial fragrance. Suitable for those sensitive skin, regardless of age and gender. Giving a rate of 10/10, there is no way I can express how much in love I am with them. Although in the beginning, I was not too impressed by the plain packaging, I realized the content benefits outweigh the exterior look. I would definitely repurchase these life saving soap bars soon!

The Happy Healthy Skin Set is currently not available but you can get the YUAN Soap bars (Original Size 100g) separately at RM36.90 each on Natta Cosme. It comes cheaper in the original size compared to the sets.

If you intend to try YUAN soap for yourself, check out Natta Cosme websites in the links below.

  •  With purchases above RM70, you will be entitled for a free Standard 3 Days Shipping in Peninsular Malaysia area.
  • Key in the coupon code 1212 to redeem a FREE Skin & Lab Green Gel Oil worth RM127 with purchases above RM127. Limited coupons and valid for order payments before 14th December 2015.

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*This is a sponsored post. However, all evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

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