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by - November 06, 2015


It has been a while since I cosplayed (Priorities in life). 
Well, I still go to events just to keep in touch with my buddies, who are still friendly and supportive as ever. One thing good is you get to know people, learn and share knowledge no matter what age, race or gender. For that, I never regretted. 

I love you all. You know who you are :)

Today I am going to share with you an online website that caters to our needs. Not just cosplayers. Let it be revamping our fashion style or just a change of hairstyle.
If you fancy beautiful wigs, seriously, this is one place you should look into.
I am talking about Wigaholics. 
They have all sorts of colors and length to meet your criterias. 
They even have this section where you can key in which character you would like to cosplay. Probably they will look into which wig fits the character best, that is for you to find out :)

All about Wigaholics
 Wigaholics's home page

You can select your wigs by colour chart.

 Category under the Wig section

 Premium wig Selection

Wig Accessories

P/s: Additional information you may want to know before purchasing 

**Kindly take note of their shipping fees. 
You may refer to their website for further information :)

The main thing I want to focus here is about the wigs because that is their main selling product and personally, I feel the quality is very important and what can this wig do for us in long run.

This is what you get when the parcel arrives.
Yes, Wig stand and Anti-static comb are included. So, order what is needed. I wouldn't mind getting an extra wig cap though as one loosens very fast. (Speaking from past experience)

Anti-static comb                                               Wig Stand

The Wig stand's packaging comes with clear pictorials on how to assemble them.
This is how it looks like after you put all the parts together.

Under normal Sunlight                                   Under fluorescent light

How Do You Untangle a Wig?
Please start combing from BOTTOM FIRST, slowly move upwards.
Okay, this sounds so wrong. XD
It's easier to manage the tangles from bottom first, trust me.

For first timers, we've got you covered.
There is a tag on the wig that guides you from how to wear a wig to washing them. In the past, we had to learn by ourselves or from friends. >M<

I may not be the expert about wigs, all I know today is self-learnt. However, I have managed enough of them to know which is acceptable and not. Basic management on wigs I can handle. 

This wig may not be the premium type but quality wise is considered good. Very smooth and light; you won't feel the weight. But like all wigs, it can be pretty hot when you put them on, so pick the right occasion. I love it's tangle-free properties. Could because it's new but we shall see about that :)

Basically, there are 4 types of wig fibers
(Best quality from top to bottom)
Remy Human Hair 
Natural Hair
Heat friendly fibers
Synthetic fibers

In Wigaholics, they used Hiperlon Fiber for normal wigs and Premium Heat-resisting Fiber for well, premium wigs. Both are heat resistant up to 120'C, so it means you can style your wigs however you want. These types of fibers are among the best after real hair wigs (Which can be rather expensive)

Silky smooth <3

Price can be on the higher side but hey! They are having promo NOW, lowest at only RM65 (excluding shipping) but with all the free things they throw in, why not? :)
Better quality means can last longer and also money savvy.

Alot of designs went out of stock.
I have been eyeing on this particular wig that has 3 tones with gradient purple to pink, but unfortunately, not available anymore.
Please bring it back TT^TT

And so, all the vain selfies I took.
Darn! Missed those cosplay times. ><

Reminds you of any particular singing voice synthesizer? :3


Any Hangeul look? :)

Yup, so that's all for today.
Hope you enjoyed my post and vain pictures XD

For more information, check out Wigaholics official page.
Website | Facebook 

Juneci <3

*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

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  1. Your wig is cool! I like your collection!~

  2. Awesome, they come in a complete set, so convenient for us la!!

  3. kawaii!!! suit you well dear. love to see people cosplay too.

  4. u look so cute in that wig! really suits you alot. are you going for cosplaying this 28 and 29 at kenanga wholesale city? :D

  5. The wig quality is nice. you look nice on it.

  6. Look nice on u dear! Hope can try once with my sister next time, she love to cosplay as well :P

  7. I love wigs to be worn once in a while. One would totally look different with a wig and isn't that lovely?

  8. the wig look amazing. never try it . i think u like cosplay too!!

  9. The wig quality look not bad from your picture. Can consider get one for myself to being cosplay, hahaha

  10. Nice wig... love your new hair colour, oops, I mean wig colour.. heheheh......

  11. Good for those people that's growing bald and wants to have a head of hair. LOL

  12. Nice wigs you had. I wanna get 1 for myself for fun too.

  13. Great looking wig and gives off a different vibe. Cool

  14. Sorry ya, how come the website link direct to Printcious geh? ;)

    1. Hey dear, thanks for your highlight *gasp* I have rectify it :)

  15. I like like you wig cosplay look! hehe Looking so cawaii here, the color of the wig suits you too!

  16. For a chicken like me
    ..dont dare to dye hair...this is very veryyyyyy good. Love it!

  17. For a chicken like me
    ..dont dare to dye hair...this is very veryyyyyy good. Love it!

  18. very cute, i hope you walk out to events with that wig. you will surely turn heads.

  19. Interesting! It's very convenient for us who doesn't want to run around Klang Valley to search for cosplay. :)

  20. I always wanna try to wear a wig but don't know how to manage it.
    Thanks for your info my dear. Would love to try one myself. :)

  21. nice cosplay there! :) i was wondering the same thing.. is this a printcious thing?

    1. I am sorry, Mistake >< But great that you checked out the link! I have rectify it :)

  22. Not bad the pricing of the wigs! Love how they carry all sorts of ombres and mix coloured wigs :)
    Looking cute in the green wig babe!


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