Understanding Eczema- A Very Itchy Situation

by - November 04, 2015

I was just discharged from the hospital two days back due to my eczema gone bad. Partially putting the blame on the our neighbour's poor environment management. > < 
*Come on la, dei! Pity la us here suffocating in your smog*
To be in the painful state until unable to walk was the first time my condition deteriorate to that extend. This serve me an important lesson to take care myself more. 

Today, I would like to share with you this piece of knowledge. Hopefully in future, you can guide and give better care to those around you.
If you want to be specific, there are many types of skin condition aka dermatitis. But let's not get too in-depth.

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Eczema, also known as Atopic dermatitis affects 10-20% of children and 1-3% in adults. In Malaysia and Singapore, eczema affects up to 20% population, with 90% developing this condition before age 5.
This statistic, however is rising due to the environmental hazard we are facing. Increased in motor vehicles and development in industrial area, water pollutants are among the factors that is NOT helping us. Most children will wear out of this condition  by puberty (we call this Childhood Eczema).  

 Atopic Dermatitis runs in the family and the chance is increased when someone in the family has asthma, rhinitis or hay fever. So it's the matter of luck who gets it and when. I am the only unlucky one in my family (next person who had it was my father's side Aunt) and it carried on since my childhood times. Atopic Dermatitis has no cure, the main focus is to prevent breakout and relieve discomfort; in this situation
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- Sensitive and itchy skin that rashes when scratched
- Dry, Thick and Scaly skin

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- Skin Infections
- Emotional Stress
- Food/ Preservatives
- Pollens/ Dust Mites
- Exposure to tobacco smoke
- Irritating clothes or chemicals (Eg. clothes rubbing to skin or detergent, perfumes, talcum powder, lotion, air freshener)
- Pets, carpets, stuff toys
- Extreme cold or hot environment (Mainly warm situation which involve heat and perspiration)
- Excessive bathing, hand washing, lips licking, sweating or swimming (extensive stripping of body moisture)

To stop the itch, first of all we need to understand the cycle.

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Simple said, the dry skin will cause itchiness, which will break when you scratch them. This becomes a target for infection and the inflammatory mediators will react by causing inflammation and this will further aggravate the itch.
Better not start scratching.

However, if you have never had eczema, you can never understand how terrible it gets.
The itch never stops and only gets worse at night (Partially contributed by lack of distraction).
I have been through the breakout period one due to duct mites and also spent many sleepless itchy nights. Not entirely a very good experience.

  1. Take quick showers 1-2 times daily for 5-10 minutes each time with lukewarm water. Avoid long hot bath.
  2. Pat dry after each shower and do not rub skin with towels as this may trigger and itch reaction
  3. Keep fingernails short and filed all times to avoid germs entering the skin from scratching
  4. Modify 'Itch-Scratch Habit' to 'Itch-Rub Habit. 
  5. Wipe away excessive sweats after exposure to heat of sweaty activities followed by gentle moisturizers. AtopiclairEzerra cream and Eucerin Soothing Cream works fine but if you are not sure, better seek for professional medical advice.
  6. Avoid woolly, synthetic and tight-fitting clothing. Loose cotton clothing is recommended. 
  7. Consider the Wet Wrap Therapy to help ease the itch.
  8. Avoid driving if you are on oral prescription. Some medications such as Cetirizine can cause drowsiness, although it helps in sleeping better.

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I hope this post helps.
Cheers <3


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  1. oh! i was having this problem recently maybe due to my ageing process. I put lots of lotion.

  2. Better get rid of the problem effectively. Thanks for the tips

  3. yeah my body will be very itch especially in the night.
    My dear itch is worst usually near his neck area.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I'd friend who suffer from eczema, I believe this tips will help him much :)

  5. I have skin rashes sometimes and I have my niece and an ex boyfriend who had severe eczema..... it is not nice and not fun... and this tips are handy....

  6. I heard that changing to an all-organic product range would help with this skin condition. Sometimes, it's the chemical reaction on our skin that causes it.

  7. Oh my sister has this, her skin has weird outbreaks when least expected. Thank you for your tips, will share with her :)

  8. I never aware of this! Gonna check myself always and let my friend know about it!

  9. Oh dear, sorry to hear you were hospitalized! Hope you're feeling better! I have cousins and friends with eczema and this post should be able to help them

  10. A good sharing regarding eczema and hope you fully recover.

  11. Thanks for sharing dear. Hope you'll fully recover! I have friends and also friends with babies/kids that has eczema of all sorts but most of them also can recover through a few methods. U can try VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) u can get at any hypermarkets or cosway. Just apply neat on affected area. It cured my baby's eczema on his face since newborn until 3mo, now he's free of eczema... Also u can try Menang 8 Raja Kayu soaps, u can google it or on facebook. Let me know if u wanna try the soaps out cos I got take stocks for it and it helps some of my customers too.

  12. Thanks for the info. I don't have eczema though a friend's little girl does and I just forwarded this to her. Hopefully those with eczema can recover fast, especially you. :)

  13. Tks for the tips. Really itchy if not treated well.

  14. Wow. I must remember to take pre-cautions then. Thank you for sharing. Better to prevent then to start when its too late

  15. A good sharing of tips, I wanna share this with my neighbour's grand son as he suffers this skin problem recently :) Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  16. eczema can be real scary especially if it's uncontrolled, hope you managed to get it healed babe.

  17. Thank you so much for the information.

  18. My friend kena once, doctor said due to overload stress, she went for holiday and it seemed help :)

  19. Whenever I have very bad skin rashes or feeling super itchy, that might be eczema without me knowing, I always wore those silky type of clothes and my mom told me to not put something that smells nice on it like lotion as it might be worse. And yeah, it works on me. :D

  20. I hope you are better now. I suffer ekzema too and I know how it is like.

  21. Omg! Looking at the photo already can feel the pain of suffering it! Wish you are better now

  22. Offlate I am going through the eczema and know how bad it is to suffer everyday.


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