[REVIEW] 3Bskin Water Splash Hydrating Jelly Mask

by - March 14, 2016

Hey Beauties!

I have been up to so many things these days that 24hours is simply not enough! DX
In this El Nino heat wave, my skin has been crying out for emergency attention.
I decided to try out something refreshing 3Bskin sent to me,
so let's see how things work out for me :)

 3Bskin Water Splash Hydrating Jelly Mask

First impression, I find the packaging is really cute (blue with polka dots) and guessing this product is cater mainly for young ladies who have oily and blemish skin (due to hormones that prevents us from getting weird cancers). Already very eager to try this out because it fits my skin issues and said to replenishes, restores and revitalizes the skin with intense moisturizing ingredients.

3Bskin Water Splash Hydrating Jelly Mask weighs 50gms and instructions on usage is clearly printed on the box. I appreciate the transparency practiced as there is no paper wastage where instructions are usually found on separate paper in the packaging and by just one look, I already know how this mask will work.

There are 2 methods to use this mask and it all depends to your preference;
Leaving it on for 15-30 minutes or used as a sleeping mask. 

I prefer mine as Sleeping Mask :)

 I guess they forgotten to put in the letter 'k' at the word "Mas".

Even the container that holds the mask is so cute!
(Transparent on the outside and white on the inside)
I thought it's better if the container is made of glass, rather than plastic to complete the entire cute yet classy look. But when I reflect back, glass material is heavier and pose more danger should someone accidentally dropped it. So, it doesn't really matter, so long the product works for me :)

Look at the beautiful crystal blue jelly mask <3

The texture is far more thicker than the usually hydrating or sleeping masks we have in the market (almost similar to hair gel). I have tried it for the past 1 week and I must say I liked it and it is rather impressive for a local brand!

I am not complain about the texture because I believe "The more, The better"!
Just two finger tips of the jelly mask (it would be better if you use a spatula to maintain hygiene) is sufficient to cover nicely all over my face and it is quite easy to spread.
What I love most about this 3Bskin Water Splash Hydrating Jelly Mask is the cooling refreshing feeling that comes after about 5 seconds of application! Almost like going for a dip and feeling the gentle cool breeze on your skin, like seriously! Smells like one too!! But some stinging sensation is unavoidable if there is some hidden wound on your skin > < (found out this by accident)

I have not seen any brightening effect yet (which is not my main concern; after all I am pretty fair myself :P) but my skin is less irritable now; no longer itchy due to dryness and less oil secretion (one sign of hydration slowly restored!).
*Should really consider getting one of those hand held scanner to check moisture level in future*

Overall, I am giving a rating of 9/10 and is very happy with the cooling + hydration effect :)
At least, my face get to escape the scorching heat without the hunt for air-conditioned indoor.

About 3Bskin

3Bskin is a France formulated skin brand with local curated design and packaging. The products feature unique, eye-catching packaging that appeals to young, style conscious consumers regardless of gender. Devoted to serve the finest quality product and effective solution on deriving flawless beauty, 3Bskin promises fun, exciting and happy moments with amazing results that can be seen, felt and touched. 3Bskin's name is inspired by initials of three magic words: Bouncy, Brighten, Baby Skin; which all the elements are embraced along the brand concept. 

3Bskin embarked it's milestone in early 2013. With years of experience in beauty care industry, 3Bskin founder decided to launch a unique range of products that allow you to flaunt your beauty with even greater confidence, where your beauty serve as their main concern. 

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*This is a sponsored post. However, all evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

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