Bake & Shop Party with The Butterfly Project and Althea Korea

by - May 22, 2016

It has been 2 years since I join The Butterfly Project and last Saturday was a special one.
30 beauty bloggers gathered to celebrate it's 3rd Birthday together! 

Thank you THANK YOU to Tammy and The Butterfly Team for having me! <3

The Butterfly Project was there when I first revive my second blog and it has given me so many new friends and experiences I never dare to dream of. If it weren't for Tammy and The Butterfly Project Team, I wouldn't be here as I am. This 3rd Birthday party just showed how far have we all come together and definitely means wiser as we grow as bloggers.

The last time I actually met all of them was during last year's Christmas Eve, so it feels almost like meeting with long lost friends. Althea Korea decided to join in this year and gave us wonderful surprises! 
Stay with me and I promise you will squeal over the super adorable pictures <3

 Although this is my 2nd event to The Butterfly Project event, this time just tells me how many more people I have yet to know. My apology if I have been critically quiet. Mingle around new crowds is something I am still learning to get used to, especially when I was stressing out on my FYP that time. Oh well, all has past and now I am here to share the happy moments with you <3 

When I arrived at the Delectable by Su (Glasshouse Seputeh), I am overwhelmed by all the pastel colors and cuteness everywhere. 
We were all dressed up in pastel, so everyone looked like they came out from a fairy tale storybook (with lots of cotton candies and flying unicorns just joking). 
Each of us were given a box of *kawaii survival kit* which contains a set of mini apron, Decoden kit and a Laneige White Plus Renew Trial Kit! *uwauwa~* Gonna review that one soon!

Our handsome emcee, Dee Leonard with The Butterfly Project's founder, Tammy on his right.

We have the Master in baking, Sabree to guide us how to pipe our BB Cushions

The first event was the BB Deco Cushion Masterchef Contest. To some of us, it was our first time with piping creams decos onto BB cushion (It's call Decoden) and  guess who had to googled on how to pipe with different kinds of piping tips lD

BB Cushions of Maple, Sharon and I.

The end results of my decorated BB cushion <3 

Then, there was the shopping spree exclusively sponsored by none other than Althea Korea! I mean, all of us got to spend RM150 on the Althea website (How wonderful is that!) BUT with a time limit, which is before the event ends. It really feels like a Cinderella story, rushing before the bell strikes at 12 midnight.
I managed to snag 7 beauty items! THANK YOU ALTHEA KOREA! <3

There was an Instalgram contest which I didn't manage to participate as lent my phone to another blogger who had difficulty in accessing the website due to poor internet connection. The lucky winners, of course got more prizes from Althea Korea! *Next time! > <*

In between the event, we get to sink our tooth into desserts exclusively prepared by Delectable by Su. We were given the opportunity to do more cookie decorations before eating them <3 
Makes me just want to take up baking classes (or at least upgrade my house oven) XD

This adorable Bunny in the Garden is actually edible! Like seriously!


The party ended with a prize giving ceremony to the best 20 BB cushion and Instalgram selfies. 
All the beautifully crafted BB Cushion!

Look at all the prizes!

Although I didn't win anything, I am glad to be able to meet all my blogger buddies and have a fun time together. It is such a pleasurable moment to finally be able to meet with the fun people behind Althea, who has never failed to lure me with their too-good-to-not-buy beauty products. 

To end this blog post, here are some pictures of the event. 
The survey card *feeling meow*

The founder of Althea Korea.

Wipe out all ye' cameras, Ladies! (and men)

Beauty Blogger Rika Jue with her lovely art.

Leonard and the giant Donut

In the company of happy people

A short video of the BB cushion decoden

When you can play and eat at the same time <3 *Cookie deco*

Now I can look great with a cute and delicious looking BB Cushion  :)

My pastel OOTD

If you are interested to find out more about Althea Korea,
here is their Malaysia Facebook page and Website.
Currently they have reached out to Singapore and Philippines. Next would be Indonesia, so look out!

Til we meet again, The Butterfly Project and Athea Korea! <3
Thank you for the awesome time!


Picture credits to Sharon and my supportive partner <3

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  1. Looking so pretty in this outfit! Hope we can have a catch up soon again =D Missing the moment till now!

    1. Thank you! You look great too. Don't worry. We will meet agaib before we both knew it XD


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