Wednesday, 29 June 2016

[REVIEW] Slimming with Centa Svelte Slender Jelly

Slimming journey is never easy. 
It requires ALOT of perseverance, regardless of how aching your limbs are, begging you to stop. 
Regardless of how much food intake you controlled, somethings just refused to go as you wished. 
So much for a food and dessert lover 

If you realize, there are many products on the market shelf, too many until I don't know which will work for me. Of course, the best solution is always to exercise but I know I need supplementary help > <

Svelte Slender Jelly came in the nick of time when I was about to explore new slimming products in the market. To be honest, I have tried plenty of slimming products in various form; from coffee, tea and jelly (Here are some hyperlinks to my previous reviews, Some of them isn't effective as I expected). I am not slimming down to look drop-dead gorgeous, instead was hoping that I can at least lost some stubborn fats and maintain an optimal body weight. A lot of illnesses will follow obesity and I certainly do not want that.

Signs & Danger of Obesity
Heart disease
Drooping chest
Folding and Protruding stomach *gasp*
Flabby thighs
Joint pains
Fatty shoulder pads
Flabby arms
Stretch marks
Enlarged hips, loose buttocks
If you have any of these signs, you are already in the High Risk groups. So do something.

Product Details

Svelte Slender Jelly is Malaysia's First slimming jelly and is an innovative product of Swiss Biotechnologies International, Geneva, Switzerland under the CENTA brand. Each box contains 20 sachets of Acal Berry Jelly and it is recommended to take one sachet before breakfast and dinner. It is always better to keep hydrated, consume the jelly immediately after opening and drink a glass of 300mls water with each strip for best results. 

This slimming jelly claimed to have maximum effect of 24 hours and is beneficial in: 
Burning fat
Prevents fat formation
Promotes active metabolism
Boost immunity
Reducing hunger pangs
Drain toxins

It also does not contain any additives/ preservatives, gelatin-free (for those who may have allergy) and is made of natural ingredients.

Precautions need to be taken for those with medical conditions including pregnancy (Do consult a physician before consuming this food supplement). Store in cool dry place. Due to the absence of artificial colors and use of only natural ingredients, taste and color may vary with each batch. However, this would not affect the product's quality.
The nutritional Facts


My first impression towards this product is good. They had all their certifications and quality assurance information right on the box itself so you know what you are in for, without having to look into the box.

The sachets are individually packed, which makes things so much easier. You can store a few in your handbags to be consumed when you are travelling. I like the packaging idea of not stating anything about it being a slimming product besides a berry image. It can 100% pass as a supplement jelly and I don't have to worry about public judgement. 
How many times when your colleague finds out you are taking slimming products, their responses are "Aiyo, you not that fat what", "Eat so much slimming products not good ah", etc etc > <
Not very helpful, isn't it?
Total Fool Proof :)
Ingredients and Expiry Date printed on each sachets
The taste is really a pleasant taste bud simulator. I thought the sweet sour taste would open my appetite, same like how preserved fruits work but I was wrong. I took the jelly when my hunger pang are at its worse and it does help to delay the hunger about an hour to 2. After the hunger time past, usually I am not that hungry anymore and is able to take smaller food portions. This is better than staying hungry and ended up eating more to satisfy the emotional hunger.

Although there is a slight weight lost (not very significant, my pants does not feel any looser), I am not quite sure was it due to the Svelte Slender Jelly or because I lost my appetite due to my uncomfortable experience related to urinary tract infection (I am very positive it has nothing to do with this slimming jelly). Had to pause the slimming course as worried of potential drug interaction. It could also be the slimming course was too short to witness any drastic changes (Mind you, one box is only for 10 days). 
Thankfully, there was no painful sensation or urge for bowel clearance like how some slimming product works. One thing I've got to admit; it helped reduces my hunger pangs and I can foresee how it will help with my slimming journey. 

For a 10 days course at RM95.29 (inclusive GST), I personally felt it is slightly overpriced but guessed that is the common price for jelly-based slimming products, not to mention natural ingredients and safety assured. 

Svelte Slender Jelly is available at all Guardian and Watsons outlet. 

For more information, do check out CENTA  Facebook page :)


*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

[EVENT] Travel the World with EOS M10 x Rilakkuma

Travel the world is everyone's greatest dream. 
Although it is important to embrace the moment, I find capturing memories in the form of pictures will allow us to look back fondly in many years to come. That is one reason why I pay great emphasize in the photo quality before purchasing a new phone. 
Of course, its not just the photo quality that we need to consider. Size of the camera, convenience of button manipulation and of course, cost should also be taken into thoughts. Younger generations of today preferred flip out screens over conventional camera screens for easy selfie taking.
Canon has recently launch a new compact camera with collaboration of a very much-fond Japanese bear character, RILAKKUMA! <3 This collaboration fits the growing trends of taking your favorite toy selfies with #FOTD and travel journeys aka Nui-Dori :)

My Sae-rang waiting for me *hnghhhh*

Many thanks to The Butterfly Project for this great opportunity in meeting my favorite San-X character! *Muaks muaks muaks!!!*

After checking in at Whup Whup cafe at Subang Jaya in a travel attire (Yes, we are all on a Holiday!) , many fun activities that await us, including a gigantic Rilakkuma plushie! *fan girl squeal*
Meeting my idol character finally <3

The event started with the emcee introducing programme of the day
Briefing on the launching of EOS M10 compact camera

Real life Rilakkuma!! *I want to bring him home*
Left: Sandy Lee, Senior Marketing Manager

Atmosphere at the Canon launching event

One of the game stations we have to complete XD

Forgive my lotsa vain selfie XD

In conjunction of the EOS M10 launching, users can now have Rilakkuma as their travel companion as the Canon's special edition EOS M10 box set comes with a limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma plushie! *OMG...*

I only manage to handle the EOS M10 for a short period and I must say, really had the impulse of getting one ASAP from the nearest Canon outlet (No, I do not have a camera yet and rely heavily on my smart phone during events Q_Q ). It is remarkably light and travel convenient. The Canon EOS M10 also comes with a flip out screen (which double serve as touch screen too!) for those who love selfies. What more, the Self Portrait mode features a one-touch beautification shortcut that offers a skin smoothing effect. The clarity is awesome and I have compared with its competitor, nothing bets it. For those who enjoys photography as hobby, the great news is this EOS M10 has interchangeable lens (sold separately) like a DSLR. Its Wi-Fi feature allows seamless sharing on multiple social media platforms (Sounds perfect for me! <3)

If you prefer jackets for camera protection or style, you will be glad to know that they do have them (sold separately) in a range of striking colors such as classic Navy, a sweet hue of Pink and monochrome Border for different occasions <3

This short clip is made in devotion for Rilakkuma dearest <3

Here are some pictures taken during the event
Rilakkuma basking in the sun with refreshing coconut

Tammy-san, founder of The Butterfly Project is also seen enjoying
the companion of these cuddly plushies <3

Group picture with Sharon and other friends :)

Group photo together <3

For more information, kindly visit Canon Imaging Asia Website and Facebook :)

Now, excuse me as I am busy dating my prince charming <3


*Some of the photos are credited to The Butterfly Project and Canon Camera (Malaysia) * 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

[REVIEW] Does the Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System by MoltoBene work?

I haven't been complaining how messed up my hair was after a DIY hair dye turned wrong
(Will review that very soon).
It was a terrible, almost hair-ripped experience and most deeply regretted. Shower time was a horror as my hair would just shrivel down to a untangleable messy nest state. I lost count how many hairs I dropped and was pushed to a stage whereby I stopped combing my hair all together, just teasing them apart using fingers in hope to save my pitiful hair. It was very disheartening when I compared it to my early chemically relaxed hair and after weeks of wallowing in self-pity, I started to look around for SOS hair rescue. It was by almost God's will, I received an invite to review a hair treatment service.
Thanks to ProHair Salon for attending to my hair needs.

You may have heard of Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System from some blogs or maybe Facebook. As a brief introduction, Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System actually consist of a 5 steps regime + 1 home care maintenance product.

This is actually a product under a Japan company known as MoltoBene group and we all know that the land of the rising sun is always well trusted with reliable and quality products <3

Simple pictorial pamphlet that explains the entire procedure

The first step using the Deep Layer 1, allows penetration of Fibrils aka high molecular hydrolyzed keratin into the damaged hole in hair. The more damage, the better penetration.

Deep Layer 2 uses hydrolyzed  Keratin PPT, called the Kerataide (which are made of feathers) to fill up the gaps between the damage holes to maintain the results. See it as filling in pebbles in between bricks aka Fibrils.
The repairing nano-CMC-like ingredients and Pellicles in Deep Layer 3 are further settled into the hair with a sub acidity formula, which helps expand the Kerataide and strengthens the hair interior.
Deep Layer 4 uses 18 MEA, Novel Chitosan Derivative and Hyaluronic Acid (adsorbent type) that acts as a film by locking in Step 1-3 repair components.
The final Deep Layer 5 incorporates Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine as a coating to the hair surface, giving the glossy look with water repellent properties.

The Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System will last about 2-3 weeks but if you want to prolong the wonderful post treatment effect, it is recommended to use Deep Layer H (40g), a home care treatment 3 times a week. That will give you an estimated of another 2 weeks :)

My loyal Samsung S3 & I

There are many moments I was unable to take picture off as I forgotten to bring my selfie stick that day and was too shy to ask for assistance *DX*. Anyway, Step 2 involves hair steaming to enhance absorption of the repair ingredients into our hair.


I can't tell you how much I love this treatment! First day itself, there is already noticeable change in my hair condition. Far smoother and less tangle. I am not over-exaggerating but this hair treatment resolved my hair-nest-in-shower syndrome. It lasted me about 2 and a half weeks and although it is almost 1 month now since the hair treatment, my hair has not returned to its horrendous state and I am thankful for that.

Noticeable smoother hair before the style up.

BEFORE                                               AFTER

For those who have been through chemical hair treatment, you would probably still remember the pungent chemical stench that often last a week or so. Although Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System has the same smell, it is of a very mild and more pleasant one, which will fade off after the subsequent hair wash.

Healthier moisturized lock <3

The branch manager, Mr Stephen has given me several insight on the cause of my hair problems. One reason could be due to my already chemically relaxed hair. Many of the DIY hair dye products in the market contains silicone to give the shiny luscious hair. However, when used on chemically treated hair in my situation, it some sort had an adverse reaction and ruin the hair texture, giving the messy nest hair. Therefore, it is always advisable to return to a hair salon if you intend to try something new on your chemically treated hair. Some things are never meant to be tried at home.

Do expect the entire treatment process will take about 1 to 2 hours (depending on your hair length and condition) with a couple of hair washings in between. Of course, it 's an extremely simple procedure whereby most of the treatment application and hair washing are done over the salon basin.

As expected from a professional salon, PRO Hairdressing Team Salon completes the hair treatment with a complimentary hair styling by loosely curling the ends of my locks. I love the overall service and will definitely pay a visit to them before my next oversea trip in October :)

The NP per treatment is RM250 which can be rather high-priced but for the results you get, I personally feel it is good when you needed a quick no-fuss smooth hair for an upcoming event or  just before you travel! Strongly suggest for already chemically treated hair as there is no other way for healthier hair besides treating it.


Thank you to PRO Hairdressing Team Taipan branch manager and Man for having me!

Like and Follow on PRO Hairdressing Team's Facebook & Instalgram page to get RM10 off
**T&C applies.

Should you be interested in any of the hair services by this lovely team, do give them a call to book for an appointment :)

PRO Hairdressing Team - Taipan branch
58G, Jalan USJ 10/1B, 
UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor.
(Same row as Maybank Taipan, opposite Starbucks & Coffee Bean)
Contact: 012 217 8722


*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

[REVIEW] ROHTO Cooling Eye Drops is finally in Malaysia!

It was about 2 week ago when ROHTO decided to drop a surprise to my doorstep. 
I could not make it to their launching event on the 2nd April due to my FYP but it seemed they never forgets. 
Thank you for this refreshing parcel <3 

So what is ROHTO all about?
Manufactured in Osaka, Japan by ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, ROHTO eye drops is the 
Number #1 eye drop brand in Japan. It is recently brought in to Malaysia under the wings of Mentholatum Malaysia, which is well known with many other brands such as Hada Labo, Botanics and Oxy.

ROHTO is not something new to me. I came to know about this brand few years back when my dearest uncle who had severe eye dryness brought some back from his Japan trip. The one he gave to me has a very cute square and sleek design.

These two is very much similar. Do you know they even have a cooling scale?

Say Hello to both ROHTOs <3

ROHTO Cool eye drops cooling level marks at 5 out of 8, (level 0 means mild) which is slightly cooler than average eye drops for the refreshing kick. Although I have learnt to appreciate the cooling effects of ROHTO Cool eye drops, it is not without some 'super exciting' first time experience. Some people might find it hard to tolerate mint drops in their eyes; tbh I wasn't a frequent contact lens user back then with almost no reason to benefit it's 'spicy' sensation. However, to those who suffered from eye irritation and tiredness, the 'spicy' sensation quickly turns to a comfortable cool refreshing one :)
Want an extra kick for faster refreshed eyes? Store them in the refrigerator.
You are most welcome :)

You will thankful as ROHTO Cool eye drops is suitable for usage with and without contact lens! Now, that is cost savvy for contact lens users as you don't have to buy 2 different eye drops.

Check if you fit into these categories.
ROHTO Cool eye drops might just make the rest of your day a better one :)
  • Prolonged exposure to computer/ TV usage
  • Wears contact lens
  • Minor eye irritation caused by smog, dust, wind, sun glare and chlorinated water
  • Working in an air-conditioned room

The unique transparent bottle is not only for ecstatic purposes. It makes things a lot more easier to detect any abnormalities in the eye drop solution such as cloudiness or change in color although it is always good to use any eye drops within 2-3 months from opening date.

If you notice the nozzle tip of ROHTO Cool eye drops, it is specially designed to facilitate accurate eye drop instillation without messy side dripping, which can increase risk of contamination.  I used to need assistant when it comes to using eye drop but not anymore.

Personally, I liked ROHTO Cool eye drops' palm size design. I always had problems in searching for my tiny winy eyedrop in my messed up handbag (You don't want to know what is in there). The larger than average size and slim body makes it easier to be identified. It's slimmer design can also fit nicely into your ladies' purse <3

In summary, these are the 5 things I like most about 
ROHTO Cool eye drops.

  • Cooling effect that smooths the eye
  • Transparency in packaging that enhances safety feature
  • No-drip nozzle that prevents mess and contamination
  • Thin bottle design allowing easy storage in small compartments, eg wallet
  • Palm-sized, bigger than conventional eye drop makes finding it easier in my messy handbag

If you are not up to the 'mint' challenge yet, there are another 2 variants besides ROHTO Cool eye drops;
the ROHTO Aqua with cooling level 0 to provide gentle moisturizing effect

ROHTO Dry Aid with cooling level 1 for dry eye relief (only suitable for non-contact lens wearer).

ROHTO Cool eye drops is available at most leading pharmacies, drugstore and hypermarkets at at RM16.90 inclusive of GST.  At 13mls per bottle, I felt the price is slightly pricier compared to the other eye drops but still within a reasonable range, having to be the only eye drop that gives a different type of refreshing sensation yet effective results and it's transparent safety feature. I find most eye drops we have in the market does not last long in maintaining the keeping our eyes fresh and there is a need to continuously apply them, but ROHTO Cool eye drops only requires one drop to last a couple of hours (It is advisable to put 1-2 drops for 5 to 6 times a day).

So, are you up to the refreshing challenge?


*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences*