[EVENT] Travel the World with EOS M10 x Rilakkuma

by - June 22, 2016

Travel the world is everyone's greatest dream. 
Although it is important to embrace the moment, I find capturing memories in the form of pictures will allow us to look back fondly in many years to come. That is one reason why I pay great emphasize in the photo quality before purchasing a new phone. 
Of course, its not just the photo quality that we need to consider. Size of the camera, convenience of button manipulation and of course, cost should also be taken into thoughts. Younger generations of today preferred flip out screens over conventional camera screens for easy selfie taking.
Canon has recently launch a new compact camera with collaboration of a very much-fond Japanese bear character, RILAKKUMA! <3 This collaboration fits the growing trends of taking your favorite toy selfies with #FOTD and travel journeys aka Nui-Dori :)

My Sae-rang waiting for me *hnghhhh*

Many thanks to The Butterfly Project for this great opportunity in meeting my favorite San-X character! *Muaks muaks muaks!!!*

After checking in at Whup Whup cafe at Subang Jaya in a travel attire (Yes, we are all on a Holiday!) , many fun activities that await us, including a gigantic Rilakkuma plushie! *fan girl squeal*
Meeting my idol character finally <3

The event started with the emcee introducing programme of the day
Briefing on the launching of EOS M10 compact camera

Real life Rilakkuma!! *I want to bring him home*
Left: Sandy Lee, Senior Marketing Manager

Atmosphere at the Canon launching event

One of the game stations we have to complete XD

Forgive my lotsa vain selfie XD

In conjunction of the EOS M10 launching, users can now have Rilakkuma as their travel companion as the Canon's special edition EOS M10 box set comes with a limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma plushie! *OMG...*

I only manage to handle the EOS M10 for a short period and I must say, really had the impulse of getting one ASAP from the nearest Canon outlet (No, I do not have a camera yet and rely heavily on my smart phone during events Q_Q ). It is remarkably light and travel convenient. The Canon EOS M10 also comes with a flip out screen (which double serve as touch screen too!) for those who love selfies. What more, the Self Portrait mode features a one-touch beautification shortcut that offers a skin smoothing effect. The clarity is awesome and I have compared with its competitor, nothing bets it. For those who enjoys photography as hobby, the great news is this EOS M10 has interchangeable lens (sold separately) like a DSLR. Its Wi-Fi feature allows seamless sharing on multiple social media platforms (Sounds perfect for me! <3)

If you prefer jackets for camera protection or style, you will be glad to know that they do have them (sold separately) in a range of striking colors such as classic Navy, a sweet hue of Pink and monochrome Border for different occasions <3

This short clip is made in devotion for Rilakkuma dearest <3

Here are some pictures taken during the event
Rilakkuma basking in the sun with refreshing coconut

Tammy-san, founder of The Butterfly Project is also seen enjoying
the companion of these cuddly plushies <3

Group picture with Sharon and other friends :)

Group photo together <3

For more information, kindly visit Canon Imaging Asia Website and Facebook :)

Now, excuse me as I am busy dating my prince charming <3


*Some of the photos are credited to The Butterfly Project and Canon Camera (Malaysia) * 

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