Saturday, 30 July 2016

[EVENT] Celebrating #AltheaTurns1 at the Althea Pink Party!

Parties are Fun,
But it's even more fun when it has anything related to Althea!
Last July 17th, a group of bloggers and specially invited fans gathered at RUANG, Subang Jaya to mark Althea Korea's 1st Birthday celebration! 
Within it's first year of baby steps, with the support of its very dedicated team and numbers of growing 'kipas susah mati', Althea has reached out to 5 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and most recently, Thailand) as South East Asia's largest online Korea beauty store with the lowest prices shipped directly from Korea.

There are so many interesting activities prepared on that day to keep us all happy and it's all selfie-friendly!

DIY Bingsu Bar

Finger Food Bars

Fun at the Studiobooth
First picture I have with Althea CEO Frank Kang and fabulous Aliza Sara
What would you buy if you only had 30 minutes?
Definitely, no one expected that they will be going on speed shopping at the party.
Althea Korea was being so generous and gave each of everyone RM150 to spend on the most wanted beauty items on the Althea Korea's website! *I LOVE YOU ALTHEA!*
(Of course, the internet connection was expectedly congested, so some of us were thankful when they decided to extend the shopping hours til midnight. Feels like Cinderella XD)

Who knows that Althea Korea's CEO can sing soprano!
Reminds me when I was in the choirs during schooling days <3

What is a Birthday Party without the cake!
The entire cake is edible! I swear this is all beauty lover's dream cake <3
The cake cutting ceremony :)
When helium balloon doubles up as decorative props and also surprise holders.
With never ending surprises, each of us were given an Althea balloon and had to pop them to get our lucky draw prizes.

There are lovely prizes given away to the Top 3 Best Dressed and 5 lucky winners of the Instalgram Contest get to win hampers of exclusive beauty products too!

Here is a short video on the Pink Party event!

More #Selfies with the people I love

Remember to participate in the #AltheaTurns1 Instalgram Contest for there are prizes of worth KRW10,000,000 up for grabs! You may check out my previous post HERE for more info!

Before I end my post, here is a Big Shoutout to the #AltheaTurns1 sponsors for making the event altogether a more memorable one!

Glitz&Glam Studiobooth

Lucky Draw Sponsors <3
-It's My


Saturday, 23 July 2016

[EVENT + CONTEST] It's Althea Korea's 1st Birthday!

I Cannot Believe It!!

It only felt like yesterday when we were all first introduced to Althea Korea and now, it is already ONE year old and they already reaching to their 5th country!!
Saengil Chukha Hamnida, nae sarang <3
Thank you Tammy-san for making things possible and to Althea Korea for spoiling us rotten with genuine beauty products at such affordable price! May you grow further, reaching out to every woman (and men) in the world, making them beautiful!

I supposed that by now, you may have heard of all the Althea hypes that has been taking over Facebook and Instalgram. If you have not, then let me share this to you because you would not want to miss this opportunity!
Even on this blessed event, Althea Korea is still giving us gifts, which includes the
LIMITED EDITION Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit,
FREE GOODIES of Full size beauty products for the first 1,500 shoppers
100% REBATE on 3 Top Sellers of your choice!
(which will rebate into your account)

What more, wish Althea Korea with your party kit to stand a chance in winning amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S,  Galazy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 selfie camera and many more! All in total worth KRW10,000,000! Here is what you've got to do.

#AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest
Got your Althea party kit? Wish us a happy birthday with #altheaturns1
** Contest starts from 20th July - 15th August, 2016.
This is how your DIY Party Kit would look like :)

Well, I've got my Althea box and if you would like to know what is in store this time,
check out my Youtube channel from time to time as I am going to do an unboxing real soon!

Good things doesn't last forever, so hurry and get your beauty Pink Box before 15th August 2016.
Visit Althea Malaysia Facepage or  for more info!
 *Terms and conditions apply.


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

[REVIEW] Facial Rejuvenation with E-Light System by Pink Passion

When women reach a certain age, signs of aging will slowly appear. It is a normal phenomenon that everyone has to undergo but what would you do if you have a choice to look younger?

Thanks to Pink Passion the Signature Salon, I was given the opportunity to experience just that.

I have always heard of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) in hair removal treatment but never knew it can be used in facial therapy, such as Vascular, Pigmentation Removal and also Rejuvenation. What happens when it is of combination usage with RF (bi-polar radiation frequency).
I will share more info on them later.

The salon lady shared that although this treatment effects are more obvious in women of above age 30, it is always better to start early to maintain a more youthful appearance, which can be beneficial in prospect of career and relationship :)
Using the Alinen; the UK Imported skin medic machine, this treatment not only helps in skin lifting, reducing acne and capillary lesions, it also eliminates fluid retention that was the main reason to my puffy aka baby face.

Warning: No editing apps are used in this review.


The E-Light SHR Facial Therapy was overall a good experience. The room's dim atmosphere with soothing music, gentle hands and thoughtfulness of the beautician helps a little in reassurance.
Starting off the E-Light with facial cleansing
If there is one thing that I have to compliment, it would be the helpful explanation and hearing out your comfort feedback on the current tested before proceeding the SHR at sensitive areas especially near the eyes. They provided some orange googles to reduce the glaring effect, but even with those on, I still experienced sudden bright light that fades off quickly, which could be unpleasant to some. This is due to the thin layer of skin around our eyes and effect from the IPL.
However, thankfully this process is a short one and there was no residual discomfort from this.
Using of E-Light system probe
It is also normal to experience some warm sensation followed by mild current zapping on the skin, which is something I had to get used to. This feeling is due to the interaction of RF energy and dermal resistance to the dermal layer to stimulate collagen fibers to regenerate and re-arrange, promoting a more youthful look. The benefit of RF is that, even with lower IPL energy, optimal energy still can reach and heat up the target tissues, which preventing the skin from getting burned at the same time.
The duo-function probe used in the E-Light System
Completing the treatment with nourishing milk mask
For care after E-Light system: Avoid exposure under direct sun for one week as it can be rather harmful to the newly treated skin.
The best part of the activation of collagen is it maximizes absorption of skin care products, so go generous on those skin moisturizers :)
Another tips next time before you go for your next E-Light appointment, pamper yourself with a nice moisturizing mask the night before as it is beneficial during the treatment.

When seeing is believing.
                          Left: Untreated                  Right: Undergone E-Light SHR therapy
 Although it is not very obvious in this picture, I solemn swear there is obvious effect when I checked out myself in the mirror for comparison. My lower right jaw has a more slender shape with a more defined looking right eye. This is especially noticeable when you have droopy mono eyelids like mine > <.

If you are curious how long this treatment will last, here is the answer.
The suppleness you slowly learn to appreciate will slowly drop by 20% each month due to our normal skin cell life of approx. 27 days. But with each treatment, it will restore the collagen back to 100%.
For those in your 30's, it only takes 4-5 cycles of E-Light Facial Therapy to notice the more youthful you.

I find the face massage is extremely therapeutic after a hard day :)

***Latest Update as by 13th July 2016:
Pink Passion the Signature Salon is no longer carrying Alinen UK Imported skin medic machine and is currently using Brigitte Kettner skin care range, fully imported from GERMANY.
It is able to cater to a wider range of skin-related issues (such as coupe rose, hyperpigmentation), anti-aging treatments or relaxing/ protective treatments (against harmful influences, eg. hormonally induced imbalances, environmental influences, toxins and sun exposure) which the previous technology could not deliver. I have not had the opportunity to try out the new technology yet and hopefully will in near future :)

These include problem-solving treatments (coupe rose, redness, (hyper)pigmentation, problem skin.), anti-aging treatments (prematurely aged, sagging, skin and skin prone to wrinkles), or relaxing/protective treatments (protection from harmful influences, such as hormonally induced imbalances, environmental influences, toxins, sun exposure.)

A treat for my lovely readers

Just quote"JUNECI SIONG" &
SHOW this blog post when you make an appointment with Pink Passion to enjoy an E-Light SHR Facial Treatment to your preference (Vascular, Pigmentation Removal or Rejuvenation) at
only RM88 (NP RM498).

**Voucher ends 31st July 2016

Pink Passion the Signature Salon
No 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
47100 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +603-7805 7285


*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

Monday, 4 July 2016

[REVIEW] Hi-Tea: Flower Tea for Beauty, Slimming and Anti-Aging

I have always fancy drinking teas as it helps to relax my mind when work gets overloaded.
Lavender tea is among my favorite after the Japanese rice tea. Of course, there are many benefits of flower tea. Besides having known for its beauty properties, certain flowers can aid in slimming process, anti-aging, stress-relief, boost of vitality as well as cancer prevention. 

It wasn't easy to look for loose flower teas in our hypermarkets and even if you could, very often they are not the type of flower teas that you're looking for.
And they certainly don't come cheap.

This time, I am going to review on a few types of flower teas that is available on Hi-Tea website, namely:-
1. BlueBerry Fruit Tea
2. Dried Lemon Slice
3. Lemon Grass
4. Roselle
5. Blooming Tea - Double Loveliness

Let's start :)

Product Details
The products I am reviewing are in sample sizes (10gms).
Of course, when purchased from their online store, it wouldn't be in such small quantity. Instead, most packs comes in 50gms (which depends on the type of tea you chose).

What I like about the packaging is it is made of waxed paper.
Made of recyclable material, you can help preserve Mother Nature after you've had your fill. It also comes with a zip-lock seal to maintain freshness of the dried loose tea and should you accidentally spilled water on it, fret not. It is waterproof due to its waxed surface (Discovered that by pure incident), so not to worry.
Zip-lock seal with Hi-Tea tape that doubles up as sealing tape

Clear brewing instructions with expiry date printed on the back of the packaging
With the different loose tea selections, you have the freedom to create your own unique special flower tea blends cater to your taste buds. First time to flower tea?
Each tea will have a short description on the website, stating the benefits, flavour, content weight and recommended combination of teas for best taste.

Loose dried flower tea or fruit teas
Of course, it is always best to store the teas in cool dry places.
Recommended: Refrigerator.

Unfortunately, the tea products are yet to be Halal Certified, being just dried flowers and fruits.
So, to my muslim readers, do take note as Hi-Tea company are involved in vinegar and wine brewery.


1. BlueBerry Fruit Tea
If you know how does Ribena taste like, this is almost similar with additional berry taste.
I find this more refreshing, minus the sweet taste (Teas are supposed to be non-sweet to begin with but if you feel like it, honey would be a better alternative to granulated sugar).
The combination of Hibiscus, French Rose, Herbs, Blueberry, Blackcurrants and Grapes in this BlueBerry Fruit Tea gives the more flavorable taste and is packed with vitamins, fruit acids& minerals, making it a popular tea selection among tea drinkers.
I find the steeping time is pretty short, 2 minutes and 1 small tea spoon of berry tea is sufficient to bring out the beautiful tea color.

2. Dried Lemon Slice

For those who enjoys a slice of lemon beverage as detox, this is something you might like.
Slightly sour with a tinge of bitterness (due to the lemon pith), this tea will make good change in your taste buds with additional of Vitamin C to boost immune system. Just don't put in too many slices. I find one will do just fine and some honey will lighten up the taste (I am not a sour taste liker). Steeping time 2-3 minutes.

3. Lemon Grass

Lemon grass tea is something that I have been home-brewing all this while as my mum has a nice pot of them in the backyard. I find the taste is pretty mild compared to the ones I prepared, could be because mine is freshly plucked and not quite sure if oven-dried methods brings out the aroma. Anyhow, its is not too bad and works wonders in inproving circulation and digestion. In return, it helps to expel fluid retention, facilitating a slimmer lower body part.

4. Roselle

Here is the Roselle tea also known as Hibiscus Flower tea, the origin to Ribena beverage.
Here is a tip: Serve it hot and it suddenly becomes Jamaican tea!
Here are the reasons why you should include Roselle tea as part of your daily intake. Packed with vitamins good for our nervous & immune system, lowers blood pressure, cooling down the body (extremely helpful in our humid climate), strengthen bones and teeth, boost metabolism, helps to fight the Big C and slows down alcohol absorption rate which lessen the alcohol's effect on the system aka hangover.
I need to mix 2 of the Roselle dried tea to give it the sufficient flavor.

5. Blooming Tea - Double Loveliness
Here is my favorite of all, the Blooming Tea.
Blooming Tea is actually a Chinese method of wrapping different flower and tea leaves into a bulb (in my case, a cute little heart <3) which expands in hot water and unfurl into a full flower, No Joke.

Blooming slowly
Steeping time took longer than I exected (more than 5 minutes) but the effect was magnificient. I didn't expect the tea to expand into some sort of 'flower plant'. Good thing I had the sense to steep this in a tea jug rather than a mug, as it can turn out to be of decent size XD.

Almost like having an underwater terrance <3

For taste, it was more of a classic chinese tea with mild flower taste.  For those who enjoys drinking Chinese tea, this will be something you will like. I like this tea plain without additional flavoring :)

Benefits of Blooming Tea
This tea is beneficial for lungs and can be specifically prescribed for Asthma patients. It helps in reviving energy, provides warmth, relieve stress and helps to clear lungs. What more, it also boosts the immune system, reduces blood sugar level and can be used to help reduce weight!

I couldn't stop admiring those 4 pretty little flowers <3
I wished there is some way to order this tea but apparently it is not listed in their Hi-Tea's catalog. Maybe we need to contact them on their website. Seriously recommending this!

Here is a short clip on how the Blooming Tea works.

For Beauty + Super Vitamin C Booster
Mix 2 gms of Lemon Grass + 1 piece of Lemon Slice + 2-3 pieces of Roselle tea


Overall, the idealogy is pretty simple and meets alot of my needs in tea searching. They managed to preserve the tea in its original taste without any preservative or coloring, so its safe for consumption of all ages. I can't tell you which tea is taste best as it all depends on your personal preferance but do take time to find your own favorite.
After all, tea is one thing that can take your mind on a holiday when your body can't.

Cheers to all tea lovers.

About Hi-Tea

Hi-Tea is the fastest growing flower tea company in Singapore & Malaysia, having to supply the finest quality of flower tea, blooming tea & fruit tea to consumers and businesses. As of to date, there are at least 14 different types of fruit teas and flower teas available for individual purchase but more than 40 selections to meet business operational demands. Besides doing wholesale/ supply, Hi-Tea also educates on flower tea blending, creating vinegar, wine, cuisine, soap and many others by using flower tea.

High-tea is typically enjoyed by many and is a symbol to a luxirious lifestyle, which might cost alot. Hi-Tea are out to provide their customers with the finest, in the most pleasant manner as they value friendships made along their business growth. Hence, the meaning behind Hi-Tea branding (Short form of High-Tea and a way of greeting 'Hi' to everyone.

Hi-Tea currently has a large number of independent distributors, reseller and retailers across Malaysia and Singapore.


*This is a sponsored post. All evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences*