Friday, 19 August 2016

[REVIEW] ABS Powerbank : Seriously, 2 years of 1-to-1 Exchange Warranty?!

Power bank has been a necessity since the era of smartphones.
I remember my old Nokia 3310 used to last up to 7 days with each recharge but
my current Samsung Galaxy S3 requires more TLCs and may demand up to 2-3 times of battery charge per day!
The reason is obvious. Back in those days, phone only serve one purpose which is to send text and link communication but now, you can check your emails, surf the internet, record videos, navigate and play games, including the much crazed Pokemon Go!  ლ ( ◕  ᗜ  ◕ ) ლ
All these applications drain energy like water and the next moment, people will be running around hunting for chargers and powerbank before their phone literally dies on them because we all know we can no longer live without them.

Just when my personal power bank decided to give up on me after 5 years and I had to look for a new one before my trip to Japan in October, a parcel appear on my doorstep.
Size Comparison: Ipod Classic versus ABS Powerbank

Twice larger in size than my loyal battery, it is no surprise that the ABS power bank  provides double the power. At 10400mAh, the ABS's Y40 model charges up to 6 times (**comparing it to my Samsung phone).
*Pst, off your devices during recharge cuts down the charging time and conserves your powerbank life as well!*
Press the ON button to indicate the remaining energy in your power bank, shown by the number of lighted up LEDs.

HONEST REVIEW: It is pretty much similar to my old Extreme5200Duo buddy but the ABS power bank Y40 outbeats the earlier one in terms of capacity and warranty benefits. Both have 2 output ports of 5V-1A and 5V-2.1A with 1 input port of 5V-2A.  However, the winning party no doubt would be the ABS power bank Y40 as you don't have to press any button to start the recharging process. It is has an auto-detect function whereby it will start charging the moment you plug in your USB into the ports and shuts down by its own when your phone is full. Charging time required to feed your electronic devices to full is comparatively faster. Based on my previous experience with power banks, it took 2hours instead of the usual 3hours. Maybe my phone is already old, hence the longer charging time. ABS power bank Y40  also provides 2 years warranty of 1-to-1 exchange, first in the market for powerbank! The larger capacity allows more re-charging times, which I am sure it will be very useful when I go travel!  ╰( ◕ ᗜ ◕ )╯
Due to it's large capacity, it only make sense that longer time is required to feed this hungry Y40 ABS power bank, especially when you charge it for the first time.
TWO OUTPUTS for Your Phone and Tablet!
Product details engraved on the bottom of the product
Should you be looking for a reliable power bank for long term 100% satisfaction guaranteed, you can get them at the locations listed here.

ABS power bank Official online store is now available on 11 street.
Currently, there is a Merdeka Sales on-going with discounts of 20%-30%.
Promotion valid until 31st August 2016.
There are many other power banks and accessories that will suit your needs, so check them out!
C Two Gadget is the sole distributor of ABS Power bank, so make sure you purchase from the original dealer.

For more information on ABS power bank


Monday, 15 August 2016

[EVENT] BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color is Finally Here in Malaysia!

In conjunction of Hoyu's 111th anniversary,
Hoyu has recently launched the new BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color of new improved technology and quality at the Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe, Sunway Pyramid.
This offers easier application with improved foam quality and better coloring results from the comfort of your home.

The improved whipped foam is finer and thicker for a more even application and beautiful color results.

Each box come with a separate bottle of Liquid Color Base and Liquid Developer.

Just pour the two ingredients into the provided shaker container, close tight and shake it vigorously of at least 30 times to allow thorough mixing and frothing. The perfect texture would allow you tipping the foam upside down and will not fall or drip; exactly how a perfect whipped eggwhite will work!

Scoop it up with the provided gloves and apply the required amount.
Below shoulder length hair will require 1 and a 1/2 bottle of BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color
while for short hair ones, you might be able to share with your bestie :)

The NEW BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color contains four fruits extracts
(Peach, Orange, Lemon and Apple juice) infused with Honey and Rose water to add the beautiful shine and leave your hair well moisturised.

Start from the end of your hair and apply upwards. The heat contact from scalp may facilitate faster color adhesion as compared to the hair ends.

Although the BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color dye strength is relatively low, be careful during application to prevent staining on the skin. Applying Vaseline gel may help.

Perform the beauty deed in a well-ventilated room, rather than an enclosed area (eg: shower room) as the foam can be rather pungent to the nose and the heat distribution may affect the color adhesion. However, after washing them off, the newly colored hair will smell of sweet rose fragrance <3

Always perfom the Allergy test (in the inner side of the upper arm) prior to each hair dye sessions. The constant changes in hormone and body immunity can affect your DIY hair color experience and each experience may not be the same.

BeautyLabo Old packaging
BeautyLabo New Look :)

BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color has also introduced 6 new colors to suit different styles and occasions.
The most popular color would be none other than Maple Brown 4-0, as it is most natural and wearable color, suitable for all events!

Previous BeautyLabo color chart

6 NEW attractive colors to choice from for each occasions!

What is a beauty product launching without some live demos? :)
Medias and invited guests were given the chance to experience how to DIY with the BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color and it looks really EASY!

Demo session

Sharing of personal reviews on BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color  by specially invited guests

How to Care for your Newly Colored hair
During the Q&A session, here are some frequently asked questions by most DIY hair color users.

1. Question: Is BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color safe to be use with other hair chemical treatments, eg Perm, Relax and Rebond?
Answer: BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color uses substances that are mild and less harmful to human's body and hair, but be sure to do hair perm or others 1-2 weeks prior to hair coloring to ensure longer staying of color power, which will be affected with every hair wash or use of chemical treatment.

2. Question: How to maintain the hair colors for a longer time?
Answer: Among the methods would be wearing a swimming cap before swimming. Chlorinated waters will cause some damage to your crown of glory.

BeautyLabo Whip Hair Color is now available exclusively at all Watsons stores
at RM31.69 per box (inclusive of 6% GST)

Thank you BeautyLabo and Watsons Malaysia for the invite!