Monday, 26 September 2016

[SHOPPING] 8 Reasons to Get an Honor 8

With so many new smart phones on the market, it is sometimes rather confusing to choose between them. Having an aging phone doesn't make things easier. When it comes to buying new phones, most customers would go for those that can meet their needs best; whether in terms of price, picture quality, phone exterior designs, battery life and many others.
When Honor 8 was announced in Malaysia last September 6, it quickly came under spotlight and was the hype among all tech enthusiast. The reasons are clear and here are my personal opinions on why I would consider an Honor 8.

1. DESIGN: I believe first impression always win. Slick as metal and glass, the stylish futuristic surface is delicately carved out of 15 layers of 2.5D Aurora glass. The Honor 8's rounded edges enhances your comfort experience for longer hours usage. Not to mention, it's thin design would go almost unnoticeable when slipped into my everyday jeans. Total Fool-proof.

2. REPUTATION: Honor 8's ancestors have been reputational regardless in function or quality. The reassurance is most certain in the latest generation of Huawei Honor smart phone, which is one of the important reasons why Honor 8 is a keeper.

3. VALUE FOR MONEY: Who wouldn't want to get a Honor 8 when it has all the specs of high-end smartphones at just a small fraction of those killer price. Powered with Kirin 950 2.3GHz octa-core processor, you can get 4GB RAM/32GB storage at absolute RM1699 and 4RAM/64GB storage for just RM1899. That is even more space for picture and video storage; perfect companion for selfie and travel lovers :)

4. FAST CHARGING: I guess this is one point everyone would agree to. When we engage with our smartphone in 101 possible things, the phone energy drains faster than water and that is why Honor 8 comes with a 3,000mAh battery with speedy charging time. Honor 8 will restore 47% of the battery power in merely 30 minutes with its 9V/2A fast charging technology when average phone will take 1 hour to do the same. Now, you can resume your PokemonGO hunt at a faster time!

5. DUAL CAMERA: The Honor 8 features a dual-camera lens (a RGB sensor and a monochrome sensor) of 6-element and f/2.2 aperture at its back. The laser autofocus system facilitates faster focus onto objects so that you would not miss another memorable moment <3
No more blurry pictures!

6.  ENHANCED SECURITY:  This is my favorite among all Honor 8 features. Honor 8 promotes fast unlocking of the phone by using 3D finger print (Yes, you don't have to type in your passwords anymore!), which means only you can unlock your phone and you decide which finger to use as the unlock key, away from peering eyes since the sensor lies at the back of the phone.
And how fast is the unlocking time? How does 0.4 seconds sounds to you.

7. WIDER SCREEN: With the 5.2" full HD display, it makes watching your daily YouTube and K-dramas experience a better one with enhanced color and dynamic pixellation. Honor 8 also cares for your eyes; the eye-care mode filters out blue-ray that can be rather straining to your eyes. This is especially helpful if you love to check your social medias before hitting the sack. Cataract can wait until you are in your 90's.

8. 8MP FRONT CAMERA: Keeping the best to the last. Not only Honor 8's 8MP front camera captures a higher quality images when compared to its peers, it also comes with the auto-built in Perfect Selfie Mode that enhances your selfie pictures even in low-light conditions.
Say Hello to Selfies!

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Monday, 19 September 2016

[TRAVEL] How to Renew Your Malaysian Passport within a Shorter Time

As the year end school holiday comes closer, many has planned to travel abroad for sight-seeing and for a soul-rejuvenation. It could be first time for some of the travel groups and in this post, I am going to start from the basics ; Making (or renewing) your Passports as a Malaysian citizen.

Where I renewed my passport
In the past, there are many processes (and not to mentioned, Complicated) required in order to get your passport done. However, starting 15th January 2015, the Immigration Department of Malaysia has reviewed the fees of passport renewal with a couple of changes in management.

It used to be RM300 for 5 years (RM150 for senior citizens and children) and different fees for the number of years you want to renew but now, you can save even more! The previous 2 years of passport renewal period is no longer available.
There is no need to prepare your passport pictures before hand too. Yeay!

For normal application (age 13-59 years): RM200 for 5 years

Senior citizens (age 60 years and above), children below 12 years, Haj pilgrims, students below age 21 AND studing abroad: RM100 for 5 years

Disabled individuals (OKU): Free of Charge

No need to download and print any more forms from website!
I was given a ticket at 7.54AM and was attended at the counter at 9.49AM. On average, each individual will take 6-9 minutes to submit and signing of documents along with photo-taking. My record was 2 minutes.

Having your passport photo taken

At 10.06AM, I made a cash payment of RM200 (American Express, Visa and Mastercard are accepted as mode of payment too). Apparently, they do not issue the receipt right after your payment. I was called to collect my receipt at 11.31AM and to collect my passport at 11.33AM.

Notice stating Passport will be ready 1hour after payment.

Another notice stating on Passport collection will take 2hours
Although it is stated on the payment counter that the waiting hours for passport collection would be approximate 1hour, in reality it took me 1hour and 30 minutes. This could probably due to shortage of staffs after the long public holiday.

Grand Total of Waiting Hours: 5 Hours
(I should probably be thankful I was able to complete everything in a day itself)

Some of my friends manage to complete the entire process in just 1hour and 30 minutes and here are some tips to make your life easier.

Tips to Speed up your Waiting Time

1. Reach the Immigration Offices early (Best before 6AM) if you want to make it into the limited quota of the day (which is set at smaller Immigration Offices). I reached at 6.35AM and there is already close to 40 people before me. My cousin who arrived at 6.50AM however wasn't as lucky as he didn't make it into the first 100. As a matter in fact, he had to return to the same office 5 times to get things done.

2. Renew your passport on a WEEKDAY and definitely NOT right after a Public Holiday. I thought the line would be less as most people would probably have returned from their trip. Boy, was I wrong.

3. Prepare your documents (IC, Old Passport, forms, etc) in your hands before your number is called. Fumbling in your bag searching for the required documents is a waste of your and others time.

4. Dress for the event. Clip up your fringe or gel your hair neatly to avoid unnecessary embarassment of spraying your hair with a water spray bottle. Collared dark semi formal shirt with sleeve is a safe bet to qualify for the photo taking session. Otherwise, you may need to put on one of those public-shared formal coats.

5. Go to the Immigration Department Headquarters such as the one in Cyberjaya or any Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) in KL for passport renewal. It is expected that headquarters to perform more efficiently and at least they do not have quota of passport released per day. Unless they are situated out of reach and not worth of travelling cost, then I would suggest to bring along something such as a book to keep yourself entertained.

6. Pray the Passport system does not fail on the day you go. Otherwise, you may end up like how my cousin did.

There are rumors stating that passports can be renew online at the Immigration Department of Malaysia website starting 1st September 2016. I have not tried this out as I done mine in early July, but it is really useful for those who wish to skip the line. Do let me know if you have tried it out.

I hope this post will help you in renewing your passport an easier one.

For full list of Immigration Department of Malaysia's locations and operating hours, check out their webpage at


**Information updated as on 20th September 2016

Friday, 16 September 2016

[TRAVEL] Ideal Weekend Getaway to i-City

Long holiday but not quite sure where to go?
Looking for a fun place to bring your kids and loved ones to?

I had a brief trip to the i-City in Shah Alam last week and I must say it is a really great place for families to hang out (and put your mind at rest after a long week). Endorsed as a Tourism destination, there are many attractive activities to keep everyone happy.

Take a stroll in Malaysia's first interactive home-grown wax museum; the 'Red Carpet' where 100 wax exhibits of life-like megastars, legends, famous people and sport stars awaits. Very educational and you get to rub shouders with your dream icon.
A little chat with Nelson Mandela

Petite girl with Big dreams XD

If you are feeling warm, be prepared for an Artic experience at the Snoworld, the nation's largest snow play attractions. First of it's kind in S.E.A, this 50,000sq ft attraction brings you to Antarctica with its below 8 degrees Celsius temperature and beautiful ice sculptures with glowing lights that mimics lights of an Aurora.

This would be the dream playground for children (and everyone who is feeling young at heart) as they get to fight the greedy pigs who stole the birds eggs at the Angry Birds Winter Wonderland, ride down the River Nile and experience the life of an eskimo.

The other famous must-go attraction in I-City is the City of Digital Lights. Dubbed as one of Malaysia's Night Tourism destination, this place presents a 'lightscape' illuminated with over a million LED lights.

With an outdoor theme park, do catch the SpaceWalk train as you will be awed by the beautiful landscape from high up.
View from the capsule ride on the Spacewalk
If someone is feeling adventurous, Disco Ride is the thing for you. Your young children will definitely love the 2-Tier Carousel and Moon Jellies.
Disco Ride: Are you up to the challenge?
Take a break and admire the Dancing Waters, a creative masterpiece blending with the groundbreaking audio, astounding lights and water together and the mystical Mist Fountain.

Of course there are many other activities that is prepared to make your evening worth while.

I really wished I am young enough to ride that! T^T
There is the WaterWorld, House of Horror, Space Mission and many more! As most events only ends after 12am, you have plenty of time to enjoy to your heart's core.

In conjunction with the Hari Raya Haji festive and Malaysia Day, all entries to the City of Digital Lights in the month of September are FREE** so everyone get to stroll around the park and enjoy the beautiful lights.  If you wish to enhance further your experience, tickets of the outdoor rides are always available at the main entrance.

For more info, please visit or call 03-5521 8800.
Official Website:

**Terms and condition applies