[TRAVEL] Ideal Weekend Getaway to i-City

by - September 16, 2016

Long holiday but not quite sure where to go?
Looking for a fun place to bring your kids and loved ones to?

I had a brief trip to the i-City in Shah Alam last week and I must say it is a really great place for families to hang out (and put your mind at rest after a long week). Endorsed as a Tourism destination, there are many attractive activities to keep everyone happy.

Take a stroll in Malaysia's first interactive home-grown wax museum; the 'Red Carpet' where 100 wax exhibits of life-like megastars, legends, famous people and sport stars awaits. Very educational and you get to rub shouders with your dream icon.
A little chat with Nelson Mandela

Petite girl with Big dreams XD

If you are feeling warm, be prepared for an Artic experience at the Snoworld, the nation's largest snow play attractions. First of it's kind in S.E.A, this 50,000sq ft attraction brings you to Antarctica with its below 8 degrees Celsius temperature and beautiful ice sculptures with glowing lights that mimics lights of an Aurora.

This would be the dream playground for children (and everyone who is feeling young at heart) as they get to fight the greedy pigs who stole the birds eggs at the Angry Birds Winter Wonderland, ride down the River Nile and experience the life of an eskimo.

The other famous must-go attraction in I-City is the City of Digital Lights. Dubbed as one of Malaysia's Night Tourism destination, this place presents a 'lightscape' illuminated with over a million LED lights.

With an outdoor theme park, do catch the SpaceWalk train as you will be awed by the beautiful landscape from high up.
View from the capsule ride on the Spacewalk
If someone is feeling adventurous, Disco Ride is the thing for you. Your young children will definitely love the 2-Tier Carousel and Moon Jellies.
Disco Ride: Are you up to the challenge?
Take a break and admire the Dancing Waters, a creative masterpiece blending with the groundbreaking audio, astounding lights and water together and the mystical Mist Fountain.

Of course there are many other activities that is prepared to make your evening worth while.

I really wished I am young enough to ride that! T^T
There is the WaterWorld, House of Horror, Space Mission and many more! As most events only ends after 12am, you have plenty of time to enjoy to your heart's core.

In conjunction with the Hari Raya Haji festive and Malaysia Day, all entries to the City of Digital Lights in the month of September are FREE** so everyone get to stroll around the park and enjoy the beautiful lights.  If you wish to enhance further your experience, tickets of the outdoor rides are always available at the main entrance.

For more info, please visit iticket.i-city.my or call 03-5521 8800.
Official Website: www.i-city.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/icity.cityofdigitallights/

**Terms and condition applies


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