[SHOPPING] Why Buy from ezbuy Malaysia? Comparing with Taobao China

by - October 24, 2016

"Cheap, stylish and quality" is my moto when it comes to shopping.  However, it is not every time you will find something of your type in every sales, which is why sometimes I opt for online shopping. Shop freely without leaving the comfort of home <3
My experience with Taobao China started back during my college days and it is undeniably a shopping heaven that sells anything you can think of at an irresistible price; from clothing, wigs, tools to homeware products. However, I had some difficulties dealing with the respective merchants be it enquiries regarding the item or delivery related. If you are Chinese literate, good for you; but since I could not understand Chinese, the only I get can things done would be going through an agent aka proxy to help in my purchases, not to mention there wil be handing fees on top of the shipping and sensitive item fees. Google can’t even save you with its Google Translate really >< 
There is also a high risk in getting con by irresponsible merchants. You are considered lucky if your items ever arrive. Some products that arrive could be totally ifferent from illustrated, damaged due to poor handling or worse, never arrive at all and there is no way you can communicate with the the merchants. That is why Taobao China comes with a heart or diamond rating system that determines each merchant’s credibility.

Another disadvantage of Taobao woul be it's expensive shipping fees. For each 1kg, Taobao charge RM13 compared to ezbuy Malaysia's which is so much affordable. :)

Only recently, I have bought some stuffs with ezbuy Malaysia and here are some reasons why I will return for my future purchases.
1.   English Translation
      They have translation service which makes it easier to understand but it is not the best translation you can get. Especially when it comes to size, please make an extra effort to confirm that dress will fit you.

2.     Easy Sign up
          Signing up is really easy. I have never tried signing up with Taobao China because I can never understand a single word on their website and ezbuy Malaysia have local customer service.
      -   Register here and get RM15 ezbuy Voucher for your first purchase.

3.   After Sale Service available
       ezbuy Malaysia have after sales support for wrong order, damaged or missing parcel unlike Taobao China. However, there is a risk of receiving faulty products so do your homework before hand. My brown Mori shirt wasn’t made of the best quality; bore a hole the next day after throwing it into the washing machine but nothing major a sewing kit can't fix. The rest of the items I received are the best things I can ever ask for.

4.     Lowest international shipping fees

      Taobao China charges expensive shipping fees if you make single purchases. Things are cheaper if you buy in bulk and Taobao charge sensitive fees for delicate items such as powerbanks  or watches. ezbuy Malaysia only charge RM4.50/500g with no agent fees (RM18/500g for shipping to USA). One benefit of ezbuy Prime is that they charge only RM8.80 flat rate for the shipping fees regardless of the weight!
      -  Click here for direct link to ezbuy Prime service.

      There are also various shipping methods for almost every kind of purchases like express air, sensitive air, sea and sensitive sea to meet your budget and needs. So much of flexibility! I personally prefer sea shipping method because its cheaper but it will take about 2 weeks to arrive in comparison to air delivery. So, it really depends on how fast you want your parcel to arrive.

       Look out for hot discounts as they occasionally will offer flash deals or even discounts for shipping or dealer fees! No wonder shoppers can't resist when they are browsing ezbuy's website XD

5.     Best Selling Items on list
       Same like Taobao, they have various product categories for you to kick start.  My next Must-Have items from ezbuy Malaysia would be the Strappy Cross Platform Heels Sandals  from Chunky Heels and a LED Clip On Selfie Ring from Selfieholic!

ezbuy Malaysia is having great promotions on their website now.
Get 15% off shipping fee with this code (ezsp15)!
 For more information, check out ezbuy's page as below. 

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