[REVIEW] My Favourite Brow Tint ! - Rire Luxe Gel Tatoo

by - November 04, 2016

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing fine :)
We all treasure the power of perfectly done brows (God bless if you are born with them).
I have a set of sparse, not-quite-there brows, that's why I could not leave my house in makeup without completing them.

Not long ago, Etude House X Angry Bird Tint My Brow Gel came into picture. The reviews were good and I knew I had to try them out but they weren't cheap at the stores and the stock ran out on Althea website.
(like SERIOUSLY?!!)

They said when a heart is broken, it's easier to find another substitution.
When wallowing in my self-pity, Rire Luxe Gel Tatoo pop up in my line of vision. After much consideration, I decided to put it in my shopping bag along with other skin care products and 7 days later, it arrived at my doorstep.

Comes in 2 colors #1 Light Brown and #2 Grey Brown, I picked the #2 to match my brown Asian hair. Tbh, I was initially skeptical on how my brows will look like after application but have never looked back since then.
Scary looking brows
Although it is recommended to leave it on for at least 1hours, I usually tint my brows at night (to avoid any unnessary attention since it would make my brows similar to Crayon Shin-chan's) and leave it on til I wake up the next day. So far I have no adverse reaction from leaving it over the recommended time.
The brow brush
Another advice is to start painting from the tail of your brows, then blend lightly when approaching the center of your face. That is to avoid any harsh edges that unnecessarily "defined" your brows.
Peel the gel off from the begining of your brows and enjoy the outcome.  

Products that are boost with good nutrients never fail to attract me (/ v \ ) ~
Containing beneficial extracts such as Honey (for its antibacterial properties), Chamomilla recutita (anti-inflammatory), Aloe vera (soothing) and Witch hazel leaf (anti-oxidant), applying Rire Luxe Gel Tatoo straight onto freshly plucked brows will not give any unwanted reactions or stinging sensations (Tried that too).

Product Review

The consistency was of honey consistence glue-like texture.
The best part about this product was that it can last up to 4-5 days (slowly fading with every face wash). I usually use Rire Luxe Gel Tatoo the night before I go for vacation; no need to do my brows for the next 4 days!
I learnt to apply the tint with contact lens (and not specs) because you really need to stabilize your dominant hand and wearing spectacles doesn't help in that. The smell is actually pleasant and reminds me of oil (could be due to all the natural natural extract used).
Before & After
The peeling off part was nothing scary, I reassure you. Initially, I was worried of having my brows ripped off and was proven wrong. It doesn't stick tight to my skin and is REALLY easy to peel off. No hairs are sacrificed in this beauty process.

One thing that let me down a little was how fast the color changes on day 2.
As you can see on the above picture, the post gel removal was a combination of grey and brown, which I really like. I thought it will fade off slowly in this color but instead, it changed to a color of Light Brown (Color as indicated) before fading away, starting with the edges.
Although it wasn't much of an issue since my crown of glory has been dyed to similar color, those with darker hair may find this a draw back especially if you have fair skin. Otherwise, I will rate this an 8/10. Really hope it can last longer though! DX
*Confession of a lazy girl who only makeups on weekend*

Day 1                                              Day 2

Original price was RM66 but I got mine from Althea Korea for only RM27! This is a good alternative to your expensive semi permenant eyebrow embroidery and one frustration less when you decided to revamp your hair color but worry your brows doesn't match.

In summary, Rire Luxe Gel Tatoo is by far my favorite product in the beauty list. Easy to use, no side effect and lasting effect at such a low price. (I still intend to try out the Etude House X Angry Bird Tint My Brow Gel someday @x@)
 If you like to try this product as well, you can get it HERE.

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*Although this is a sponsored post, all evaluations are based on my honest opinions and experiences* 

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